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Welcome to the exciting new game show "Catfisher, or Broke!"  

JengaX2 52M/51F
1 posts
11/24/2020 7:47 pm
Welcome to the exciting new game show "Catfisher, or Broke!"

Hello, lovely readers in Senior Sizzle-land, Mr Jenga here;

I have come the realization that my being limited in funds has caused me pursue actions that mimic the behavior of a catfisher (yes, I recently read the "little guide" what catfishing is and I have slapped my head and exclaimed "oooops! no wonder!)"
Those actions have included (on other websites) trying divert conversations someplace that doesn't charge an arm and a leg converse with someone in the messaging service. I know that 75 cents per message doesn't sound steep at first, but when one is on a significant budget and can only afford 35 bucks a week for messaging privileges, I kinda would like gain ground in a conversation before I use up my 25 message allotment. It's even more difficult when one wants be a gentleman and reply all interested parties who message me. So, naturally I try come up with better ways expand conversations rather than beat my head on a wall made up of 35 dollar deposits. And, unfortunately, I make myself out look like a catfisher. While it was never my intention, I am deeply sorry that that has been the result of my good intentions.
This may be a great time invent a game called "Catfisher, or Broke!" where contestants try divine whether a person online is sincere or a scam artist.
Granted, we are saving up purchase a Gold Membership (and we will), but Holiday planning, birthdays and bills will be delaying that atm. But we are sincere and we are really decent people (or at least try be).

Now on another topic from the files of "Captain Obvious" . There are a *lot* of men on this site! Lonely men, horny men, somewhat desperate men and downright degenerate men. And * almost every one of them has a penis, but no face.*. That alone sounds like a D-list (no pun intended) science-fiction movie waiting to be made, "Attack of the Unknown Penis!"
Ladies, I imagine your inbox looks like a hotdog hurricane every time you log on here - pelted incessantly by itinerant weiners. Sure, some of that is necessary for the discerning shopper, possibly even mandatory. But unsolicited is still rude, I would imagine. Hence, there will be none of that coming from me at least. I've got one, it works, I stand by its abilities, I don't need to show it in advance, because I like some mystery. Therefore, I will be confoundingly polite. Also, by all means, if I trespass, correct me - it's the only way I can hope to learn and correct myself.

I do find that the Gold Membership here is much more generous than other websites which seem to want only to nickel and dime people to death. I will be very happy when I can communicate freely without worrying about running out the clock just as conversations start getting good.

Let me tell you what I am like as a person so that one may understand me better. I am not a competitive person, I am more of what one could call a cooperator. I am rather polite and considerate and I tend to keep to myself, even at home. It's just who I am, which sounds like a borderline sociopath - no, I just like floating along doing my own thing. That doesn't mean, however, that I am a doormat - I can be pretty bitchy too (just ask Mrs Jenga!). I'm kind of a reserved nerd. When I say "hello" to people here and they don't say "hello" back, I feel like I may have creeped them out, when in reality I am nothing more than another hotdog in a storm to them. I get that. I don't feel that I am entitled to a response (which is a predominantly trait *everywhere*). Being unintentionally aloof causes be misunderstood - not that I really care, but when I do crave interpersonal communication, I really and sincerely crave the interaction. I am a<b> weird </font></b>bundle of contradictions, like everyone else on this crazy planet. But I am sincere, at least.

I am pretty new at this game and need lessons, obviously. But I in no way intend to present myself as a catfisher, and I feel very badly that I may just have done that on an industrial level. I will do better in the future.

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