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The Waterfall  

Kyna1970 52F
30 posts
7/26/2020 10:07 am
The Waterfall

I was awestruck as the woods opened a small glen. I could imagine fairies frolicking in the pool under the gentle flow of the falls. Splashing and playing. I could see them reclining on the moss-covered bank bask in the sun that shone through the opening in the forest canopy. The crystalline water shimmered as the sun turned the tips of it diamonds. Behind the fall, I glimpsed a wall of stone. It all seemed so pure, a virtual paradise hidden in the woods.
As I stood, drinking in the beauty, Kal came up behind me.
“Undress, Kyna.” The command was soft, but the tone was one I knew would allow no debate.
I glanced around, unsure.
“Undress, Kyna. Now. No one is here but us. Obey me.”
I turned and tried to look into Kal’s eyes. He was still wearing sunglasses so I couldn’t see his gaze, but could feel it. His jaw set and rigid. He took a step forward at my hesitation, cocking his head to one side, removing the sunglasses.
“No?” He asked, advancing again. “You’re going to disobey?”
“No, Sir.” I took a deep breath and nudged off my shoes. Socks, shorts, shirt, bra, panties followed in short order. Standing before him naked in the midst of the lush woods with the sound of the fall behind me, I felt suddenly shy and had to fight the urge to cover myself. I knew, from another time, this would bring consequences. After the discipline of the day before, I wasn’t sure I could handle more punishment. I took another breath and squared my shoulders.
From where I didn’t know, Kal pulled out a set of shackles and placed them on my wrists. He undressed never taking his gaze from mine. I was surprised to find him hard already. That and the thrill of being naked outdoors had me getting wet in anticipation. As he finished removing his clothes, he removed his sunglasses and his eyes roamed over me in what I could only term as a caress. I could feel his gaze as a touch as light as the gossamer of a butterfly wings sliding over my skin leaving goosebumps in its wake.
“Yes, Sir.”
He took my hand and carefully led me to the fall. Surprisingly, the water was warm. Lifting my arms, he attached the shackles to hooks I had not noticed during my appraisal on our arrival. The proximity of the hook to the water tumbling over the wall allowed me to keep my face out of the water, but it still flowed over me.
Kal waded back to shore. I was able to turn and watch him. From a pack he had brought, he produced the riding crop and came back to me. He held the end of the crop under the water for a moment.
“Face the fall, Kyna.”
Thwack! The combination of water on my skin and the wet leather at the end of the crop produced a sting unlike any I had experienced thus far with Kal. While it did hurt, the sting made my already moist pussy explode. Kal was caressing the area of contact with the crop. I glanced at him, he had a look of intense pleasure on his face. His eyes darkened as his pupils dilated. His breath was quick and shallow. Another<b> bite </font></b>with the crop had me pulling my hips forward. This one had been harder.
With a smile, Kal told me we were going to push my threshold today. We needed to break a barrier. I was cautioned to use my safe words. The consequence for not doing so hung unspoken between us. . The crop bit again. Harder. Even while I struggled keep my knees from giving out, the pulse of warmth between my legs grew. Again. Harder. Each slap increased.
“Pink!” I cried when I felt my legs would buckle and I would be hanging by the shackles.
“Good girl. See? Not so hard, is it?” The crop that had been circling on my tender behind was replaced with Kal’s hand. He stroked for a moment, then plunged his fingers into my heat. I exploded with an orgasm that left me struggling for breath and to keep my footing. With one hand continuing to bring wave after wave of pleasure, the other released my bonds.
With my hands free, Kal stopped the onslaught on my hot core, and lifted me into his arms. He waded to the deeper end of the pool. He sat and pulled me to straddle him. One hand guided him into me while the other slipped between us to fondle my clit. The buoyancy of the water allowed me to set a rhythm that had Kal throwing his head back with a growl deep in his throat. I rode him hard and was rewarded with climax after climax. When Kal joined me in release, I felt as if the whole of the forest shook with our cries.
I dropped my head to his shoulder. Shuddering aftershocks rocked my body as he held tight trying to get his breathing under control.
“I’ve never brought anyone else here,” he said when he could speak again.
“No? Why not?”
“I’m not sure. I fixed the hook a while back with the idea of doing just this, but no one ever seemed right for this. You do.”

Kyna {=}

tablesexisbest 47M
700 posts
8/3/2020 11:48 pm

Kyna, that is very arousing. I've never been into the S&M past my hand, but very sexy writing

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