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Sneaky, sleazy, SEX...  

Jessygirl23 29F  
276 posts
9/2/2020 1:18 am
Sneaky, sleazy, SEX...

I was recently thinking about something that was a moment in my relationship with hubby that opened my mind what we do together today.

This wasnt something I was expecting at all because it was when I was still learning about hubby and his deviate mind.

We were at a friends place sitting with a group of hubbies friends and acquaintances and I was sitting right next hubby. I did not know anyone there because this was when I was being introduced to the crowd he associated with at the time. They certainly were not my type of people and to me his friends were nothing more than pigs who drank too much, took too many other things and in general were sleazy losers who constantly tried to fuck me.

I always like to dress to impress and had a casual mid length dress on which looked both sexy and reserved because back then that is how I was. An innocent naive little girl with an untapped endless sexual appetite for men.

I thought I was a woman of the world with a very healthy sexual appetite but found compared to my hubby I was a complete angel.

I was sitting the table next to hubby when this guy David sat next to me and started talking. I thought he was a little weird and creepy but he had these amazing green eyes that just looked straight into your soul and kept me completely captivated in a trance like state the entire time he spoke. It may have been because of how much I drank or what I took but hours with this guy seemed like only minutes.

He was kind of thin but very strong looking with a very charismatic confident manner and he seemed to know about everything! It only took about minutes before I felt completely relaxed with this guy and he was sitting right over leaning against like he owned .

Hubby did not seem mind one bit this guy was all over behaving in this sleazy expectant way like he knew I was going say yes sex. Whenever hubby left get another drink this guy was really pressuring for sex and made doubt my loyalty hubby.

I sat there getting more<b> drunk </font></b>and flirting like a total with this guy trying to make hubby jealous but he almost seemed to be encouraging it. This guy had his hand on my thigh gently squeezing my leg while he wispered obscene suggestions in my ear about how he wanted to fuck me and share me with his friends.

At first I thought he was joking but then realised he was serious and what he was saying did peak my interest and sounded quite exciting! He wanted to take me inside with his friends and fill my pussy with their seed and at first I kept saying no but then they started to wear me down a little and my persistent stern "NO" started to more frequently mix with little wispy maybees.

Four of them were very persistent and just as persuasive and hubby kept disappearing which made it so much harder for me to stay focused with what was the right thing do. Right in front of everyone at the table they were were being very disrespectful toward me. Openly saying how hot I looked and how much they wanted to fuck my pussy and make me swallow their cocks and cover my body in cum.

I couldn't stop giggling because I simply didn't know what to do or how to respond to the pressure of their suggestions. There were all around me at the table now telling me I should just do it and let them all fuck me.

My firm mind was wavering a huge amount and I was seriously starting to consider letting these guys take me inside and fuck me. It was non stop harrassment from these guys and even hubby was pushing me to let them all fuck me.

I ended sitting on Davids lap at the table, his hand right up my dress teasing my pussy into a soaking wet mess. At first I tried to stop him fondling my pussy in front of everyone at the table but then I just completely let go and totally resigned to letting him slip his fingers inside . I started kissing or of the guys there letting them fondle my pussy too.

Hubby had disappeared again and I couldn't see him anywhere!!

I was being smothered by these guys with several of their hands up my dress as I continued to sit on David's lap with my legs spread wide.

I was sofly murmuring to myself in delightful rythyms as I could feel their fingers pushing deeply into the sloppy softness of my incredibly sensative pussy. Just the touch of their slippery fìngers against my soft supple skin made my entire body quiver. I had my eyes closed, my legs spread wide apart and was leaning back against David as I sat on his lap. I could distinctly hear the sound of my soaked pussy sloshing from the multiple fingers stretching my pussy in all different directions and could feel even more hands upon my legs sliding up my inner thigh.

I spread my legs even wider and could feel my juices tricking between my legs and down my ass pooling between my bum cheeks. The sweetness of my scent was over powering all others and I simply couldn't hide my immense pleasure at what they were doing to me. I then felt hands slipping through the broken buttons of my top, massaging my breasts, circling and tweaking my intensly erect swollen nipples. The evidently over powering strong sweet aroma of my juices were filling the air with such an addictive scent it was more than obvious I was ready for their cocks!

David stood me up over the table holding me from behind and ripped my dress open, popping the buttons that ran down the length of the front and let it fall to the ground around my feet. My body fully exposed, my nipples superhard and erect, my legs spread and my pussy more than ready to feel the girth of someone's cock penetrate deep inside my body.

I was put on show for everyone at the table starring at my bare body, witj several men forcibly fondling my body while David jeld me tightly from behind.

He kept whispering in my ear "You like this don't you bitch" I stood there with my eyes closed, my nipples superhard and erect and with my legs spread wide apart being offered to any at the table by David. Asking who wanted with my body, who wanted fill my pussy with cum first and who was going be next, then next, then next! In seconds I had gone from having total control and options to having none.

David held firmly from behind while the others gathered my front fondling my pussy and body. It was so exhilarating feeling so vulnerable and exposed, so not in control, being commanded by a man so confident and in control of the whole situation, having him tell spread my legs wider, tell shut up! Tell get down on my knees and suck some random guys coc

I saw hubby standing a little off the side of the crowd that had gathered watch give some guy a blowjob.

He just stood there quietly, with a kind of shocked yet approving expression on his face, watching me jerk this guy off with my mouth wide open ready to catch his cum in my mouth. He didnt try to intervene at all and actually looked quite excited at what I was doing and I knew then, that everything he had told me about himself wasn't a lie and he was serious about me wanting fucking other men!

profcoquin27bis 58M
4323 posts
9/7/2020 5:58 am

good text, i like read your blog

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