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Submissive Wife- Back Alley Line Up!  

Jessygirl23 29F  
276 posts
4/13/2020 2:41 pm
Submissive Wife- Back Alley Line Up!

In the earlier days with hubby and myself doing what we enjoy now, I used to get quite confused and emotionally fragile fucking other men for hubby. Sometimes I was all for it then other times I would question his motives and it did take me a long time to realise he did love me deeply and what we were doing was just the way he was, the way he expressed his sexual dominance, the way he showed he loved me.

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy doing what he would ask of me but initially I did struggle quite a lot coming to terms with the things he wanted me to do for him and always questioned how could a man possibly love his wife if he always wants her to fuck other men for him? I used to cope with this uncertainty by getting drunk, because when I drink, I am any man’s slut! Even before I met hubby, I had a very bad reputation for being a promiscuous slut and very well known in my local area for giving really great head. I shudder at the thought of the amount of cocks I sucked before I met hubby and some of the situations I managed to get myself into and this situation I found myself in this night from a suggestion hubby made when I was drunk reminds me of the many other times I regretted mixing alcohol with men.

Hubby and myself were at a bar that we very regularly had more than a few drinks at and played pool with other regulars we had made a close acquaintance with and some were more like male friends but others we only saw at this bar although most were just faces, we knew well. Hubby and I would always walk in together and leave together unless I had hooked up with someone but would quite often separate whilst there with me being drunk and flirting with every guy like a total slut and hubby enjoying watching me from the background behaving exactly how he liked to see me behave.

There were many times I would hook up with some guy and go out to the car in the parking lot down the road a little and fuck him then come back into the bar and tell hubby all about it. He absolutely loved when I did that but of course it didn’t take very long at all to build up a reputation so hubby and myself almost had a double life. Who we were at this place was the complete opposite to who we were in our normal daily lives and we made certain we kept them totally separate to protect ourselves.

We both enjoyed being who we were there, acting out our fantasies, learning a lot about life, people and our sexuality. What turned us both on and what disgusted us but everything was new for us, exciting and sexually stimulating and together we both grasp this life with both hands and couldn’t get enough of what was on offer.

We were like two in a candy store who wanted to taste everything all at once!

I was playing pool with a group of guys who had been chasing me for a while always making suggestions, touching me and flirting, trying their very hardest to fuck me every time I saw them there. Hubby was on the other side of the bar watching sport and chatting to some friends and not really that interested in what I was doing at all. These guys I was with were really putting a lot of pressure on me to go with them into the back alley behind the building for a little play time but I was in one of my confused moods and just not interested. I kept drinking, they kept pressuring me and hubby had finally wandered over to watch me play joining me and the group. There were three tables all lined up with bar stools along the walls to sit on and watch which is where hubby was having his drink and being entertained seeing these horny mostly older men groping my ass and looking down my top every time, I had my turn.

A few hours had passed, I was now really drunk, this ever growing group of guys who wanted to take me outside for some playtime were still really pressuring me for sex and hubby casually walks over to me and whispered in my ear saying “I think you should fuck these guys” then wanders of over to the bar again.

Hubby had just given me permission to fuck these guys who had now grown to a number of around fourteen that were all as horny as hell wanting to have some playtime! Hubby must have been waiting for the right moment to plant the seed in my head because he knew I was in one of my moods earlier on in the night. The idea continued to grow in my mind and I was starting to give serious thought to letting it happen. I was drunk and now as horny as anything, hubby had practically ordered me to fuck these guys and these guys were definitely wanting my body.

I can be stubborn and so was determined not to give in to hubby yet again! This wasn’t the first time he had done this with me when we were out and suggested I fuck some guy then just sit back and watch me succumb to his controlling mind. Watch me cave in to the pressures of the situation to submit to his desire to watch me being fucked by other men, then like the sudden shock of a loud noise awakening you from a deep sleep, my mind just suddenly flipped and I thought to myself why not!

Amidst all the hostile tension that had built up between hubby and myself during the past week over the sex between us I had an instant complete change of mind, from being a stubborn spiteful bitch to suddenly feeling like a tiger on heat prowling for a mate. Deep down I knew I wanted to be mauled by these men, to feel the power of their physical lust for my body overwhelm my mind and dominant my flesh. I wanted to be drowned in cum, overpowered by their strength and give my pussy to as many cocks as I possibly could to prove to hubby, I can be both a submissive slut and a loving caring wife for him. By denying hubby, I was in turn denying myself what I know I loved to do and that was to have sex with random men, to feel the heat of hot lust between them and myself, to submerse myself into the shocking acts of pure physical self gratifying lust I so desperately craved for day and night.

I could see hubby watching me from the bar pretending not to know what I was doing when I started to kiss several of the men surrounding me at the tables. I started to carelessly flirt with them, not concerned at all with who was watching me behave like a slut with these guys. I wanted to get a reaction from hubby, I wanted him to come over and stop me, stop me behaving like a slut with all these men and save me from myself but he didn’t. He just continued to sit at the bar watching the sport pretending he didn’t know what was going on, pretending not to notice his wife was practically having sex with these men in the room right next to where he was sitting.

There was no reaction from hubby at all, no sign of jealously, no hint of rage and certainly no indication of change of mind. It was now undeniably obvious hubby really did want me to go with these guys and let the whole lot of them fuck me in the back alley behind the building. My mind went kind of numb with the realisation this wasn’t just a fantasy hubby had, he really wants his wife to be a slutty for him!

So, I thought if that’s what he wants then why not, I can be that girl, I have done it many times before and just had sex with men for the sex. I know I can separate love from sex and I love having sex but I had always been scared of ruining my relationship with hubby like I had ruined so many others. I had always had doubts if that was what hubby really wanted or if that was just him testing my love and loyalty.

The men I was with knew I was a complete slut when I drink and they knew I was super horny right now almost begging for them to take me outside and gang fuck my pussy and not one of them seemed to care knowing I was with hubby who was still in the other room pretending not to hear or know what was going on.

I started to kiss one of the guys against a table in full view of the rest letting his hands wander over every part of my body. I heard one guy say “She must be a slut to let him do that” He had his hand down the front of my top and was fondling my breasts in front of everyone and I knew he was doing this but it was such a turn on for me behaving so badly with an audience. He sat me on the table then another guy started to kiss me and in an instant, I was surrounded by men with their hands down my top fondling my breasts and with just as many up my skirt fondling my very reactive pussy. I became instantly saturated losing myself in the sensual feelings of having so many men fondling my body altogether.

They didn’t waste any time and a few minutes later the group of men took me outside sneaking me out through a side exit where my hubby wouldn’t see me leaving with them. I was now outside and the fresh night air really hit me making me feel seriously drunk and horny but still very much aware with what was going on. There was a row of cars parked in this alley way and I was taken to the very end surrounded by men feeling like I was being protected by an armed guard all trying to conceal my existence.

The dead end of the alley was very dimly lit, very quiet but echoed quite loudly and there was a multi storey car park adjacent with a lot of movement with people walking past on an over head. I’m certain passers by would have been able to look down and seen us but I didn’t really care and loved the excitement of being caught out. All I was concentrating on was the many fingers now probing my pussy making me as excited as ever and so much wetter than usual. I think it was the whole electrified sexual atmosphere that was making me feel so hot! The whole group had followed me out here so there were definitely at least fifteen or so men with me now, all of them expecting to fuck me and fill me with cum which was such a turn on for me.

I was sat on the bonnet of this BMW, a very expensive flashy looking car which had quite a low height so my head was pretty much in line with everyone’s cock standing around me. I was flopping around on the bonnet of this car with my top completely undone with my breasts completely exposed my legs spread and my panties gone giving everyone full and inhibited access to my very responsive saturated pussy. Some guy stood directly in front of me, unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out waving it around in my face. Purely out of instinct I took hold of it in my hand and engulfed the head of his cock in my mouth drunkenly giving this guy a blowjob. I still had hands all over my body whilst sucking this guy’s cock.

Then things moved super quick, more men started to get their cocks out feeding them into my mouth as my head was pulled from one to another by my hair going from one cock to another giving at least six or seven guys a blowjob all at once. Some of them cum very quickly dripping cum over my breasts or rubbing their cocks over my nipples as they cum all over my breasts while the others clapped and cheered them on telling them to cover me in cum. I think I must have given at least half the men there a blow job with others continually finger fucking my pussy the entire time.

I was being pushed, pulled and shoved around like a rag doll with so many men all wanting to have sex with me all at once!

I could hear people yelling out from the upper floors of the multi storey car park who had obviously heard me or the gang of men I was with and were making comments like “Yeah fuck the slut” and another one that was bellowed out “ Fill her ass with cock!” I didn’t care that I had a passing audience watching everything that was going on from only as little as one storey height above and the group of men with me loved the banter spurring them on even more to treat me with complete contempt having a total disregard for me as a person and treating my body like a lump of warm meat.

After a number of men had used my mouth to fuck and cum in, they decided it was time to use my pussy as well and I was completely stripped of my skirt, ripped off and was roughly handled positioning my petite frame upon the bonnet of the car on my hands and knees. Some guy then took me from behind and hurriedly filled my pussy with his cock firmly holding onto my hips with one hand and sliding his cock into my body with the other. I was so wet and excited I could barely feel his cock inside me then fucked me as hard as he could to the cheering of the others, burning my knees on the metal of the car as I was dragged back and forth, jiggling my tiny frame around like I was nothing and then bellowed out when he cum deep inside my pussy yelling “Oh God” over and over again.

He was just the first of the group but I was fucked by everyone of them in so many different positions on different cars, against the wall, sandwiched in between men filling both holes and was treated like I was a gutter . The mood of the group shifted quite dramatically when they started to fuck me like they were all trying to fuck me to<b> death. </font></b>Fucking me straight after one another, passing me around from one male to another then back again and most of them didn’t bother using any protection and fucked me bare back with almost every one of them using me like a cum dump filling my body until it flowed from my pussy like a hot river of goo running freely down my legs. I am positive more men joined the group as others left and I was used for several hours and ended up in the back of a sedan nearer the entrance of the alley being fucked by whoever in the back seat with both back doors open for others to watch their mates fuck the alley slut!

The comments men where making about me was nothing more than disgusting and the way I was treated wasn’t any better but I did enjoy every single second of being the fuck slut that night. It completely changed the way I felt about my relationship with hubby because he only showed me complete and utter love from what I did for him that night, although things did get out of control but he still loved me for everything I am, including being the hopelessly addicted cum slut he loves me to be for him. Back then I used to be so confused and to an extent still quite often feel the same because hubby loves to see me being treated so badly by other men, loves me to be a total and utter slut for him but then he treats me like a queen and showers me with wonderful thoughtful gifts and surprises with things he will do for me.

He knows I love being a slut for him and I know he loves me for it and that’s all that really matters because it works for us in our committed relationship together as Sub and Dom although we never went to that bar again for around 18 months because back then I simply felt too embarrassed to be seen there after what I had done with so many of the men who frequented that place. I couldn’t handle the thought of people looking at me thinking to themselves that’s the girl that was gang fucked by half the men there that night in the back alley. I guess back then I felt ashamed of being who I know deep down I really am, I cant help loving sex and I cant help not being able to control my sexual urges when I drink and I cant help wanting to feel wanted by men outside my relationship, even if it is only for sex.

Hubby had been mixing in with the group unnoticed for quite a while, silently watching me being fucked and filled with cum by so many of the men there that night, listening to my screams of pleasure, my moaning of pain, my begging for more cock and seeing me in my true form, a drunk unable to control my desire for men’s sexual attention and unable to stop until there is no more for them to give.

I was eventually recued by hubby when I was in the back off the sedan. Some guy had just fucked me and like so many others had done before him emptied everything he had inside my pussy when hubby dragged him of me telling me to get out of the car. I was naked, covered in cum and so drunk I was barely able to walk anymore. He carried me across the street wrapped in his shirt and put me in our car, then took me home.

RobK2006 55M
5998 posts
4/14/2020 10:42 am

Thanks for this. Now I have something to jerk off to later today.

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