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Oblivious to Lust  

Jessygirl23 29F  
276 posts
12/26/2020 4:46 pm
Oblivious to Lust

I just knew Jay was going fondle my pussy while we were watching hubby play on the virtual reality game because he had been wanting fuck me from the second I arrived.

Hubby and myself had been invited Jay's place for a barbeque, a few drinks and play on the virtual reality game he had at his place. He shared this place with Ben and Robby and the house was filthy. These guys didn't work and just drank and mixed things all day which made me wonder how they could afford spend thousands of dollars on a game set up but I didnt ask so not insult them. I wasn't one bit interested in wanting be there but the game did sound like a lot of fun and something that could be worth the trip.

These guys weren't anything look at or be impressed about, just your average society losers. Ben was a short tubby guy with an unkept beard, Jay was a thin tall man with very spooky looking eyes and Robby which was a nickname was much older than me and a little on the<b> weird </font></b>side but together they were an entertaining bunch who did enjoy their simple existence. I purposely sat between Ben and Jay at the table when we sat down to eat because Robby was hyped up on something so hubby sat next to him opposite me.

These guys were more hubbys friends than mine and I had only met them once before about twelve months earlier at a party but hubby wanted me to come along to have a go at the game Jay had been raving on about for so long so I wasn't one bit interested in doing anything tonight except have a few drinks, have a turn on the game to keep hubby happy then leave. I dressed really casual in my old and very worn short length black dress. It was just a super casual well worn low cut cotton dress but both Robby and Jay thought I looked like a goddess in it and I didn't even have any make up on so I don't know why. Hubby never lets me wear any panties or a bra when I'm out with him so maybe my escaping boobs, flashes of nipple and half bare ass was the attraction.

The whole time I sat between Ben and Jay at the table all they kept talking about was the game. They had a very limited scope of conversational topics and all they kept looking at were my boobs and pussy. Robby was talking non stop with hubby about who knows what and the whole time I was sitting there I was wishing we would leave because of how annoying it was that these two were so boring.

I didn't feel uncomfortable but I definitely needed to drink a lot! I started to drink everything that was put in front of me after hubby had gone into the room where the game was set up and was playing with Robby leaving me abandoned with Jay and Ben at the table. There was just no attraction at all for me, no spark or anything with these two and even with all the drinks I had I still wasn't at all receptive. I moved to the room where hubby was playing and sat on the couch to watch on the screen set up they had and was followed by both Ben and Jay who squeezed in either side of me still obviously trying to impress me with their knowledge of cyberspace intricacies. This wasn't anything I haven't experienced before with men so obviously wanting sex but just incapable of making it happen plus I just wasn't in the mood to play.

Jay was leaning over me and kept asking me dumb questions with his hand lightly placed on my thigh and Ben kept trying to accidentally touch my breasts. The sheer desperation of these guys did make me feel a little horny, a little in control for a change and it was so cute that they wanted my permission to play which felt so strange to me so after a while I couldn't resist and did tease just a little. I slumped down on the couch letting my dress ride up my legs almost showing my pussy and let my legs open up more than enough to look like I was inviting them to play with my pussy. They were so nervous and every time they placed their hands on my thighs while we talked I would close my legs together but not say anything. I did this a heap of times and let them get a little further every time.

I eventually let them fondle my pussy more to shut them up because they were getting really annoying so when I slumped on the couch between and let my legs fall right apart while watching hubby play the game I think they took that as a silently given permission.

My buttons were undone or missing on the dress so they could see most of my boobs, I had my eyes closed and was actually starting to dose off whilst slumped down on the couch listening to their non stop dribble. I felt their fingers tentatively sliding up the inside of my thighs like they were expecting me to slam my legs closed again but I didn't. I was fully aware of what they were doing and this time just let them.

Robby was still helping hubby making sure he didn't hurt himself as he stumbled about and I was slumping on the couch feeling a little comatosed with both Ben and Jay leaning over me very lightly fondling my pussy from either side. I could sense Robby looking at me in shock then looking at hubby and just not knowing what to do but did nothing. At first I let them do it to stop them pestering me but then it actually started feeling really good and I was getting really turned on by them.

Hubby was standing in the middle of the room punching air with his head phones and virtual goggles on totally absorbed in his virtual game and I was sitting on the couch several meters away being felt up like a slut by Jay and Ben. It was like these two had never seen a woman's pussy before and were amazed how wet and responsive I was, repeatedly commenting how gorgeous my pussy looked and how sweetly strong my dripping scent was over their fingers. I couldn't stop myself moving my hips against their eagerly deepening fingers inside my super reactive flowing pussy. It was so hot letting them do this right in front of hubby and he didn't have a clue! He was so absorbed in his game to him the rest of the world didn't exist. I sat slumped down on the couch, my legs spread, my dress pushed up to my hips, my pussy hanging over the edge of the couch with two very excited guys fondling my pussy. Then Robby came over, knelt on the floor and started to lick my pussy too. I was in slut heaven having my pussy licked and finger fucked by three very appreciative guys who thought I was some kind of beauty queen goddess which was a lovely change from being used by total animals.

These guys couldn't get enough of my pussy and Robby kept hubby on different games with us stopping what we were doing whenever hubby took a break then as soon as he started playing another game all three of them would be all over me again. Hubby probably wouldn't have cared but I don't think they wanted to take the chance of him telling them they couldn't play with me. Having a reputation of being a slut amongst certain groups of hubbys friends does sometimes have it advantages and this was one of those times. It was a little sneaky of them and a little wrong for me but it just felt so nice being with guys who appreciated my body so much and actually cared how the sex felt for me too. I was almost falling in love with these guys as they caringly fucked me on the couch, lovingly fondled my body and made me climax a number of times all with hubby totally oblivious to what was happening right behind and quite often right in front of him.

This went on for hours and every time hubby was on the game I would be having sex with these guys and as soon as he stopped we would too but I did almost get caught out a few times because I became too involved in the sex. It was hilarious that hubby didn't have a clue what was going on but the sex turned out to be absolutely amazing and was too good to have hubby stop it.

These guys loved my body and appreciated my willingness to let them have me which made me feel so wanted and desired rather than just used like meat. Even when we were leaving hubby still had no idea what I had been doing all night and it wasn't until the next day I told him and he was genuinely shocked but loved I was a naughty .

We kept getting invited back play with more of their friends there and yes I was always the willing slut for them although I did feel so much better with hubby knowing although he pretended not too because he loved playing that game so much.

Leegs2012 49M
96134 posts
12/27/2020 9:29 am

I love the way you dress to tease!! Nice!!

RobK2006 55M
5998 posts
12/27/2020 2:42 am

I love the thought of you in that short dress, almost flashing your pussy with your legs spread. I would love to feel your boobs through that cotton material.

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