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Play Thing...  

Jessygirl23 29F  
276 posts
12/11/2020 12:56 am
Play Thing...

I don't know what it was all about but hubby very firmly told me to stay away from this guy before we went to this work function. He wouldn't tell me why and I didn't ask but I do know there was some kind of rivalry between them and if hubby knew I was half naked in this room and about to let this guy fuck me next then he would have been absolutely furious!

I think it may have been the excitement of the conquest that was the attraction for most of the men there that night, to feed their egos with the satisfaction of bragging that they had fucked the wife of one of their peers.

I had been caught out at a previous after work function months before giving this guy a blowjob. I was really<b> drunk </font></b>that night and he was so pushy and persistent and just wouldn't take no for an answer. Ever since then, at every after work drinks night, every out of work function and every social work gathering just about every male who attended would be trying to fuck me.

I had absolutely no idea I was always being talked about because I didn't realise the men hubby worked with all thought I was a slut. I didn't know someone had seen me give this guy a blowjob months before and the rumours had spread. These guys were sleazy and hubby had to rescue me many times from them but they were always sleazy in a really nice way, treating me like a queen, buying me drinks, being so polite and thoughtful and fooling me they were just being my friend.

As much as hubby and I tried to keep our sex life seperate from his work life it was almost impossible for hubby to do that after that indiscretion. I had been labeled and had men always trying to fuck me, so I did slip more than once and the evidence was starting to mount and the rumours became harder for hubby to deny. The rumours were true though, I had sex with a heap of men at the organisation hubby worked for but was foolish enough to believe no one would say anything because most were married but sadly rumours did spread of my sexual exploits making me the subject of scrutiny and sexual expectation.

Hubby did warn me about this one particular guy that night telling me he had heard he was going to set me up for something and told me not to do anything with anyone at this function. He was very accertive in delivering this message making certain I clearly understood what he wanted, so I promised and meant it, but alcohol always seems to have a way of undoing all my good intentions!

I was being very good for hubby and just mingling when this guy Mick started talking to me. I knew he was the one hubby warned me about but he seemed so nice. He kind of became my guide introducing me to a heap of people who I hadn't met before and they all seemed nice too. While mingling I couldn't hear what was being said most of the time so I didn't know I was being talked about. I would stand there behaving like a lady and pretending I knew what was going on but really I didn't have a clue and the more drinks I was given the less I cared about what was being said. I didn't realise so many men were in on it and this Mick guy had arranged the whole thing. I was the lamb being led to the slaughter, innocently following these men around not realising I was actually being unknowingly lured to their sex den.

I'm really not sure why I even followed them to the room. I thought they were just going to get something then go back to the function but when we arrived at the room they brought out some drinks and seemed to get quite settled. I really didn't give it any thought and just went along with what everyone else was doing.

I later found out Mick was the one spreading all the rumours too, he was the one staining my name, telling everyone of the men I had sex with and was trying to expose me by setting me up to prove I was a slut. He was obviously obsessed by me and wanted to do the things with me he had heard of other men doing but to me he seemed so nice and genuine and I just couldn't imagine why hubby disliked him so much.

I was sitting on the bed with my drink when one of Micks friends started saying they could all tag team me. At first I was strong in my refusals and also a little insulted so I just laughed it off and kept the party mood going then they started to vote who was in could stay and who didn't want to fuck me should leave. At first I thought they were joking because of the way they were saying it but they kept coming back to it and started to become quite seriously pushy about it. More of Micks friends turned up supposedly looking for hubby but it wasn't until the sixth and seventh guy showed up at the room I started to get a little suspicious and thought this couldn't just be a coincidence!

Mick and the other men started to get more direct and serious about wanting sex but I kept thinking to myself if things did happen I would be in huge trouble with hubby. I still felt I was in control and couldn't help flaunting myself because now the alcohol was starting to dictate my mood. I started to tease and tempt them because I simply love the attention and started to flirt a little more and play along with their game. I was sliding on the edge of saying yes to a gangbang but then kept pulling back to tease them, letting them touch my body but then stop them. I wanted to let them fuck me but was simply too scared of what jubby would do if I did. They put some music on and I started to dance with some of them expecting hubby to walk through the door at any time to rescue me as he has done before when I've been in these types of situations. I thought maybe it was another one of his tests because he has done that before and I was convinced deep down he really wanted me to be doing this with these guys. Micks friends kept pushing the idea of wanting sex with me and were getting very intimate in the way they danced with me but I didn't want to do anything until hubby arrived to be certain it was okay with him but he didn't turn up and wouldn't answer his phone either!

These guys were getting seriously pushy about the sex and started taking off their shirts and getting protection out, dimming lights and turned up the volume of the music. I was horny but panicky too and was so convinced hubby would walk through the door any second to rescue me but he still didn't arrive and I kept thinking I must not do anything until I have his permission but Mick and his friends kept saying "Are we going to do this?"

I sat there on the bed looking at these already half naked men expectantly staring back at me. I was drunk, the strap on my dress had snapped and my breast was mostly exposed. My pussy was drenched from all the subtle touching whilst dancing and I could feel my heart beating through my chest and as much as I tried to resist the temptation but it was beginning to become just too much for me with everyone's hands persistently all over me!!

Mick was sitting next to me and the rest standing or sitting around me trying to convince me to have sex with them. The pressure was so immense and it was so much harder to say no than it would have been to just let things happen and tell hubby it was an accidental thing but I was so scared of what hubby would do if I did.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed looking down my body with these hands all over me groping at my body. Some guy kneeling on the floor before me with others sitting or standing around. I was leaning back on my extended arms, my ass poised on the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide and my dress pushed up to my hips. Fingers inside my dripping pussy, squeezing my nipples and massaging my breasts in this frenzied group groping making me enjoy every second of it and wanting more!

I knew I had to go and I tried to stand up to leave but they reached out and grabbed at my body. I stopped momentarily thinking to myself what should I do? It felt like I had been suspended in a moment of time and I continued to allow them to touch my body. I sat down on the edge of the bed again feeling so exhausted from the pressure of them wanting to have sex and I felt I couldn't say no any longer!

I felt weaker and weaker as I started to fully succumb to the inevitability of having to let all these men fuck me before I was allowed to leave. Some more men entered the room and I thought to myself if these guys really respected me then they wouldn't be so pushy but they were and I really did feel worthless. I was nothing more than a cheap slut to them, some they all knew would be an easy target for them to fuck but it felt so incredibly erotic feeling the prolonged painful stiffness of my nipples being tightly squeezed and the many fingers from so many different men inside my pussy all at once was just impossible not to enjoy turning me into the slut they all came here fuck.

One guy started to kiss me and it made me melt away. My hard resistant mood softening quickly and I started to thrive on feeling their hands upon my body. I did try to leave several more times and almost made it to the door but these guys were incredibly convincing.

The gentle way they took control of me and the sensual touch of massaging my pussy through my dress was simply hypnotic. I wanted to run but couldn't, I wanted to tell them to stop but was powerless to do so and most of all I wanted to respect Hubbys wishes but was too weak. I was surrounded by these men all lusting my body, giving me what I desired, drawing me deeper into my hypnotic sexual state to the point where even I stopped believing my own murmurs of verbal resistance. I stood in the centre of these men, softly begging for them to stop, softly pleading for them to allow me to leave but was ignored by all of them because there were too many of them. I started giving more of my body to them, I couldn't hide it any longer and openly displayed how much I was enjoying being sexually mauled by these men, then only moments later they completely took my resolve to resist!

One minute I was dancing and laughing with them then it seemed the next I was surrounded by them being fondled and kissed and now I was about to be fucked by everyone of them. It wasn't my fault because they should've let me leave when I wanted too but instead they deviously tempted my weakness. I was taken to the bed and I kissed several of the men as they slowly stripped me off my dress.

I sat on the edge of the bed kissing this guy with others fondling my breasts as they slowly peeled the top half of my dress down, slowly pulling it down over my breasts until it revealed my firm erect nipples, then the entire top half of my naked body. I turned and started kissing the guy on the other side of me and while doing this I could feel hands sliding up under my dress along my inner thighs toward my pussy but I kept pushing them away and stopping them from touching my pussy.

I knew if I let them do that then it would be too much for me and they would all get what they wanted. I was left with my thoughts of wishing I wasn't so weak, feeling them haunt me as I thought about hubby and how disappointed he would be with me if I didn't stop this going any further.

More men walked into the room which broke the moment and I became really angry at everyone going into this full on tantrum screaming and yelling telling them what bastards they were and how dare they just assume I was an easy gangfuck! I started to put myself together again and do up my dress in the ensuite trying to make myself look presentable to return to the function when Mick came up to me and apologised desperately trying to smooth things over and convince me to stay. He really did have a very persuasive manner about him and after a while, a few more drinks and some serious begging they convinced me not to leave and once I had calmed down again my mind started to sway.

I was in a room full of half naked horny men and although I knew it wasn't a good idea being there I couldn't ignore that tingling feeling between my legs either! The alcohol induced sexual urge I always have and the feeling was starting to become overpowering. I really shouldn't have stayed those extra few minutes to have those final few drinks to calm down because I think it was those that pushed me beyond having any resemblance of control over my intensly focused mind for sex. I was sitting on the edge of the bed again with my drink when Mick started talking to me, asking me if I wanted him to take me back to the function. I remember sitting their just not knowing what to do and waiting for him to make the decision for me. I didn't move and I didn't answer because I didn't really want to leave. Then some guy sat next to me and held me, kissing me in such a passionate way it gave me no choice but to stay.

My dress was completely peeled from my body, my wrists firmly held behind my back and I was gently placed face down upon the mattress. I could feel many fingers sliding over and into my pussy again and I couldn't stop myself from spreading my legs. I knew I shouldn't be doing this but I wanted too, I knew hubby would be absolutely furious but it didn't matter to me now. All I wanted was to feel the pleasures of sex. Someone held me down by the throat and I didn't resist because I wanted this to happen, I needed to have sex and I didn't care who with or how many. Hubby wasn't even a thought in my mind anymore, I could sense the excitement of the men in the room and I could see even more coming in through the door. I purred like the slut they expected me to be responding so profoundly to everyone's touch and hearing so many comments of satisfaction made me want to give myself even more! My pussy was sloshing from the many fingers inside me and I raised my ass high in the air begging for someone to fuck me. I couldn't stand not feeling the pleasure of someone's cock deep inside me anymore and started to move my ass around high in the air pleading to be fucked. I felt several hard slaps across my ass then suddenly one guy grabbed me from behind by the back of my neck and angrily said into my ear "You want to be fucked do you SLUT!!?" I almost instantly climaxed when he did this and a shiver rippled through my entire body. Then I felt someone behind holding me by my hips with his hard cock pushing its way inside my pussy. I could feel the warmth of his wet cock pressing hard against my slippery slit to find its way. I gasped as he plunged himself deep inside and I squealed from him yanking at my hair and pulling my head back while he slammed himself inside my sloshy pussy. He fucked me hard swapping with many others as they took turns filling my pussy with their hard cocks violently stabbing at my body.

An hour seemed like a minute as I was shared with all the men in the room. Having sex with each one of them again and again in so many different ways and being used like a fuck toy.

I was fist fucked and made to give anal sex. I screamed, begged and even pleaded for them to sometimes stop but was met with indifference then punished with even more harder rougher sex. My pleas a source of entertainment for many in the room with many of them telling me I wouldn't be getting this if I wasn't such a cock teasing slut! Many of the men in the room had tried to have sex with me before but I had been a complete bitch to them so they were now taking full advantage of my vulnerability having sex with me in the most brutal and aggressive way. They were behaving like complete animals, absolute bastards, giving themselves pleasure at my discomfort. I was used as an experimental sex doll, slapped, verbally abused and repeatedly told I was nothing more than a slut! I had my throat deeply gangfucked by many making me gag, choke and vomit, held down and had my face covered in cum.

They all knew I was hubbys wife and they also all knew that when I drink I am weak and will let men do anything with me. I really didn't mean for these things to happen, I really didn't mean to make things so difficult for hubby at his work. They just happened and that night things just really spiralled out of control but I think the men who fucked me knew exactly what they were doing. They knew they could treat me the way they planned and knew I wouldn't say anything.

These men kept me in that room for hours making me do things with them I would not be very proud to share but in the strangest of ways and just like other times I left the room with a deep sense of satisfaction. A sense of feeling complete and fulfilled but also with a mixed sense of deep bitterness I had also been deviously used and had allowed those men to treat me like a ! Deep down I knew what they were doing was wrong but I let them do it anyway because for me there is always an excuse, but sadly that one night did completely destroy my reputation.

After that night it was almost expected I would have sex with anyone at these work functions and I usually did just to satisfy those men. Hubby would always pretend he didn't realise I had disappeared for hours at a time and pretend not to hear the comments men made to each other about me near him. I did feel for hubby being humiliated the way he was but really the joke was on the men he worked with because little did they know that I told hubby everything about what these men did with me and we would have some incredibly amazing sex together afterward...

Leegs2012 49M
96134 posts
12/11/2020 10:10 am

A very HOT read!! You are wonderful!!

sintrac 51M
15 posts
12/11/2020 3:26 am

Great story and well written.

Jessygirl23 29F  
19 posts
12/11/2020 1:00 am

Hi everyone, sorry but I had to resubmit this post because of some sensory issues but it's back now for you to enjoy

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