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Call Me Joe
I've been away from Senior Sizzle for a while and now I'm not sure what to do with this blog. But, I'll try and update soon. .
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Welcome to Joes Lounge
Posted:Sep 15, 2021 5:43 am
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2021 6:12 pm
Please leave me a note, comment , quote or anything you'd like to share

This is my discussion board where everyone is welcome to leave their thoughts. I often find inspiration in comments so please write whatever you feel at the moment.

Thank you
It Must Have Been Fate
Posted:Sep 24, 2021 6:28 pm
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2021 3:20 am
Poetry can express any emotion you feel. I wrote this quickly this evening.

I glanced upon her beautiful face,
I must, I thought, earn her grace.
I quickly walked across the room,
I couldn't see impending doom.
As I approached my coveted prize,
I tripped and fell with horrified eyes.
I flung my hands through empty air,
I clasped upon her cheap, fake hair.
I struck my head upon her chest,
and on the floor, fell her fake breast
She tried sit but instead she fell,
Her false teeth tumbled out as well.
It must have been intended fate
that saved me from a dreadful date.

Passionate Desire
Posted:Sep 22, 2021 1:03 pm
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2021 2:47 am
of course i fucked it up.

Our eyes affix
and we lasciviously gaze
Passionate craving lit ablaze
Our arms entwine
with arousing embrace
, quivering bodies
Excitingly graze
I ache for relief
She moans with desire
Euphoric bliss
scorch us like fire

I completely rewrote the poem. I'll leave it alone this time because if I keep playing with it I'll never finish it. Which version do you think is better? The original is above. My good friend, 's in the comments below, said the original version is more attention grabbing. I respect her opinion. I still had change a word ot two though

My eyes meet yours, and yours meet mine,
We gaze for a time,
Our lips we pressed and tongues entwined,
the passionate craving was sublime.
Our hands caressed, touched and explored,
, naked bodies our senses adored.
Voracious desire and overpowering lust,
i urgently had grasp her and thrust.
She moaned with great pleasure,
clenched fists scratched my back,
our bodies quaked with a tumultuous blast.

My Wifes First Threesome
Posted:Sep 17, 2021 6:21 pm
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2021 2:44 am
i asked my wife if she wanted to have a threesome. I thought it would be something exciting we could do together regularly. She didn't want to but she said she had two girlfriends who wanted to and were looking for a third partner. She said she just wanted to watch.

I was thrilled. At least she was there with us. Every once in a while we caught each others gaze she would smile and laugh. Sometimes she blew me kisses. Sometimes she joked and said, "dont miss the hole this time."
The two women were amazing. They stroked with finesse. They're assertiveness intimidated me. I became tense, my motions rigid but I was firm and determined perform my best. I looked to my wife and while they stroked I flirted and blew her kisses. She loved that.

Eventually my performance diminish and the two women teased me. My wife laughed and told me show them what I can do. I focused on myself, I was tense but solid. I grasped my wood tight with both hands and concentrated on the stroke. I had to Follow through with a smooth but strong motion. I went through the stroke motions several times very slowly. My final stroke followed through and pounded out the best explosion shot of my life. I felt the force of the projection. I held my breath for a few moments, sighed with relief and closed my eyes. The two women stared upward, wide eyed and gaping mouths. They were in awe of what I did. My wife beamed with excitement. I sighed once more and it was over.

At the end, the four of us talked about our experience and the fun we had. My wife had such a great time watching she decided to join us next week. I'm so excited to have a foursome. Im ecstatic my wife is going to join us golfing.

Shut up Johnny
Posted:Sep 14, 2021 10:02 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2021 4:23 pm
was a loud, assertive knock on the front door. Johnny ran open . He was always anxious see visitors. He swung the door open and stood a policeman.

"Is your dad here?" asked the cop.
"No he isn't. He was in a rush today. I wanted to ask him some questions but he said he didn't have time." replied Johny.
The conversation continued;
"Is your mom here?"
"No, she's not here either. She kissed my dad goodbye, then watched him drive away through the window. When he was gone she got dressed up and went to see the neighbor, Mr. Johnson"
"Did she say when she was coming back?"
"No, she told me to shut up and eat my breakfast. Hey, nice handcuffs. My mom has a pair too."
I don't need to know that, ."
"Did you ever anyone with that stick? I bet it makes a cool sound if you someone on the head. My mom has a whip. She hides under the bed with some other big things that buzz when you push the switch."
The cop was getting flustered at this point and interrupted Johnny, "You're too be left alone. When are your parents coming back?"
"I don't know, they never told me. My Dad said I can stay alone because I talk like 're fifty people in the house. My Mom should be home soon. She never stays with Mr. Johnson long. Last time she went Mrs. Johnson came home. I never heard Mrs. Johnson scream so loud except one time when she was upstairs with my dad. Her and my mom both screamed at mr. Johnson together that time. He must've really been naughty.
"Hey, , stop talking."
"Sometimes my mom screams at Mr. Johnson and my dad at the time too. I can hear them in the basement. They think I'm sleeping but I'm not."
My parents scream a lot, never at me or each other though. But for some reason my mom's always screaming at Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson is always screaming at my Dad. Sometime's the four of them all scream together.
", You have the right to remain silent."

Hockey Night
Posted:Sep 10, 2021 1:28 pm
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2021 5:08 pm
My hands were under the table caressing and massaging every sensitive spot of Julie's body I could reach without being obvious. She was a gorgeous, black haired beauty with, a body the made my mouth water. I eased my fingers between her shorts, panties, smooth skin and brushed my fingers over her soft pubic hair. I loved the feeling of those pubes on my face and the scent of her hot, moist labia when I nuzzled my nose, lips, and tongue into her. She was, naturally, nervous while I was touching her under the dinner table but she was daring, excited and the risk of getting caught was exciting.

Hockey was serious business at my girlfriend's home. Julie, her parents, and her three brothers were huge Montreal Canadians fans, and the game started at 7:00 pm. I had no interest in hockey that evening. I was sporting a Louisville Slugger. I was aching to pound out a home run and Julie was an awesome field to play on. and she loved to play.

Dad and the boys ate their food in a frenzy, chewing, smacking their lips, and devouring like it was inconvenient, so they could finish before the hockey game started. When dinner was done Dad and the boys hurried to the living room and claimed their spots on the floor in front of the television. Dad claimed his big chair. Mom scurried to the living room shortly after them and sat on Dad's lap. Dad and mom enjoyed cuddling and they were often seen hugging, kissing, and cuddling up in dad's chair. But, that's another story.

Julie and I sat at the kitchen table, alone. I whispered, " I want to make you come like a fountain tonight babe." I kissed her neck then tickled her ear with my lips and tongue while I messaged her inner thigh. I wanted to go down to the basement and then down between her thighs, but the thrill we had in the kitchen was exhilarating and I knew she would have an explosive orgasm. The game was on the stakes were high but the reward was worth it. We held each other's gaze for a moment, both of us anticipated what was coming. I was hard as stone. Of course, at twenty-two years old I got hard any time she was near me. We got up from our chairs and strolled into the living room. The hockey game started and everyone was watching and lamenting about bad plays.

There was no space near the television, bummer. I guess Julie and I have to take the sofa with the old blanket and pillow at the back of the room with a poor view of the television. The space was dark and with everyone's eyes glued to the game no one would see us.

Julie dashed ahead of me. I watched her ravishing ass, snuggly wrapped in skin-tight shorts, that took the form of every crevice, dimple, and mound of hot flesh, as she seductively swayed herself to tease me. I was so hard I was afraid the family would see my bulge when I walked past them.

She turned, and settled herself on the sofa, covered herself with the old blanket, and beamed at me with a gaze that said, "Come hither." I sat down beside her and hugged her with my left arm. I reached under the blanket with my right hand and grasped her left knee tightly. I began to stroke her thigh and moved slowly upward and made my way to her inner thigh. I slid my hand upward, over the mound of her hot vagina. My cock was throbbing. I slipped my hand inside her shorts and panties. My fingers brushed her pubic hair. I massaged her labia with gentle strokes and I slid my index finger slowly upward. I dipped softly to moisten my fingers. I traced my fingers to the top of her wet, hot pussy, softly penetrated her sheath, and massaged her clitoris. I circled her clitoris and she shivered. I dipped and stroked harder as she became more excited. She squinted her eyes tightly. I dipped deeper and felt the flesh at the base of her throbbing clit. She tightened her eyelids and bit her lower lip and her body stiffened. She was dripping wet and my cock was throbbing. I could feel my precome drenching my underwear.

She grasped my hand and pushed it tightly into herself. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened. She shuddered and was about to explode. I massaged her with up, down, and circular motions. She pursed her lips and clasped my hand. Her vagina gushed and she struggled not to scream as her body shook. She closed her thighs tightly together and squeezed my hand as hard as she could. She thrust her pelvis into my hand and shivered intensely. I thought she was going to scream as her eyes widened and her mouth gaped.

She froze for an instant, inhaled deeply, then sighed. She laid back on the pillow and looked drained. She had a hard orgasm. My cock was sore and my underwear wet with my precome. Her brothers screamed, "He scored!"

The Archer Who Missed the Mark
Posted:Jul 27, 2021 7:22 pm
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2021 10:13 pm
There's a dragon on my chest that snatched my love and tried to flee away with her. It was a vicious beast and I could do nothing to help her. But a brave archer came to help. He chased the dragon and tracked it to the top of Mount Pec. The dragon turned and glared at the archer. With confidence and skill, the archer drew an arrow and pulled the bow. He aimed his arrow at the dragon's heart. He released the arrow and it cut the air as it raced toward the dragon. The dragon was ready and darted upward and flew away with my love. My love is gone. But the dragon remains as a reminder of the love I lost.

Queen Aqua, a Brief Character Sketch
Posted:Jul 22, 2021 11:40 am
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2021 11:37 pm
I'll try this again...

I wrote a blog post yesterday and uploaded some pictures. Then, I lost the damn thing and said, fuck it. I'm not sure where to post this so and interested audience can read it. If you can help me out, please do.

One of my hobbies is writing satire, comedy and producing short cartoons. I started a project, a bit less than a year ago, that's sort of an ongoing series. I developed a few characters and a setting. I called it "Im a Troll Man" and later is became "ITM Radio" I still have a long way to go to make it something substantial but one of the characters I created appeals to the BDSM and LGBT communities. She started off as a simple meme but, somehow, she became one of my most interesting characters and the one I use the most. I first introduced her as a meme.

Her original name was JoJo but Queen Aqua was solid so I made some profiles on Tumbler and Reddit with her and she became the character I use almost exclusively. Interacting with people on line inspires a lot of great content. One thing I learned is if I lose inhibition and just play the character, ideas flow like a fountain and I wrote some great stuff based on this character.

While setting up Queen Aqua's personality I had to deal with some issues that came up on my personal social media. Here's one way I dealt with that....

The reason I wanted to keep promoting this character is because it drew a lot of attention from people who one thing or another to say about it. Some people found it appealing. Some people hated it. And then I had women who claimed to be doms and wanted to feminize me. I liked the attention so I kept developing the character. I became a lot more comfortable writing the characters script.

I produced a few short videos featuring her and I have more content, somewhere. Sadly, I lost my phone yesterday and a lot of it is on the phone or scattered in different websites so I have to track it down. I hope you found this entertaining. If you did, let me know because I'd like to keep developing "ITM Radio" and Queen Aqua. I think this may be a great platform to do it with.

Why am I here?
Posted:Jul 20, 2021 2:56 am
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2021 3:56 am

I've been in long term relationships for most of my adult life. I've only been single for about 6 months. During the covid lock it was hard as hell. Having a partner than being alone is big shock.

I tried to make a go at marriage and it didn't work. Relationships are hard to maintain. It 's a lot of effort, investment of time, money and emotion. So, I had to face a few realities. I need to get to know who I am because I was always an us. I also have to face the reality that I have a hard time maintaining relationships.

I tried POF but I wasn't ready for another relationship. I realized this with the first two women I met. Also, some of the people there are rude and arrogant. Im not the type to take shit from anyone. I say it like it is. I am so done with drama, bossiness, possessiveness. I like living alone in the sense that it's a freedom from responsibility to someone else. However, I do companionship

I don't want anything to do with the dating scene. Too much fucking posing...fuck that. I prefer being in a situation where people know what they want and they don't have to play head games. And, my x familiarized me with this society. So here I am. And, I hope to meet some local people and make real friends.
It was a fun week end
Posted:Jul 18, 2021 11:35 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2021 8:03 pm

I spent the weekend with an old friend that I dated years ago. I had a good time with her. But, unfortunately, it's not going to go anywhere with her. She's too conservative for me.

However, Her friend who lives in then unit below is a lot more adventurous. I went outside for some fresh air and she was standing in the parking lot talking with a few of her friends. They continues on but she caught a glimpse of me anf we started talking about ourselves.

I mentioned to her that I write erotic stories and produce short cartoons with a subject that often revolves around the swinger life style. She became interested and asked if she could see a few of them.

The conclusion of the conversation was that her and I will explore this life style together and enjoy each other in the process. Well, I'm quite enthusiastic about That. I'm happy her and I connected today. I'll be uploading some pictures of us in the next couple of days. Have a great evening.
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Phishing Profiles here too
Posted:Jul 16, 2021 3:53 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2021 10:45 am

I love dealing with these profiles. Please, up. I'll shock you. It's a hobby of mine. I with anyone, And they're just entertainment.
I'm now a member
Posted:Jul 16, 2021 8:04 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2022 1:17 am

I'll take some time out how the site works. Get my profile set up. I''l add picks. My chat is open anyone. M, F, T and anyone else. If I don't respond I'm not home or something else. If I don't I missed . So you can try again. I don't care about discretion. I'm over that shit. Ask me whatever. And you can show me the ropes.

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