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Protected Silence...  

Jessygirl23 29F  
277 posts
10/24/2020 4:33 am
Protected Silence...

My mind was drifting from one thought another and I could hear men sitting either side of me talking but it was a little difficult clearly hear what they were saying above the sound of the music.

I wanted ask what they were talking about because from the odd bits I could hear it sounded like they were talking about my friend.

She was sitting opposite telling about the problems she was having with her partner. Her gaze kept sliding over my shoulder and after a while I became curious enough ask what was distracting her. There were four men sitting at a table behind me and they couldn't keep their eyes off my friend. I must admit she is a lot prettier than I am, so there was always this subtle rivalry between us.

After some time my girlfriend ended talking these guys leaving no choice but follow her and although I simply had no interest in any of them I still instinctively flirted. We were similar looking but her boobs were much bigger and she was so much more out going than what I am. She is a friend but we have never really been that close mainly because she is a deceitful bitch! Her partner is a really nice guy who does everything for her and she has always treated him like crap, which totally annoys !

These guys were over but I was behaving like a complete bitch because I just wasn't interested and didn't want encourage them but for some reason my friend loves hooking with older married men. They pestered me for the entire night and I did have a little fun teasing them although only light entertainment for me I think these guys thought I was a garanteed thing for them. My friend was supposed be patching things with her partner but from what I was seeing that was the furthest thing her mind. She was over this guy and that made really angry because I just couldn't stop thinking about poor Dave. I watched as she used her magical female ways to lure and use these guys.

Much later that night with my friend being who she is we all ended at her place so she could continue the night drinking and no doubt have a little fun with this guy she was keen on which left in the awkward position of having keep the other guys entertained and that's when the night became really interesting. I had no idea why she invited all four men but when they knew I was staying the night nothing was going stop them going back to her place.

I could have just left but I'm a loyal person and didn't want to abandon my friend. I ended downstairs with these guys while my girlfriend disappeared upstairs with her guy. She left standing in the kitchen having a very strained conversation with the of them. There wasn't even the slightest bit of physical attraction for with any of these guys but it was so obvious they were very keen with . I just snubbed them in the bitchiest way I could whilst counting down the minutes when my friend was ready kick them out. I was drunk and felt really tired and I was annoyed at my friend so I sat the couch, closed my eyes and just took a moment to rest.

I could hear my friend upstairs with her guy having sex and as ashamed as I am to admit to this, I was extremely jealous! I started to be a little nicer to these other men who were still lusting for my body. I started to take a little interest in talking to them and I started to use a little of my female magic to turn things around and encourage them. After being a complete nasty bitch to them night long it still didn't take much have them drooling for my pussy. They were so boring though, talking about this technology stuff and so much other crap I either just didn't care about or understand then finally I managed get them interested in the one thing I love and know about, SEX!

These guys may have looked like total married geeks with their bad dress sense, bad hair cuts and boring topics of conversation but they were seriously horny! Their eyes followed every jiggle my boobs made when I moved, they wouldn't stop staring at my body and the expressions on their faces were of unbridled lust. I wouldn't have been surprised if they were hard from just perving at ! I started tell them a little about myself just see how they would react, about some of the more tame things hubby and I have done together and they were like little kittens turning into massive big sexual monsters! We talked for probably around an hour or so while I drank an entire bottle of wine to myself and by the end of it I was seriously tipsy and just kept laughing at their lame attempts to seduce me.

I could still hear my friend upstairs with her guy and thought to myself why am I the one missing out? She should be the one talking to these guys and I should be upstairs fucking the hot looking guy she was with! I was sitting on my friends couch with one guy either side of me and the third guy sitting on the coffee table in front of me. I was now fairly drunk, giggly and very flirty and touchy with them, leaning over them just playing around and having a laugh. I just had a pair of jeans and a red open blouse but I think it may have been my scantily clad breasts beneath my blouse that made them do what they did next. I can't say I didn't intentionally tease them by letting my breasts become almost fully exposed as my blouse was pulled at by their wandering hands. I flirted and played drinking games with them and I could feel them constantly although "accidentally" brushing my breasts with their hands as I did flirt but I pretended not notice. Then slowly the accidental touching from them became a little more purposeful. I kind of resisted but for how drunk I now was really couldn't and I kept telling them I shouldn't be doing this but they insisted saying if my friend was then why shouldn't I have some fun too. I really did try to stop them sliding their hands through the opening of my blouse and fondle my breasts but once I felt their touch against my nipples I instantly sensed my pussy tingling. I truly felt weakened from their relentless onslaught then one of them started to kiss me and it felt like I just fell from a cliff! I was suddenly rendered powerless, their bodies pressing onto mine with their hands all over my breasts and now with my jeans undone, two of them slipped their hands down the front of my jeans firmly pressed against my pussy with fingers slipping over and against my super sensative saturated clit.

I kept softly saying no to them each time they did this and kept thinking to myself what am I doing? Why am I doing this with these guys? I don't even find them physically attractive! Has hubby turned me into the type of slut that will fuck anyone now, or have I been this way all along but never wanted to accept my true nature?

I felt confused, horny, guilty, slutty, angry and resentful all in the same instant but despite my thoughts and feelings the one thing that overpowered everything was my nature, my deep seeded need to please and as always the way I know how to please men is through sex! I shouldn't have mentioned some of the<b> weird </font></b>kinky things hubby likes with bondage and the way he loves to sexually torment me into total submission because already these guys were pinning me down! Emotionally my mind was so torn with what I was doing but my body and all my senses were so alive! Maybe I wanted them to know, maybe deep down I need to feel powerless to truly enjoy sex, or maybe I really am simply just a slut like everyone keeps telling me. I was writhing on the couch letting these men touch and fondle my entire body as much as they pleased. Feeling their hands all over every part of my body slowly stripping me of my clothes. I really did want to stop them but it was so hard to gain the will power to actually do it. I kept softly saying I didn't want to but they just kept ignoring me and continued doing what they were doing. I was slumped on the couch in this dreamy state wishing I wasn't doing this, wishing this was just a dream. Was I really on the couch, naked with my legs spread wide with one guy licking my pussy and the other two using my mouth as a fuck hole? I couldn't believe I was doing it again, already after having had sex with two other men for hubby only the night before. Had I become so complacent about sex I just didn't care anymore who I had sex with? I was flopping about as these guys were having sex with me in one position or another until one of them decided to use my blouse to tie my hands together behind my back and put me on my knees then bent me over. They took turns fucking me from behind which wasn't a very pleasant experience because they were so rushed about it, then after they had their fun they just left me there. I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch and woke up freezing because I was still naked.

Dave came home that morning from work and saw me on the couch still sleeping and a few days later I found out my so called friend blamed me for the cum filled protection Dave found in the bedroom, saying it was mine from the guys I insisted on bringing back to her place and had sex with in their bed! I felt so betrayed I never spoke to her again...

Leegs2012 49M
96134 posts
10/25/2020 10:24 am

Speak to Her again, No I don't blame you. Good for you!!

SingleItalianGy2 50M  
1205 posts
10/24/2020 4:46 am

What a useless cunt bitch she was.... I would have told her hubby that she was a total whore. And if he didn't believe you to have the condom

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