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Subservient Natures...  

Jessygirl23 29F  
276 posts
4/23/2021 6:03 pm
Subservient Natures...

I didn't think he was going to , although his cock did feel incredibly hard to touch as I softly slid my fingers up and down the shaft from his balls to the head squeezing all the pre over the head of his magnificently endowed manhood.

My mind kept drifting as I continued to absent mindedly fondle his cock thinking about something that had happened with some guys weeks ago doing the same thing. I was sitting next to him facing the footpath at a bus shelter on the side of the road and barely able to focus. My fingers had become soaked in pre so I knew he was close and about to . I could hear him telling to put it in my mouth but I was too consumed with my thoughts and his friend who was sitting next to me on the other side fingering my pussy to do it.

I was wearing a black mini dress which was ruined because I fell over on the way back from the pizza shop and tore the seam. I was a little<b> drunk </font></b>and quite unfocused but still very much aware of what was going on, or at least I thought! I had met these two guys the bar further down the road about two hours earlier and although they seemed okay and my girlfriends knew where I had gone these two were seriously lusting for my body and seemed determined to fuck my every hole! I hadn't been to this area before so I didn't realise where we stopped was quite so busy with people walking past along the path but because of the horny determined mood these guys were in that didn't slow them down one bit! They just kept ignoring my warnings of people approaching and of me wanting them to stop until they had passed so not to see what we were doing but they completely ignored me every time to continue fondling my body and because of the time of night it was the people walking past were almost always<b> drunk </font></b>men from the bar heading to or from the pizza shop.

These two guys weren't going to slow down for anyone! They were drunk, very horny and all they wanted to do was fuck and despite the many men walking past that didn't stop them from persisting to fondle my body and put on a show for anyone who would frequently stop and ogle. I can't say I didn't encourage them to fondle my breasts and play with my pussy because I was totally getting off on the people walking past looking probably even more than these two were. Many guys walking past were making some really disgusting comments which encouraged these two to be even more brazen with to provoke an even bigger response from the perves. The top of my dress had a low criss cross open front cut so my breasts were almost fully exposed anyway but these two guys kept pulling the material aside so my entire boob was fully exposed to show the men going past. They were using me to brag and tease, showing off to everyone that they were with this looking slut. I loved it and kept laughing pretending I didn't want them to display like that but deep inside I was loving it!

The night had started off a little slow for and I was quite bored being with the friends I went with because compared to they are quite timid when it comes to men. I was all hyped up and ready to party but all they wanted to do was drink water and bitch about their boyfriends. I met these two guys the bar when I was on my own getting a drink and although my girlfriends didn't appreciate the way I was behaving with them they did as always accept it. These two guys were a little than , not great looking but very eager and were easily encouraged by my mischievous sexual nature. I never judge men and so long as having a fun, good time with them, then I will always let them have a good time with me. I was behaving like a hyped up excited teenage who was in desperate need of some sex and would stop at nothing to get the attention I was so desperately craving. These guys were definitely wanting the opportunity to play and when I came along I think they knew their wishes had come true.

The whole way to the pizza shop, waiting for the pizza and even before that at the bar they were being so obvious they wanted to play and now on the way back to the bar I was practically groped non stop and with every step I took I had at least one hand on my boobs, another on my ass and just as frequently fingers trying to fondle my pussy which was getting me moist. I lost count of how many times we stopped along the path because they insisted on kissing or groping my body or had their fingers inside my pussy and I was really enjoying it and getting super wet. I would become engrossed in these two touching my body and stirring all my sexual triggers to a point of getting myself super worked up and dripping but to be frequently interrupted by some guys walking past making some disgusting sexual comments and if I let these two do it positive they would have fucked right there on the path.

Hubby had been messaging me all night talking dirty to me and asking me to send pics of me doing it with these guys before I came home and said if I did then he would do something special for me. I kept sending selfies of myself to hubby with these guys groping my breasts and told them I was sending them to a friend on a bet we had and the pics kept getting more explicitly erotic until we finally stopped at the bus shelter.

I was super horny now and so were they and although nothing was said certain they both knew they were going to fuck right there that bus shelter. When we stopped I sat down on the seat and one of the guys was joking around saying I was at the right height and then things just started to happen! I sat there in my torn mini dress with the long tear down the seam creating a huge gap showing even more of my breasts and although I kept trying to hold the dress together it was almost impossible to keep myself covered with these two guys constantly all over . I felt so very exposed and vulnerable but it was also so intensely stimulating and sexually exciting too. I was deliberately being so provocatively sensual showing a lot of flesh which was most definitely getting the attention of every sleazy walking past too. My dress had ridden halfway up my ass and because I was feeling so incredibly horny and<b> drunk </font></b>I just didn't care. I didn't care I was half naked and deliberately flaunting my body with my boobs exposed, or I was being loud and playful, or that I was deliberately displaying my body to every guy who walked past and let these two guys offer to everyone who saw us practically fucking on the side of the road. The two guys I was with didn't care because they were getting what they wanted and I didn't even attempt to stop them fondle my body while they took turns kissing because I was too far gone now and wanted sex! I was sitting between these two slumped on the low seat with my legs spread clearly showing my pussy. My breasts both of my dress fully exposed with these two sitting either side of kissing . I was snuggled inbetween them, their arms around my body with their hands wandering all over my body from my pussy to my breasts. My body reacting to their stimulating touch in a most profoundly responsive way clearly showing how much I was loving it and the entire time we were doing this men were walking past not more than a few meters away making these vile comments but what we were doing was so engrossing that we didn't even really notice them and just continued with what we were doing. I could hear these men and I could sense they had stopped and were perving but I simply didn't care.

Hubby would have been proud of his little if he was there to see what I was doing with these two.

I let them do what ever they wanted because I was so worked up and horny now and I just couldn't stop myself from wanting everything they wanted and started encouraging them to keep doing even more!

Yes, I was now their pretty, little cock teasing street !

Some slut that everyone who was walking past was wanting to fuck and the thing stopping them was the possessiveness of these two guys I was with because if I was with hubby he would have let every guy that walked past fuck on the seat of that shelter.

I reached into their undone pants and started playing with their rock hard erect cocks. There was no one around then so they didn't stop and actually helped undo their pants and pulled them down a little. No one could see us but the path went right past us and we couldn't see if anyone was coming around the bend because of some bushes. I was so and worked up with these guys doing this with in public and getting caught so many times my pussy was simply flowing non stop making the inside of my thighs all slippery from the abundance of pussy juice being spread everywhere. I wanted to get caught right now fucking, I wanted to be seen, I wanted these random men walking past to watch as these two fucked me on the side of the road and I don't think either one of them cared about doing it. I sat between these two guys watching their hands moving my dress as they both fondled my breasts and every time they squeezed my nipples between their fingers I couldn't stop myself gasping. It felt so good doing what I was doing and I could feel my body reacting with such intensity it was becoming almost painful. The whole thing was getting incredibly passionate and heated and I think all three of us simply became so completely consumed in what we were doing with each other that non of us even noticed people walking past us anymore as these guys kept groping my body with my hands all over their cocks. I just couldn't stand it anymore because my pussy was aching so much to be filled with both their cocks so I suddenly jumped up and straddled one of the guys cocks. With my dress up over my hips, I knelt on the bench seat facing this guy, I held his cock in my hand and slowly lowered my body down over it until I could feel it sliding inside my pussy. I knew I should've used protection but the urge to fuck him was just so sudden and overpowering it was impossible for me to stop. I felt his cock slide fully inside me then I lost control of my body and just started to shudder feeling this intensely focused tingling flowing through my body then become concentrated in my clitoris which in seconds became painfully intense and the more vigorously I rode his cock sliding my pussy up and down the full length the more painfully intense this feeling became. This lasted for several minutes until it had become so incredibly sensative I couldn't stand having his cock in me anymore and I lifted myself up so just the head of his cock was inside me then everything inside me just released and I had the most violently intensified orgasm I have had for a very long time screaming in his ear and gushing all over his cock, then I just completely collapsed upon him.

It wasn't until a little later when one of the men standing there said something that I realised we had attracted a semi permanent audience of a of men. I was a little surprised because I think they had been standing there watching unnoticed by us for quite a while. I had both my breasts fully of my dress with my pussy fully exposed, legs spread with a guy either side of each with their hands roaming all over my body and inbetween my legs with fondling their cocks while we were passionately kissing each other. I just kind of froze midway in what we were doing totally surprised these guys actually stopped to watch instead of just keep walking past like everyone else had done.

A long minute seem to pass with these guys standing right over now just staring my half naked body before I managed to grapple what was going on and slowly realised these guys all knew each other! They kept asking the two guys I was with where they found the slut and I was promptly introduced to the men as "The Slut!" The mood suddenly shifted from being and passionate with the two guys I was with to being more just about the sex as these new guys were wanting to join in with the fun and suddenly I was being negotiated like they were conducting a business deal but I didn't have any say in the dealings. I very quickly had the impression one of the older guys who looked around early thirties was actually an older friend perhaps of one of the guys I was with and the collective arrogance and attitudes of the other men was so prominent in the way they were dealing with me like I was just property to them. They were all very well dressed and groomed looking like they had gone out expecting to meet women for sex. Most of these guys had an accent I couldn't quite place and were generally not at all attractive and certainly not the type of men you would want to upset.

The fun sexual mood quickly dissipated and I covered myself up and wanted to leave so I started to walk toward the bar back to my friends but was very quickly stopped by some of the guys apologising for being so rude and begged me to join them for a drink to make up for it. They were being really friendly and nice now but all with this definite undertone of having an agenda. They came across as being very self assured and quite demanding and arrogant like they now possessed me and took me from the two other guys I first met and in a way pushing them out altogether! I am used to men arguing over me so I didn't give it a thought and just went with them instead staggering along the path toward the bar but very quickly realising these guys weren't any better than the other two. I had barely taken more than three steps and already I had one guy with his arm over my shoulder with his hand under the front of my dress fondling my breast. The others were bouncing along around me in this very cheerful, happy, chatty mood looking super excited they were with me but other than the guy who still had his hand on my boob not really having much to do with me until we were almost back at the bar. I was expecting to head straight back into the bar but instead they very cleverly diverted me into the car park behind the bar and to a car.

I knew something was going to happen but wasn't sure what but one thing I did know for certain was that I was definitely going to be having more sex. I just did whatever they were telling me to do and going with whatever they had planned for me because this wasn't the first time I had been led into a car park by a of men to have sex. I was giggling and smiling, laughing the lewd things they were saying and whenever it was mentioned they were all intending to fuck my every hole I would just give them a smile of approval because I knew that's what hubby was wanting me to do before I went home. I was feeling quite safe now because there were others around in the car park too and I was leaning against this very expensive looking huge jacked up fancy truck just talking to some of the guys who were now with me. I couldn't quite work how many guys were hanging around because I must admit by then I was really very<b> drunk </font></b>but I do know they seemed to be spread and kind of splintered into little groups which I thought was kind of strange with a couple of them with the truck. I stood there leaning against the side of this truck finding it a little difficult to keep standing because of how I felt and still trying to hold my torn dress together listening to these few guys who were with trying to convince to get in the back but I knew as soon as I did the whole would want to have sex with and all I wanted to do now was go back inside with my girfriends.

I knew my dress was showing almost my entire right boob including my nipple and was half up over my ass from this guy who I had no clue who he was standing in front of with his hands roaming all over my body. He was pressed up against my body trapping against the truck with his hand squeezed inbetween my legs trying to slide his fingers into my pussy and convince to get into this ute thing. I wanted to and I knew hubby would definitely want too but too many other men were hanging around and I didn't want to become the car park slut like has happened before. I just stood there letting this guy fondle my pussy who now had two friends either side of me also trying to convince me to get in the back of this truck. I had my head tilted down trying not to show my expressions of pleasure because I couldn't stop enjoying what he was doing with my pussy. At first I had my legs squeezed tightly together but now I had completely relaxed and let him have plenty of room because he had worked me up so much now I couldn't think of anything else. I tried so hard not to let my pussy control my mind again but I knew I was losing my willpower to stop what he was doing because my entire body was responding so instinctively to his touch.

I kept asking him not to and even tried to feebly push his hand away a few times but he was so determined to keep on doing it because he knew how much I was enjoying it. He kept telling me to get in the back of the ute truck and as much as I didn't want to his tone and manner sounded so much like hubby! I knew I didn't have to but I so strongly felt that I should because it is just my nature to do what men want! Looking down I could see his friend circling the nipple of my exposed breast where my dress had fallen away. His fingers carefully pulling my dress down off my breast as if he was hoping I wouldn't notice. I could feel the warmth of his touch penetrating my senses and stimulating my nipple into this firm erectness which I was so desperately trying to ignore. My nipples were so sensitive now that just the slightest touch was sending quivering sensations through my entire body. Every reaction my body was making was in complete opposition to what I wanted and my past experiences were telling me to run away! I didn't want to get into the back of this truck with these men but my natural instincts, my sexual nature and my lack of will power to control my physical urges to men's touch had imprisoned me to do as I was told. I was still standing against the side of this truck barely covered in my failing dress and now surrounded by men who had come from the shadows. With this guys hand still firmly lodged between my legs I was firmly told to spread. I did this instantly without thought, my mind was no longer in control because the pleasure my body was receiving had definitely taken over. I could feel his fingers inside being pushed deeply inside my pussy. The pressure of his hand hard up against my pelvic mound with all his fìngers inside my pussy and continuously sliding his hand forcibly against my clitoris and splitting my pussy in two causing so much pleasurable pain I almost started to cry but instead held my tears and screams as my body jerked about in these super intense spasms.

I couldn't believe that I had once again some how managed to get myself into this type of situation where I was about to become the slut to a pack of random strangers. Did I really not have any respect for myself all? Or was it just something about me that attracted men? Or was it really just my blind obedience for hubby that keeps bringing me here? The other men closed in telling me what a perfect beautiful slut I was taking each their turn to play with my pussy. I stood there enjoying the moments that passed of having so many hands and fingers upon and inside my pussy, my breasts and even someone's fingers in my ass! My pussy flooding uncontrollably creating this wet mess of fluids flowing down my legs. My mind had totally abandoned all sense of reasoning as I drowned in my own pleasures at the hands of this pack of determined men all so focused to have their piece of physical dominance over the defenceless car park slut! I don't think half these men even knew each other but they definitely all had one common goal and that was to fuck my pussy! I readily gave myself to the pack, showing I was wanting this, showing them all I was enjoying this, showing them all I was enjoying being the slut I knew they all wanted me to be for them.

I was lifted into the back of this truck amongst the tools, the dirt and grime. I thought to myself it was a fitting scene for a filthy slut like me to be gangfucked. A canvass tarp was hurriedly unfolded by several men and laid down as a temporary mattress and in amongst the dirt, the dust and all the excited mayhem that was going on around me I laid down on my back, conciously and deliberately spread my legs and readily wrapped my arms around the first guy who climbed on top of me. My dress wrapped around my midriff and on my back in the back of this truck with numerous men crammed in there and even more waiting outside expressing their excitement to each other about how they intended to fuck this slut who was being gangbanged. Hearing them talk about me the way they were made me feel sick because I knew the they were talking about was . I was the they were all there to fuck and one by one they did fuck until every one of them had in every hole of my body.

I was enjoying every dirty second of these men using me and treating me like a filthy ! Having my hair pulled, my head jerked around so they could over my , fucked by one after another, having multiple men passing me around to fuck my pussy and once it started a heap of others preferring to fuck me in the ass. I felt like shared property, an expendable body for them to enjoy then discard but for it felt so good being treated this way knowing I had pleased so many of them. At first I was rushed at by them altogether but then the main leaders of the mass took control and after they had all used my body I was given back to the rest of the pack who then had their turn with . I was kept in the back of this truck ute and men would have sex with me then get to let another climb in with to fuck too. It didn't take long for to become completely exhausted and I started to wish some of these guys would just hurry up and ! first the sex was unbelievably awesome, then after a while it wasn't anything really, it was just me being fucked by guys I didn't even know! This horde of<b> drunk </font></b>horny men who didn't want to miss on fucking the slut willing to have sex with anyone who wanted to have her.

It took a few days to tell hubby what happened that night because I felt so ashamed that in my drunken state and the mayhem I had sex with men who took me bareback and after I had recently promised I wouldn't do that anymore but as always hubby was once again forgiving and also just as pleased with his...

"Sexy little slut bunny"

candide2021 51M

8/24/2021 4:00 am

You've got a talent. If you fuck 1/2 as good as you write you are one in a million. Thanks for the stories you filthy little cumslut.

Leegs2012 49M
96134 posts
4/25/2021 9:05 am


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