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Vacation Night #2 Part 3 (Evening)  

JPW102862 59M
2 posts
6/4/2021 2:46 pm
Vacation Night #2 Part 3 (Evening)

Once the ladies got inside, they stripped off their clothing and made a bee line to the bed. I saw my wife crawl on first while Shannon crawled up to her and starts to kiss her passionately. Rosie crawled up and started at my wife's feet and was licking her toes while lightly running her hands up my wife's shapely legs.

I go over and get one of the chairs from around the living area of the room and place it at the foot of the bed. I strip down and take a seat. My vantage point is perfect, I can see Shannon working on my wife's perfect nipples sucking and nibbling on them, while Rosie is working up my wife's legs lightly working her tongue in circles over her skin.

Soon, I hear a knock at our door. I reluctantly get up and go answer the door. I open the door, standing fully naked with a raging hard on, to find Arlene has indeed decided to show up. I greet Arlene and ask her to come in. As Arlene comes in, and I close the door, she grabs my hard cock and starts to suck me, working as much of my cock into her mouth as she can. I lean against the wall as Arlene is working my cock. She has wonderful lips that are very soft on my cock. Shaking my head I pull Arlene off me and take her by the hand to the bed. I notice that while I was gone, both Rosie and Shannon had gotten to my wife's pussy and they both were eating her out at the same time. I could tell by how my wife was moaning that she loved every second of their tongues on her.

I Arlene and she is completely mesmerized by the scene in front of her. I move behind and kiss her neck and whisper to her, "Have you not scene women having sex together?" Her distracted reply was "No, I have not, but I have always been curious about it." I kiss her neck some more. I hear her moan, but I could tell her gaze was fixed on the 3some occurring on the bed. I hear my wife's moans are becoming louder as Rosie and Shannon are devouring her pussy. I remove Arlene's long wrap around skirt and then reach around to untie the wrap around blouse.

I comment to Arlene that she has on some very practical garments. Arlene replies, ", I like to fuck as often as I can, and by the way, what I did in the restaurant was a first for . The owner there has tried several times to get me on his desk and I have refused. I guess he figures that since he's the owner of the restaurant that any woman would go down on him or let him fuck them." While Arlene was speaking, we noticed that my wife's body had started to convulse and she had been swaying her head side-to-side. I could tell my wife just had a very intense orgasm.

I move to the side of Arlene and get a full view of her body. The thing I didn't expect and this may have been the garments she was wearing, was a very nicely shaped pair of tits. I would guess maybe a little bigger that b-cups, but not quite C-cups. And for her body they were perfect. I comment to her that she has a very nice body.

Seeing that everyone is looking at Arlene, I introduce her to Shannon, and Rosie, and my wife Tracie. Shannon, and Rosie, pulled Arlene onto the bed. Arlene says that she has never been with another woman, but was always willing to experiment.

My wife looks at Shannon and Rosie and says as she is pointing at me, "He's all your girls." And with that Shannon and Rosie pull me onto the other side of the bed. Shannon starts to stroke my cock as she says to Rosie, "See this cock, this cock fucked 5 sorority sisters that party I told you about." With that Shannon started to suck my cock down her throat. I remembered that that was her talent and I had told her a porn star career was hers to have if she found a way to do it.

Rosie was looking at me when she said, "I thought you said he also could eat pussy really well too." I say, "Well, I am no Gene Simmons, but I can do well enough." And just to show her, I stick my tongue out without tucking my chin and touch my<b> chest. </font></b>The look I get from Rosie is pure jealousy of my wife, but it lasts for a moment. Shannon also chimes in saying, ", and the other 4 girls would switch off from either having him eat us , or having him lay back and let us ride his cock. Either way, he didn't have to work very much."

Rosie says, "Well, I guess I need to test that tongue ." And with that, she moves to straddle my . Rosie places her pussy on my lips and I start to lick and nibble her lips. I notice she has kept herself well groomed. She had very little hair on her pussy keeping a small well formed V. I would assume it would be for the bikini she wears during the summer.

Sucking and nibbling Rosie's pussy, I work myself over to her clit. As I start to suck and nibble her clit, I her a gasp come from Rosie, then I push my tongue in as far as I can go. During this time Shannon had been expertly working my cock. Soon I am feeling 2 sets of lips on my cock, as I notice Rosie had bent over some. I feel Shannon’s huge tits brush up against my legs as she maneuvered herself between them. As Rosie had started to suck my cock, I feel Shannon start to suck my balls and work a finger down the crack of my ass. I hear Shannon comment to Rosie about the fact that I could take as well I give. Rosie pulled my cock out her mouth and asked Shannon what she was talking about. Shannon replied, "How's about I show you."

Shannon looks around and tells Rosie that she will be right back. Rosie and I go back to working on each other. I can feel Rosie starting to ride my tongue and her lips on my cock were going farther and farther down me, taking more of my cock. Soon, I am pushing my cock up to meet her lips as I am working my tongue in and out her pussy. I feel Rosie remove my cock from her mouth as she begins to whimper and convulse all over my tongue. The orgasm she has is intense and she creams her pussy all over my tongue.

Rosie gets up off my and looks down saying, "I can see why she remembers you so fondly." I glance over to see that my wife had moved the chair and she had Arlene sitting in it with her legs over the arms. I could see my wife's gorgeous butt as she was kneeling over and eating Arlene's pussy. Arlene had her head tilted back and from the expression on it, she liked what my wife was doing to her.

As I was watching my wife and Arlene, Rosie had moved between my legs and had started sucking my cock again. I noticed Shannon was making her way back to the bed, but with the strap-on my wife had brought with us. Shannon walked up to Rosie as she was sucking me and tapped her shoulder with the toy. Rosie jumped as she turned to and found another cock in her . She got this "What the hell" on her and then realized it was Shannon.

Rosie looked up Shannon and said, "To bad you did get back sooner, he made ." Shannon says, "Well, it’s not for you Hun." Rosie says, "What do you mean?" I Rosie and say, "Come up here sweetie and have a seat." As I lean over and pat the area of the bed next to me. As Rosie takes her seat next to me, I roll over onto all fours. Rosie says, "What are you doing that for?" I reply, "You'll see."

As I roll over onto all fours, I feel Shannon's hands all over my ass. I moan some as I feel her fingers start to probe my ass. Soon they are penetrating me as I start to rock my hips trying to fuck the fingers in my ass. I tell Rosie to go to see what Shannon is doing. I see that she gets up and gives an "Oh my" as she covers her mouth. Soon, I feel Shannon squirting lube all over my ass and working it into my asshole. Then I feel Shannon place the strap-on on my ass and gently push the head into my ass. The head slides in easily as does the rest of the dildo. I hear Rosie squeal as she says, "I have never seen a guy get fucked like this."

Next I feel Shannon's hands on my ass as she starts to pick up her pace. I feel Rosie get up and lean against . I feel her hard nipples pressing into my side as her hands are spreading my ass wider for Shannon. Soon Shannon is fucking good and hard. I lower my shoulders to give Shannon better leverage to fuck with. I also feel Rosie hand on my cock stroking . Rosie comments on how hard I am. Rosie tells Shannon to hold up for a second.

Rosie tells me, "JP get up for a second." As I lift my shoulders up, I see Rosie slide to position her pussy right my cock. Rosie says, "Let’s have Shannon fuck us both, she’ll fuck you as you fuck . Let her pound you into ." With that I place my arms Rosie's knees as I place my cock on her pussy. Shannon starts to fuck again, but I fight the pace. Slowly I work my cock down into Rosie's pussy. Once I am fully in Rosie, I start to match the pace set by Shannon, but there was one problem. I couldn't match her stroke for stroke.

It was then I realized that the strap-on Shannon was wearing was longer and thicker than what my wife had brought along. I over my shoulder as Shannon is now pounding us both and ask, "Where did you find that strap-on?" Rosie speaks up, "That's the strap-on Shannon likes to fuck with." I Rosie and say, "Oh really." Rosie looks over my shoulder and smiles Shannon, as she says ", we have been lovers for a few years now." As Rosie says that, Shannon starts to really pound my ass hard. I feel her pounding into Rosie. I can hear Shannon is really working hard fucking us both. The depth that her strap-on is fucking with is fantastic. I also let her push into Rosie. Soon I am bucking Rosie up the bed as hard as Shannon is fucking . I see Rosie close her eyes and feel her pussy clench my cock. I was so much into pounding Rosie as Shannon was pounding that I did not notice the load that rapidly built in . Next thing I know, I am having my own intense orgasm as I feel Rosie’s pussy clenching my cock as I start to come deep inside her pussy. I hold myself down in Rosie as I feel Shannon still working my ass. Soon, Shannon relaxes her need to fuck my ass and stops her motions.

As we pull ourselves apart, I left to see the chair is empty. I right and see my wife and Arlene next to us. I didn't hear them move, but now my wife is next to us. I see that she has the strap-on she brought on and that she is leaning into Arlene. My wife is working that toy in long strokes in and of Arlene's pussy. I see the on Arlene's is intense. My wife has her shoulders Arlene's knees and is pounding her pussy hard. I hear Arlene gasp loudly and shudder as I see my wife continuing to fuck her. As my wife is plunging the strap-on into Arlene, I see that Arlene is squirting up around the toy.

My wife stops fucking Arlene and leans in to kiss her passionately. Arlene returns my wife passion in their kiss. My wife pulls herself off of Arlene and looks at . My wife says "Honey, I just love this ." Arlene says, "She can use that almost as good as you use yours. Although, I never thought I would see what I did tonight and I must say it was a real turn on for . I have never had this intense an orgasm, as a matter of fact, I don't think I have had an orgasm at all, like what I had tonight."

As we were talking, Shannon had removed her strap-on and took a seat next to and Rosie. My wife gets up on her knees and strokes her strap-on and looks Rosie. My wife says, "Rosie, may I fuck you with this?" Rosie gets this "Your cock isn't in yet" as she positions herself for my wife to bury her strap-on in her. As Rosie lifts her legs up and my wife leans into her. The contrast of watching my chocolate skinned wife and this pale-skinned babe going at it gets my cock to growing again.

I Shannon as she is licking her lips, I say, "Go ahead sweetie." I notice Arlene was crawling over to and Shannon as Shannon starts to deep throat my cock. Arlene wraps her arms around Shannon cupping her breasts. Arlene starts to massage them as she leans in to kiss Shannon's neck. I hear, and feel, Shannon moan as Arlene kisses and nibbles her neck. Shannon takes my cock to kiss Arlene. Shannon asks, “Have you even eaten pussy?" Arlene says, "No, but I would like to try." I the ladies and say, "Well, let’s go over to the chair. Shannon you can suck and Arlene, you can eat Shannon's pussy."

I get up and spread my legs for Shannon. Shannon gets between my legs and goes back to deep throating my hard cock. I see Arlene lay down beneath Shannon. I feel Shannon jump from Arlene's first taste of her pussy. I notice Arlene is a fast learner from how Shannon is moaning all over my cock. Soon, Shannon is placing my hard cock between her massive tits and pushing them together to surround my cock. Shannon starts to work her tits up and down my cock. The feel of Shannon's tits around my cock is amazing. She is very smooth, but at the same time, velvety soft. This makes for a very nice combination, and soon I feel my second load beginning to build. My place here on the chair gives me a great view of my wife fucking Rosie. I notice my wife has stopped and Rosie is turning over to get on all fours.

I tell the ladies, "Let’s do this now. Arlene get up there and spread yourself in front of Rosie. Shannon get up there next to Rosie." Rosie gives me a smile as Arlene moves to lie down in front of her. Shannon crawls in next to Rosie on all fours. I move next to my wife as I give her a wink. Both Rosie and Shannon start on Arlene. They both move up a leg, kissing and nibbling. They meet at Arlene's pussy, sucking and nibbling her as they kiss each other. I see the pleasure that crosses Arlene's as both Rosie and Shannon are eating her . Both my wife and I position ourselves behind Rosie and Shannon respectively. We both place our cock on their pussies and push in. We each other and try to match each other's pace.

The site of these two ladies eating a black and with us fucking them is a scene I would never have thought of. Soon, my wife and I lose our rhythms, but we both start to pound the ladies hard. Shannon I can see has thrown her head back and is moaning loudly, while Rosie has pulled Arlene beneath her and has started to suck her nipples. Shannon starts to fuck back by pounding her hips into mine. Her moaning and feeling her pussy tighten over my cock drives nuts. I start to pound her harder and harder. The load I had started to build with Shannon's tits around my cock starts up again, but this time more rapidly. Soon I am slamming her unmercifully hard, my cock throbbing inside of her. Next I know I feel my body start to shudder and my seed starts to spill deep into Shannon's pussy. I pull Shannon down hard onto my cock and hold her there filling her pussy to overflowing. I feel both our juices running down the inside of my legs.

Shortly after I am done and have pulled myself of Shannon, I see Rosie shuddering hard as my wife continues to pound her pussy. Soon, Rosie's orgasm is done, but Shannon and Rosie are not finished. They start up on Arlene again with a renewed vigor. Shannon crawls up on top of Arlene's and tells her to eat her . I see Arlene's tongue doing the best she can with Shannon sitting on her . I also see Rosie starting to eat Arlene's pussy. Soon, Arlene is writhing with Rosie eating her . I see Shannon massaging her tits as Arlene is eating her . Soon Shannon is shuddering again from what Arlene has been doing. No sooner than Shannon is done with her orgasm, Arlene has her own orgasm again from Rosie eating her pussy.

I see the two women take a place on each side of Arlene and they both lean in and start to kiss her. My wife and I had taken a seat on the chair (with my wife on my lap). Arlene, Shannon, and Rosie tell us to get in with them. Arlene and Rosie move over to the right as Shannon moves to the left. My wife and I crawl in with me in the middle of the four ladies with the black beauties laying next to me with the white babes on the outside of them. The reverse double layer Oreo was not lost on me as we soon feel asleep.

Oldmanmaid70 52F  
1 post
6/8/2021 8:18 pm


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