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Reminiscing innocence  

Jessygirl23 29F  
276 posts
10/22/2020 4:19 am
Reminiscing innocence

Hubby and I were going out a lot looking for suitable men for me meet. At that time I knew little about hubbys sex games and was quite unsure about things but I knew hubby had expectations as we had talked a lot about me having sex with other men.

When we were out together hubby would quite often just pick some random guy or guys out of the crowd at a bar and tell me he wanted me to go and behave like a complete slut with them. Then, as the months went on, if the men hubby wanted me to behave like a slut with took an interest in wanting sex with me which happened almost every single time he would then message me and tell me to take them out to the car, or the room, or at some other place nearby and fuck them. He would always just blend in with the crowd and watch me from a close distance which made the whole thing feel so intensely erotic knowing hubby was watching me behave like a slut with these men. I always became so excited when he made me do this and I could always feel my pussy moisten from the anticipation of the promiscuous sex I was about to have with these men. Obviously there were many attempts and just as many fails mainly because I wasn't doing as hubby would ask which was very fustrating for him but he is a patient man and his gentle persistence eventually paid off.

I want to share this one experience with you that was only the fourth time I had sex with other men for hubby. When I went out with hubby I was always ready for sex because that's what hubby wanted so I always like to look sexy and desirable and this night I wore a very sexy pale yellow dress. It was a full length cotton dress with long shoe string shoulder straps and a very low back and neck line showing most of my soft white breasts from the front with a very noticeable amount of side boob too. Without a bra the dress precariously hung very low off the tips of my breasts and was very eye catching. It tightly hugged my midriff then flared to just above my knees. I loved this dress and so did hubby because I had so many very memorable sexual experiences wearing it.

We had been to several bars this night with no luck meeting the right type of men and I think hubby was becoming a little disappointed so I decided the next bar we went to I will definitely find a guy to fuck for hubby. We had only just walked into this bar and hubby decided to go outside for a smoke and left me inside the bar by myself. All it took was one look with men and straight away they knew they would fuck me but finding men who would fuck me with hubby watching was hard. Back then it still felt like I was cheating on my husband each time I had sex with another man but it was that feeling that made the sex so awesome!! I know that sounds so wrong but when it came to sex hubby and I quickly discovered we were like two jigsaw puzzle pieces that just fitted perfectly together. He loved to watch me have sex with other men and I loved having sex with other men. What I didn't know was that hubby was just gently easing toward the things he really wanted and they were to watch me have sex with many other men in big groups and with all the kinky<b> weird </font></b>stuff he also likes too.

I was quite timid back then and very pliable with suggestions hubby made (or any man really) because I was so eager to please and impress. I would do anything for hubby and he knew that, taking me a little further each time. At first he just liked to watch me behave like a slut with other men, then he wanted me to fuck them and now he wanted to watch me being fucked by other men and is why I was finding it so hard to find someone to fuck me that night. It wasn't me, it was because they all thought hubby was gay or<b> weird </font></b>and that scared them off but after many fails I did finally meet up with guys who were friends with each other that were willing fuck with hubby watching. Hubby was outside again so I messaged him saying I found guys who were willing fuck and let him watch. He messaged me back telling me meet him at the car. I know nobody knew or would even care but when I walked out of the bar with these guys I felt so guilty. It felt like everyone there was looking at and judging thinking themselves "Just look at that slut cheating her husband" I knew that wasn't so but it sure felt that way. I coyley walked through the dark car park with these men and not really knowing what hubby wanted me do next I paused wait for hubby. I was so shy and unsure of myself and just stood there quietly and feeling a little lost so I was so glad when one of the guys started to kiss . His hands immediately found their way under my dress, discovering I wasn't wearing any panties he fondled my pussy. I was already so worked with sheer anticipation I could feel I had saturated his hand with my sweet flowing juices. I was praying for hubby arrive soon because these guys were seriously keen. I started kissing the other guy while the first one was still fondling my pussy then the third guy came from behind slipping his hand my dress from behind and started fondling my pussy too. It felt so, so good, sandwiched between these men and feeling the strength of their touch firmly massaging my whole pussy with their fingers slipping in and out both from the front and back. They stretched my pussy in in directions and were so forcefully passionate with their kissing. I tried slow things down a little because they were really getting seriously hot and horny! wanted at once and grabbed at my body in this frantic competition between themselves trying gain ownership of my pussy. One guy started fondling my breasts too and I was so lost in the sexual pleasure I completely forgot I was supposed to be waiting for hubby! I turned and faced the car placing my hands on the bonnet then one of the guys came up from behind lifting my dress and started undoing his pants to release his hard erect cock. I could feel it pressing up hard against my ass so I reached behind me and holding it in my hand slid the head of his cock along the soaked saturated slit of my pussy until the head of his massively engorged cock found its way inside me.

The other two stood back and watched as their friend fucked me from behind against the bonnet of my husbands car. Then out of the darkness I saw hubby coming toward me then he stopped opposite me on the other side of the bonnet watching me behave like a as I relished in every hard aggressive deeply stabbing thrust this guy was giving my saturated pussy and slamming my entire body into the side of the car. Hubby watched intently but said nothing as these guys took turns fucking in many different positions on the bonnet of my husbands car and releasing themselves deep inside my pussy every time. At first, the sex with was very passionate with a lot of kissing and firm touching. I could feel their cum dripping from my pussy and the next one would thrust himself into stating how sloppy my pussy was. These guys didn't seem care my husband was right there watching them but instead seem enjoy putting the sex show for him. I think they were getting off just as much as hubby was knowing they were fucking another mans wife right in front of him, almost like they were daring him say something but he never did. He just stood there quietly as I was fucked really hard by these men who were forcing themselves into me so hard now it hurt like hell. They realised there were no limits because I wasn't allowed to complain and the sex changed rapidly. It went from firmly passionate to aggressively dominant very quickly and they started treated me like a gutter !

Then one of them decided he wanted to try and fuck me in the ass, which he did, making me cry out in silent pain. There were people walking through the car park shouting out things and coming closer for a look to watch the live sex show that was being given to them. These guys didn't care, they seemed to love knowing other people were seeing them fuck the bar slut and were actually bragging to the people about it offering me to them and saying it was okay because I was just a pub !

When the last guy of the cum for the last time inside my already cum soaked and very sloshy pussy my husband came around and slipped his hand under my dress. As the men wandered off back the bar, no doubt brag about what they had just done Hubby stood right against my body and ran his fingers and down my inner thighs feeling the cum that had run down my legs from these guys, then slowly moved his hand toward my pussy feeling its stretched sloppiness with his fingers. He slowly jerked himself off with his other hand until he himself cum over my dress and when he cum he cum so hard going into this<b> weird </font></b>spasmic fit and the expression on his face was of such intense release.

I knew I had pleased hubby but as always with hubby that only opened his mind to more possibilities, more sexually deviate thoughts and more expectations from , continue satisfy the sexual monsters that dominate his mind.

SingleItalianGy2 50M  
1205 posts
10/23/2020 7:15 pm

Sometimes we know not what we seek..... until we see it

Leegs2012 49M
96134 posts
10/22/2020 1:35 pm

I love this lifestyle!! I love watching my Girlfriend having sex with other Men...Smooth Men!! Sometimes She will let me join in for some hot Oral!! You have a great Blog!! I enjoy reading your sexual experiences!! You Hubby is a lucky Man!

RobK2006 55M
5998 posts
10/22/2020 6:04 am

And now, as always, after reading one of your posts I have to jerk off.

profcoquin27bis 58M
4323 posts
10/22/2020 5:40 am

another good text !! thanks a lot

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