Submissive Wife- Sneaky Midday Sex  

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3/27/2020 3:23 pm
Submissive Wife- Sneaky Midday Sex

Hubby was in the garden today making a mess as usual and Kaylen and Jason stopped by to say hello and give hubby a hand with a few things. The boys were outside doing what they were doing and I was inside sorting out things and doing a little cleaning. I have never met Kaylen before but I could see looking through window at what they were doing that he was a very fit, very good looking muscular young guy in around his very early twenties. Really lovely broad shoulders and picture-perfect abs with very strong thick legs. Almost every woman’s ideal hot looking hunk and he had this really sweet innocence about him that when you looked at him it seemed he was still a virgin.

The boys were digging holes and making some serious changes to the yard so I regularly took out drinks to them and kept going out offering them food. Each time I went out there I could tell Kaylen was perving at my body although I did dress to tease a little. I had my ripped shorts on and they are more like a bikini bottom thong and a tight fitting stretchy black tank top which was short enough to display my midriff and low enough to display a very large portion of my breasts.

I did flirt a lot with Kaylen throughout the morning and both hubby and Jason knew I was teasing the poor boy and both kept teasing him too saying he should fuck me before he leaves and Jason kept saying “Trust me I know she’s a good fuck” I don’t think he had been told what type of relationship hubby and I have and whenever we teased him he seemed to get really embarrassed. Kaylen was a labourer who works with Jason from time to time for a bit of extra cash but he isn’t part of our world.

I was in the kitchen and kept looking out through the window watching them work and I must confess it made me feel really hot thinking about Kaylen’s hot body pressed hard against mine with his cock deep inside me while hubby and Jason were still outside working. I had already been out there at least six or seven times and I was running out of excuses to keep interrupting them to flirt with Kaylen so I thought of the brilliant idea to borrow Kaylen for a while to help me move some heavy boxes I needed to sort out in the spare room.

I made sure I looked my prettiest without over doing it and went outside and asked hubby if I could borrow Kaylen for a little while to move the boxes for me and Jason the big dope offered to do it instead and I came up with the excuse he was all covered in dirt but Kaylen wasn’t too dirty to come into the house. The truth was he was just as filthy and would dirt everywhere but I think the sex would be worth the mess.

I couldn’t ask for hubby’s permission but I thought I’m sure he won’t mind although he might and it would be best just to keep my sex plan to myself. I went inside with Kaylen and showed him what I needed done in the tiny spare room we have flirting with him the whole time. We were practically in full body contact the whole time we were re arranging this room and I could feel an enormous amount of sexual electricity between us building and building. I kept flirting with him, giggling and laughing and making jokes and he responded the same. Having his hot body pressed against mine as we moved things was making me very wet and the smell of his sweat was such a turn on for me it was almost making me burst at the seams. I was so close to just kissing him when I heard hubby shouting out from the outside door saying he needed Kaylen back for a few minutes which did kind of ruin the moment and kill the atmosphere that was building between us. I was really disappointed but kept sifting through the room organising things.

I was kneeling on the floor on my knees bent over this box pulling things out of it when I heard a voice saying “I’m back” It was Kaylen standing at the door because hubby had sent him back inside to help me again. It must have been quite a raunchy sexy site for him to see me bent over like that with my ass and pussy hanging out for him to see and thought I wonder how long he was standing there before he said anything.

I was glad he returned and my sadness at missing out on sex was replaced with hope again perking me up and putting me back into my flirty sexy mood craving for sex again. I knew, he knew, I wanted to fuck him but he was such a sweet innocent boy there was no way he would make a move with me so either I had to do something or nothing will happen at all. I couldn’t do much more than what I was doing with my big beautiful fleshy breasts almost popping out of my top every time I leaned over and I know my pussy would have been visibly exposed whenever I bent over to pick something up because I didn’t have any panties on underneath.

What was it going to take to get this guy to jump me? I was so used to men throwing themselves at me it was a bit challenging for me to try and have to seduce some guy into fucking me. I was so bloody horny too and I was almost just about ready to start fingering myself right in front of this guy, then I thought well maybe he’s gay perhaps or most likely just scared of Jason and hubby if we were caught out. Time was running out so I thought maybe I should just asked him straight out because it was so obvious the energy was there between us and he should have known for certain I wanted him to fuck me and there was no way he would have been that stupid he didn’t know that especially with the way I had been flirting with him for the past hour since he came back.

I sat on one of the boxes, just looked straight at him and said “Would you like to fuck me?” He stopped dead and looked really shocked not knowing what to do or say then after about thirty seconds he said “Aren’t you married?” I knew he wanted too but just didn’t know the situation between hubby and myself and because I didn’t know if I could tell him did make it a little hard for me knowing what I could or couldn’t tell him.

So, I lied a little and told him hubby and myself didn’t have a very good relationship together and I was quite a promiscuous wife who had fucked many men behind my hubby’s back. I mixed some of the truth with a few little lies but it did get me what I wanted.

I spoke for about three minutes and then we fucked for the next twenty before he emptied his gorgeous perfectly shaped hard balls that were so full of cum deep inside my very naughty sneaky and very deceitful pussy. It did not take very much convincing at all before he bent me over one of the boxes in that cramped very hot dusty room and fucked me from behind with a vengeance!

OMG! The sex was fucking amazing! He was so strong and powerful, grabbing me by my hips and partially lifting my petite tiny frame and just rammed his more than adequate cock deep inside me, grunting with every hard-hitting stroke like he was fucking me with a really deep seeded anger and hatred of women. It was absolutely amazing feeling his strength control my body in my vulnerable position smashing my head into another box as he angrily grunted with every hard pounding deeply impaling thrust inside my body.

I couldn’t make any noise at all because if hubby caught us, he might very well kill us both and I think that in itself was also a massive turn on for me too. I didn’t climax or squirt or even come close to either of those but the fact I was having naughty forbidden sex was seriously exhilarating. The thought of getting caught was what made the sex so bloody hot!

When he cum inside me he just totally collapsed on top of me like he had lost all his energy and just couldn’t move a muscle. I had this huge muscly hot looking guy squashing me to<b> death </font></b>and told him to get of me and when he pulled his cock out of my pussy cum just starting gushing out of me. I couldn’t believe how much this guy cum! It was like a fountain of cum gushing out of my pussy and it was dripping all over the floor and down my leg as I rushed to the bathroom to clean up. By the time I came out again Kaylen was gone and back to helping Jason and hubby in the garden.

I kept thinking to myself after we had fucked, did hubby send Kaylen in to fuck me, were the boys all in on it together or didn’t hubby know? Being the type of person I am I couldn’t stop feeling guilty about what I did and so after the boys had left I told hubby what I did and although he wasn’t happy because I had broken one of his rules he did say he was excited at the thought Kaylen had fucked me while he was outside completely oblivious to the fact I was being fucked inside the house.

It was arousing for both hubby and myself and I am now really hoping hubby will change that rule to give me the freedom again to choose who I want to have sex with and where and when without having to get his permission first.

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3/28/2020 2:33 pm

You sound amazing.. pm us if you are into couples

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3/27/2020 11:17 pm

that hot

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3/27/2020 11:00 pm

Hey, Jg23.

*Really Erotic Story*

Little Slut!!


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3/27/2020 10:21 pm

wow. sexy as fuck

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3/27/2020 7:44 pm

wowww spendid text

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