Emily's Touch...  

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4/2/2021 2:49 pm
Emily's Touch...

Emily and myself had been out all afternoon catching up with friends and drinking and ended up at a bar with hubby and two of his work friends that evening.

The drinking continued and hubby, myself, his two friends and Emily were just having a really great fun night together with a lot of laughs and just enjoying each other's company. I was super<b> drunk </font></b>and as always was flirting with almost every male at the bar and Emily! We had been intimate before on many occasions together but mainly with Tyrone and his friends but tonight it felt a little different between us. Hubby was more interested in drinking with his friends than spending time with me but he knows what I'm like and normally just lets me roam freely whenever we're out together then if I haven't hooked up with some guy collects me at the end of the night to take me home.

Hubbys friends were quite cute looking and very young, probably only around nineteen or twenty and they both still had that sweet innocent look on their faces and still totally respected women. My attention drifted from one male to another at the bar until I finally did a full circle back to hubbys work friends. Hubby has always told me his work friends are strictly off limits but these two looked so sweet and corruptible and both Emily and myself were having so much fun teasing them with our bodies. We couldn't stop laughing at how nervous they both seemed when we flirted with them and whenever we did hubby would just glare at me. Later that night myself, Emily and hubby ended up at a party of his two work friends and the men were all very young, very hot looking and totally off limits because most of these guys were hubbys work friends but they were all so very cute! The entire time we were there hubby kept warning me to behave myself and stop behaving like such a slut! To me I was just being myself and it was obvious so many of these guys wanted to have sex with both me and Emily and it was only because I was behaving myself that they weren't all already the both of us in some room somewhere.

I was just wearing this casual waist flared mid length dress which for me was very boring and tame and Emily wearing something similar so it wasn't my fault all these guys were trying to get us into one of the rooms for sex. They were all way hornier than the usual male but I think it was my free spirited behaviour that was the real attraction and also maybe because Emily and I were being so physical with each other declaring we had been together many times before. There were five or six guys all really pressuring me and Emily for sex and desperately trying to convince us to go with them into one of the bedrooms and slowly as we talked together, drank and flirted the suggestion grew and became the main topic and in my mind, deep down, I desperately wanted too but kept reluctantly refusing. I knew Emily would be into it because she was practically these guys already in the hallway leading to the bedrooms where we had been for quite a while saying no, no, no but only because the thought of being punished hubby if I did kept playing in my mind and hubby and I were still in an unsettled space together because of other things I had done. We were right next to the bedroom door, Emily, myself and these now seven guys who had all been wanting to fuck us the whole night. They swore they didn't work with hubby and claimed they were just friends of the host and they seemed so trustworthy and genuine in there claim so I started to believe them.

These guys were so horny they were almost jerking off right in front of us as the fun flirting between us had become more like serious convincing. They had me and Emily right outside the door of this bedroom wanting to take us in with promises they only wanted get away from the loud music to talk but I knew exactly what would happen if I went in there! The sexual energy between us was incredibly intense because I was as horny as hell and practically dripping because I wanted sex so much and Emily being the slut she is was all for it! These guys looked innocent but still very hands on especially with Emily and kept sliding their hands all over our bodies when we talked and kept kissing the both of us and fondling my pussy through the material of my dress when they did making it impossible for me to stop them because it felt so incredibly good. They then had both me and Emily up against the wall with hands all over us and I just stood there and let them. I didn't want them to stop and stood with my back against the wall and had my legs spread with hands now under my dress touching my pussy while I was being kissed. I couldn't stop smiling and immensely enjoyed every second because I felt safe where we were not to be seen. I started to let go and let them put their hands down my top to fondle my breasts and had fingers inside my pussy. I simply started to melt away and my pussy had become so saturated my scent was all over their fingers. They did this for a long time with the both of us and the whole time I could feel the hardness of all their cocks pressed against my body. I was definitely and wontingly behaving like a complete slut now and just letting them do what they wanted simply because I didn't want them to stop.

I was already convinced to go in and with Emily wanting to go in too I felt I really didn't have a choice. I told these guys I didn't want to do anything and they promised but the second the door closed Emily was already kissing one of them and letting another two feel her pussy. One guy came up to me and started kissing me too and I could instantly feel my resolve to try to be good almost instantly vanish. I kissed him back then fell onto the bed between two other guys and started kissing one of them then the other. Their hands instantly found there way up my dress again and together they started to finger fuck my pussy. It felt so good being a slut with these two hot looking guys with their hard perfect bodies pressed against mine, passionately kissing and feeling them explore my entire body with their finger tips. This wasn't just , these guys were almost making love to me in the most soft caring way I haven't experienced for a long time. Emily was at the end of the bed sitting on the edge giving two of the guys a blowjob with the other three standing there watching in a state of shocked disbelief. With my dress swiftly removed I found myself on my back with one guy between my legs licking my pussy with others fondling my breasts and engulfing my nipples in their mouths. The sex felt amazing because these guys were being so considerate and gentle like they cared for me which is something I'm just not used to anymore. It felt like I was dreaming with my eyes open feeling the warmth of their hard muscular bodies ontop of mine. I soley concentrated on them kissing me as each one took their turn. They were now taking turns to have sex with both Emily and myself together because Emily had come to me to enjoy my body too. She will have sex with men but definitely enjoys women and that night she was definitely enjoying my body to its fullest with the men in the room enjoying both our bodies together.

I was lying ontop of Emily kissing her soft lips. I could feel my breasts drapped over hers, the softness of her skin tickling the sensativity of my nipples as they moved over her warm supple skin. The cum over our breasts helping them slide effortlessly over each other in this tantalising erotic sensation and with her hand also placed between my legs with her fingers upon my clitoris gently flickering from one side to the other made the whole thing feel like heaven. I could feel the hardness of the cock inside my pussy ready to explode as its long length and large girth was slowly pushing deeper inside me from behind. My legs started to shake as the tempo of the sex increased, the heavy breathing of the male on top in my ear, his sweaty body sliding over mine and feeling his cock sliding in and out of my pussy with the touch of Emily's fingers guiding it was almost to much for me. Her hand deliberately being rubbed against my clitoris while I was being gently fucked from behind felt amazing! I was sandwiched between their bodies, feeling the gentle smooth calm of Emily beneath me with the frantic strained uncontrolled thrusting of the guy on top, his body stiff and contorted as he desperately tried not to cum but with my thrusting hips involuntarily pushing back against his deep thrusts in fits of uncontrolled sexual spasms I think it was just too much for him. I felt his whole body stiffen, then violently shake as he yelled in my ear with this deafening howl of "Fuck yeah!" then I felt him thrust his cock deeply into my pussy and held his hips pressed hard against my ass and I knew at that moment he was filling my pussy with his hot lustful cum. I slipped my hand down between our bodies and felt his cock still pulsating inside me and gripped the girth of his cock so as he pulled out I drew every drop of his cum from his cock to rub over my sloshy wet pussy.

I knelt up spread leg over Emily's body and pulled myself up along her body with my arms sliding my cum dripping pussy over the length of her body leaving a trail of warm cum from her pussy to her face. I straddled her face as she pulled me into position pulling on my nipples with her fingers squeezing them tightly. Another guy behind me straddled in front of Emily's pussy with his cock in his hand guiding it inside her, her legs spread wide with a few of the others standing on the bed around us jerking off to cum over the both of us with me looking into Emily's eyes expressing emotional passion and I positioned my pussy over her mouth and watched her lick and swallow the cum dripping from my overflowing pussy. I was then distracted one of the guys jerking off as he started to spray cum all over my face and breasts with some of it splattering over Emily's face too then moments later a second and third guy did the same.

The mood of deep sexual bliss between us was broken when the door of the room swung open and a rowdy crowd of<b> drunk </font></b>stormed in totally ruining the magical momentum of the sex and in an instant bright lights were turned on with a heap of uninvited males yelling and screaming out as they kept pouring into the room. Both Emily and myself quickly grabbed our clothes and hid in the ensuite behind the locked door denying anything had happened!!!

These guys were behaving so immaturely with the way they were carrying on banging on the door and trying to break through. In a massive panick Emily and I hurriedly put our dresses back on and fixed ourselves up and the whole time completely denying anything happened and we stayed in there until hubby came to get us. We said Emily wasn't feeling well and that's why we were in there and swore we weren't doing anything. I walked out with Emily feeling a little scared of hubby because by the smirks on the guys faces and the guilt he must have seen in our eyes hubby would have known something was going on but what I was most afraid of was the unopened protection that no one had yet noticed still sitting on the side drawers.

Hubby interrogated me for weeks about that night and despite the mounting evidence, rumours and collective stories from the boys who had sex with us that night Emily and I still feverishly anything happened in that room until I felt it was safe to tell hubby the truth.

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Ok wow

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absolutely amazing

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Lovely story (:

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That's so nice!! Sweet scent on fingers!! I adore you!!

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