Hubbys long wait...  

Jessygirl23 29F  
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4/25/2021 11:43 pm
Hubbys long wait...

We were at at a friend's place help celebrate their anniversary and there was the usual crowd of hubbys friends doing what they always do at these events with their partners close by watching them because I was there too. Sadly, with this crowd I have developed quite a bad reputation for being promiscuous with the men but every time something has happened it hasn't been my fault because it was them who have always taken advantage of my sexually promiscuous nature. Half the guys there always cheat on their partners and I know half the partners have cheated on them because I have been there when it has happened and they are always arguing in this endless circle of dysfunctuality abusing each other about it and accusing me of being the culprit which in most cases has been true but not every time!

Despite hubby asking me not too I did get quite<b> drunk </font></b>that night but again that wasn't my fault because he knows what I'm l├Čke when I mix things and if he was so worried about what I might do then he probably shouldn't have become so incredibly intoxicated himself. We had kind of become seperated half way through the night and because hardly any of the women there would talk to me because of an earlier disagreement I spent most of my time talking to this group of guys who I had gravitated toward because they were pretty much the only people in this crowd who would have anything to do with me. I couldn't go home because hubby wouldn't let me and I really didn't want to be there because I wasn't having that much fun so I decided to get serously<b> drunk </font></b>and in a way I think I only did that because I was kind of swept into this mode of thinking that I had just had enough of all the bullshit!

I ended up spending most of my time outside with these guys just drinking and talking or more like bitching about everything and although they all seemed to be very empathetic which was very comforting I couldn't stop thinking the real reason why they were probably there listening to me whining was because like most of the pigs in this crowd all they really wanted to do was fuck my pussy. I was determined not to do anything with anyone so no one could accuse me of any wrong doing but like most things in my life and with the exception of hubby when it comes to men despite all my good intentions not everything seems to go to plan. I didn't realise it at the time but looking back they were definitely slowly drawing me away from the main crowd. I was unaware of this at the time and what was nothing more than harmless flirting for me was obviously a message for them that I was wanting sex.

I ended up in the gazebo tucked away in the corner of the yard sitting there by myself feeling very sad as I thought about different men I had fucked and the appalling way I was treated by them and their friends afterwards. As much as I always enjoy the sex because lets face it I really do enjoy having sex it has always been hard for me to accept the label of being commonly known as a slut because not every one understands the type of relationship hubby and I have together and these guys, the ones that had been following me all night were definitely part of that circle. I didn't trust them and the little voice inside my head was screaming out loudly to runaway but instead when they slowly migrated toward me and started to gather in numbers around me at the gazebo the attention I was receiving from them was exactly what I needed to cheer myself up. They were continuing to be very understanding, friendly and supportive giving me one compliment after another and responding so positively to my naturally flirtatious mannerisms that I was very quickly back to my usual positive self.

These guys were in their early thirties, very fit looking and only knew me by my reputation. They kept asking me all these different questions about the things they had heard about me and some of them I would admit to but then there were plenty that I simply had to vigorously deny! The conversation kept typically revolving around my sex life and I started to really trust these guys and started to slowly open up to them about my past which most of the time left them in complete shock and the more I opened up to them the more interested they became in wanting to have sex. I sometimes wish I wasn't so sexually desirable to almost every I meet because as usual, it was only a matter of time before they were all trying fuck .

I was still in the gazebo area with these guys when hubby came up looking for me because he thought I had left and sat down with us. He was so<b> drunk </font></b>I don't think he could even see properly talking about absolute nonsense that not one of us could grapple then he kept telling me show my breasts everyone. At first I wasn't sure if he was serious or not but he kept persisting. I was wearing this very sexy backless blue halter neck top that cupped my breasts perfectly showing this very eye catching plunging neckline that squeezed my boobs together creating a sexually alluring cleaverage that was very hard not to notice. With that I had these very thin partially transparent white cotton pants with high heels that esentuated the shape of my body and hubby said created this sensuous and very fuckable ass. His persistence was in direct contrast to what he was telling earlier so I just kept smiling at all these expectant eyes looking at . The guys were all agreeing with hubby telling show them my breasts and I couldn't stop myself from giggling then they started to chant it and making a racquet and drawing too much attention so I slowly slid my fingers under the inside of my top. I was loving this because they were all getting so excited watching do this as I seductively started very slowly pull my top away to the side showing more and more of my breasts until I was right down to my nipples which were just about to pop out then I would quickly cover myself again. This was getting excited teasing these guys like that and I was even more excited because hubby was right there watching do it getting excited himself!

I went and sat next hubby and he put his arm around my shoulder with his hand nestled upon my breast slowly moving his fingers over my nipple and arousing every sensory in my body. He knows what gets going and touching my nipples is a guaranteed way of making my pussy juices flowing. I was snuggled into hubby enjoying what he was doing and looking around at the other guys all intently watching his hand moving slowly over my breast and ever so delicately and intentionally expose my nipple by pulling the material of my top away with his fingers. The conversation between everyone started to slow to almost nothing as hubby purposely exposed my entire boob and he just casually kept talking about some random thing then out of nowhere he asked the guy sitting near to me on the other side if he wanted to suck on my other nipple. He didn't answer because I think he may have been in shock but then a moment later he slid along the circular bench seat we were all sitting on until he was right next to me. I looked around and giggled a little looking at everyone's stunned expression as they had gone completely silent with this shocked wide eyed open jaw loo

This guy next put his hand on my other breast and kept looking at hubby as if he was expecting him suddenly get really upset at what he was doing and try hit him but as expected hubby did absolutely nothing and instead asked this guy if he thought I had nice boobs. This guy just grunted as he concentrated on uncovering my other boob and looking down at both my boobs being fondled by different men was making me feel incredibly horny! The rest of the guys were looking at what was going on in a state of absolute disbelief and when I started really respond in this sensually passionate way at having my nipples flicked, sucked and twisted I don't think they actually knew what do! Hubby was directing these guys telling them what he wanted them do with as he sat opposite watching these total strangers fondle his wifes half exposed body. My pants were soon undone and I had eager hands and fingers sliding down over my pussy then they were prompty removed when still hubby continued to sit there watching and doing nothing to stop any of this happening. Some of the guys made quite a few comments about what they were doing and even telling hubby they couldn't believe he was letting them do this with me. I had my legs spread and enjoyed the feeling of having so many fingers stretching my pussy and each time I looked up at hubby and told him I loved him he would just smile back at me. Once the first guy took his cock out of his trousers the rest were very quick to follow and in minutes I had a wall of cocks in my face all wanting to be sucked. I instinctively started to give all these guys a blowjob altogether and moments after that one of them was fucking me.

I was balancing on my ass over the edge of this skinny hard wooden bench seat with my legs pushed high in the air and looking down at some guys cock being thrust in and out of my pussy at this record breaking speed. I had a cock in each hand with guys circulating to get their cocks sucked and the whole time hubby was right there watching me behave like a complete with every guy there. I looked up and saw hubby playing with his half hard cock as he watched me having sex with these guys right infront of him and enjoying every dirty second of my dirty sex with these random men most of whom I didn't even know their names. I straddled some, others fucked me from behind but most I swallowed their abundance of cum.

Tucked away in this private little setting with probably only the neighbors being able to hear us fuck I enjoyed having sex with these men in front of hubby but no matter how much he tried he just couldn't cum despite watching me have sex with six other guys. My pussy flooding with their cum, my face and tits covered in it and with the taste in my mouth I sat there on the edge of the bench seat opposite hubby with my legs spread displaying the cum slowly dripping out of my pussy from the last guys who emptied themselves inside . I could feel it trickling down my ass and as a joke I asked hubby come over and lick my pussy.

He must have been really<b> drunk </font></b>because everyone's shocked horror including my own he crawled over and started clean up my cum filled sloppy pussy! I couldn't believe he was actually doing it after refusing for so long and it looked liked he was really enjoying it too! I was looking down at him and holding his head against my pussy with my legs raised watching the cum oozing out of my pussy all over his face. I could hear him slurping on my pussy and I couldn't stop myself from twitching because of how sensative it felt with his bristles rubbing against my super sensative tingling flesh but I wasn't going to make him stop! The guys who had all just finished fucking were absolutely disgusted and couldn't stop laughing but I was loving it that hubby was willing to do something for me even though he was so<b> drunk </font></b>I don't think he even knew what he was doing.

I still haven't told him what he did and he hasn't said anything either so I'm not sure if he just doesn't remember doing that or he is just pretending he can't remember doing that because he's too embarrassed to admit that he really enjoyed it!

I can't wait until he gets really horny and<b> drunk </font></b>again...

RobK2006 55M
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5/23/2021 8:54 pm

I want to fuck you so bad. I get so horny and hard when I read your posts. No in

justme51 71M

4/30/2021 7:53 pm

Awesome blog hon

Jessygirl23 29F  
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4/27/2021 4:33 pm

Thank you for your honest thoughts and comments as I find them to be very flattering

pizzamaker66 56M  
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4/27/2021 1:51 pm

Wish my ex wife was like you , love the way you told the story. As i was reading your story i was getting really horny as i was reading it i decide to wank over your story . Wish i would have a girlfriend like you or meet her one day

Leegs2012 49M
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4/26/2021 10:10 am

You and Hubby are so cool! I love the way you both enjoy each other. Awesome!!

Rotty68 54M  
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4/26/2021 6:32 am

I Was Very Impressed After Reading Your Story Jessy !!! I Couldn't Stop Reading Until I Made It To The End With My Hands Slowly Stroking My Hard Cock As I Was Imagining Bits & Pieces Of Your Sexy Story & Feeling Real Good Wanting 2 Read More !!! Hope 2 See Some More Sexy , Naughty Stories !!!! Well Done !!! Thanks 4 Doing & Sharing It With Us All !!!!

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