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Days at the Mall (part fiction)  

JoAnneTon 55T
1 posts
10/28/2021 8:52 am
Days at the Mall (part fiction)

Several years ago when I had become comfortable going out whilst dressed I started having regular days out in some of the<b> shopping </font></b>malls that are close to home. I had a favourite to the west of Manchester and so I had been going there more than the others.
My routine drive in my VW camper van and get changed in the back and then go into the mall.
I chose outfits that were easy to put on and today it skinny blue jeans with some padding and a loose brown jumper over my larger breasts in a sports bra. The completed with some light make and my favourite blond wig with a fringe down my eyes.

I visited my favourite shops and bought a few things and in some smaller shops I got a quick hello sometimes and I felt like a regular shopper.
I had a quick lunch at one of the usual places and contemplating going home when I saw a face from the past that I recognised. I had a slight panic and felt I blushing and so I went into the nearest shop to escape.
I went at some books and pretending to be interested and took a quick look around and I could see that Del in the shop also. Had he seen me, he must have? I moved and picked up a magazine and quickly saw Del no longer around and figured I over reacting and put the magazine down and turned leave.
- Is that you R -
Del in front of me and had used a school nickname possibly giving him an escape if he wrong.
What should I do. If I ran it could cause more fuss and actually he didn't seem like the Del of old. At high school we were sort of in a peripheral circle of friends but he would find any reason openly mock or belittle me.
- Hello Del. Please call me Joanne - I said
- Do you grab a coffee or something and we can chat? -
I agreed OK
We went for a coffee and started talking but the place filling and I began feel a bit uncomfortable about what might be said and people possibly hearing us.
- It is a bit public here. It would be nice be somewhere quieter - Del seemed sense my mood that reassured me more.
- I have my camper van in the car park and we can sit out of sight -
Del smiled and I led the way but slightly questioning myself on what I doing.
Once in the van then Del could say what he wanted:
- You know the way I always treated you at high school then because there something in you that I liked but I not gay or bisexual and I didn't understand and as you put up with it then that's the way it stayed. Now I see is something different about you and now we're older I can say that I am intrigued -
I explained my views on non binary orientation and pansexuality and that I can cope in the world but that occasionally I need a release and I open my female side and then the more validation of that I get then helps.
- That seems make sense and helps me understand that I had some attraction to you at school and that this is the side that you are now showing to me and I am definitely attracted that. Could I possibly feel you for a final appreciation of how you do this? -
I stood in front of Del and he first ran his hands the outside of my jeans to my butt. Then over my jumper he gave a gentle squeeze of my breasts that transmitted through to my skin as usual. I tried not to show and give away that these are the things that potentially turn me on and allow me to judge if I am open to the person and the answer here yes.
Del then explained that he came to the mall sometimes during his lunch break to get out of the office at lunch and look around. He needed to be back in the office and hoped that we may bump into each other again to which I nodded in agreement.


Several weeks later and on about the fourth trip to this mall after meeting Del then I here again but had found myself visiting less shops and hanging around more in the public areas and the open café where we had gone before. It had gone past lunchtime and I ruling out seeing Del again, and asking myself again if I wishing for this? when suddenly.
- Hello Joanne, nice see you -

It a bit warmer that day and I wearing a skirt with long socks in a bit more of a daring outfit.
I found myself swishing my skirt as we chatted and then my cheeks definitely were bright red and gave the whole game away.
- Could we go down your van again Joanne be in private? -
I led the way again as before. We were just in when Del said.
- I hoping see you again but thought you were scared or not trusting me. I've been coming here more often hoping to see you and warning the office that I may take the afternoon off sometime if I feel like. You probably didn't see me sending a to the office just now. -
- I must admit that I thought you might possibly turn up with some of the gang from high school just make fun of me -
Del grabbed my hand and drew me towards him.
- I to make right all that wrong that I did to you if you agree with that -
I knew what Del meant and I nodded in agreement.
He got on his knees and started kissing my smooth thighs at the top of my socks whilst stroking my legs and then going under the skirt to my butt. This always gets me going and I could feel my legs starting to tremble a bit.
Del stood up and kissed my perfumed neck and played with my breasts more roughly than before. Then he kissed my mouth and his tongue probed mine.
Any resistance I might had went and now my turn take a lead and I went down on my knees. I felt the outside his chinos with the palm of my hand and rubbed and his cock that visible and it responded by twitching and swelling. I undid his chinos and let them fall the floor and I fondled his cock through his shorts and ran my lips along the shaft to the head as Del moaned. I took his cock out of his shorts and checked out the appreciable size and saw there precum at the head that I put my lips on and licked off causing Del jer It had been a while since I had had any contact and this seemed to add urgency my actions and Del seemed surprised.
He wasn't complaining as I stroked his shaft and took the length in my mouth and he was quite gentle and only moving slightly and this left me free to do as I wanted. He need not have worried as this built to me taking him deepthroat to his obvious pleasure. I was trying not rush too much but it became obvious that Del was getting close and so I prepared for the final with deepthroat and moved back and forward slowly so the head stayed in my throat and I cupped his balls in my hand as his whole shaft disappeared.
Del made some gasping noises as his cum shot down my throat and I held on as long as I could before needing to breathe. His cock came out and was still dripping and I sucked the head dry.
Del sat down in a trance and I then pulled the bed out from its hidden position and laid down on it. Del got on behind me and kissed the back of my neck whilst stroking my breasts, my tummy and thighs and I could have been content with that for hours. This allowed Del recover and in half an hour or so he seemed ready go again and so I let him know what was next by removing my panties. He stroked my smooth hip and thigh and ran a finger under the top of my socks that made me tingle as always.
I got some lube out and prepared my gurl pussy and also put some on to Del's cock that was well on the way to full recovery. He carried on for a short while and then moved closer and so I got ready with my position on my side and stuck out my butt. Del raised my skirt and then gently inserted his cock in me slowly at first letting me get used to it.
Again it had been a while and this made it feel even better as Del began his thrusts whilst holding my hip. He had free rein now and his actions were fast and then slow and delivering me waves of pleasure. With the addition of some more lube then Del got fully going and it seemed like he was never going to cum and I stretched back further to maximise the penetration of his coc It must been another five minutes of these full strokes before he finally came jerk and shudder.
After a few minutes Del said - Is anything more you would like -
I said I like my feet being caressed and so he got down and took off my boots and began massaging and kissing my socked feet in a way that I love and so I encouraged him. He partly pulled a sock down and kissed my thigh and then moved to the top of the other soc
It then that he saw my gurl clit and then he gave me a look that said he'd not contemplated this bit and had never done that before and I give him the look to say well just get on with.
He lifted the front of my skirt and first gave some hand strokes before giving a reasonable blow job - must do better - but then finished me off by hand directed my load on my skirt - more washing!
We chatted for a while and cleaned and then Del left and we agreed make any further meeting by chance.

Hope you enjoyed my story
JoAnne xx

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