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Vacation Day #3  

JPW102862 59M
2 posts
6/14/2021 3:28 pm
Vacation Day #3

The following morning, Arlene, my wife and I woke to just the 3 of us. Evidently, Shannon and Rosie had to catch a flight they were working that morning, but Shannon had left a note.

I opened up the note and it basically read that they had a really good time and loved the sex. Shannon and Rosie both signed the note and they had left both their for us. They also mentioned Arlene and said she was the added wild side of the whole evening.

Arlene gets up and says that thankfully she doesn't work till this evening to which I agreed with her.

As I my wife strolling off to the bathroom, I feel Arlene move up behind , placing her naked body up against my back. I feel her hard nipples pressing into as she places her arms around my<b> chest </font></b>and starts to kiss my neck. I back her and ask if she is willing to finish what she has started, and all Arlene does is smile wickedly back at as she starts to kiss my lips.

I feel Arlene's hands go immediately to my rapidly growing cock. As we break the kiss, Arlene says she loves to feel a soft cock get hard in her hands. I laugh at her a little as I feel my cock get rock hard from her hands stroking me. I move myself up a little closer to her , but I see she's not leaning in to suck my cock. I could tell by the on her she wanted to stroke my cock. Evidently, all she wanted was to see my cock all over her nicely shaped tits.

Soon, I feel another pair of tits on my back, as I see my wife peeking over my shoulder. I my wife and tell her Arlene has wonderful hands and excellent technique. My wife moves down beside Arlene to watch as she is stroking my cock. Absent mindedly my wife reaches with her hand to cup my balls. The feel of my wife’s hand on my balls usually doesn't do a thing for , but with what Arlene was doing, it just added another level to the whole thing.

Not long after my wife has been playing with my balls, she moves he hand down to run a finger up and down the crack of my ass. Her finger finds my asshole and starts to rim . Arlene is stroking my cock faster and faster now as my wife works her finger into my ass. I just sit there on my knees, feeling Arlene's expert hands working as my wife finger fucks . I let a low moan as I feel the beginnings of a load building. Soon, Arlene is stroking even more quickly and my wife is trying to match Arlene's strokes of my cock. I let an even louder moan as my body begins to shake as my cock unloads itself all over Arlene's tits.

Breathing heavy, my wife slaps on the ass and tells to go take a shower so we can go have some breakfast. I her and say, "Why not have some breakfast here in our room?" She replied, "I want to go and enjoy this , it looks beautiful already." My wife looks Arlene and says, "Would you like to join us?" Arlene replies, "Sure, I have no problem joining you today, besides I have nothing better to do today anyways." I noticed my wife had not answered my question which leads to believe something is afoot for breakfast, though I do have a pretty good idea what it might be.

With that my wife shoos me away to go take my shower. I notice, as I am walking away, my wife has started to kiss Arlene again, and she had started to work my load into Arlene's tits.

I get to the bathroom and go over to the walk-in shower and turn the water on. I stand back with my hand the water waiting for it to get . Once it gets to the appropriate temperature, I step inside and let the water fall over . The water is exhilarating. As the heat wakes every inch of my body, I reach for the soap and a washcloth to start washing my body; I feel a set of hands on my shoulders.

I over my shoulder Arlene and smile. Arlene says, "Hey, it was your wife's idea."

I reply, "Oh really, then what’s for breakfast?"

"She told to tell you that your favorite breakfast is being ordered at this minute and that it will be here in about an hour."

"Cool, I haven't had my favorite breakfast in a long time."

Arlene having a quizzical on her asks as she kneels before , "So, what is your favorite breakfast?"

I reply, "Pussy and maple syrup."

Arlene smiles and then devours most of my cock down her throat. Feeling Arlene's mouth all over my cock as the water fell all over our bodies was just intense. Soon Arlene is pulling down to the floor of the shower by my cock. Arlene gets down on all fours and proceeds to guide my cock to her hungry pussy. I reach over and turn the water down some to get it falling all over us as I fuck her from behind.

After sometime, my cock is easily sliding in and of Arlene's pussy in full strokes. My hands are gripping her gorgeous ass hard, pulling her onto my rapidly throbbing member. Soon, I feel Arlene's pussy start to gush all over my cock. I see Arlene is in the throes of an intense orgasm as I start to slam her unmercifully hard. Arlene lets a loud yell as I quicken up my pace. Arlene's pussy gripping my cock with the water falling all over us drives to an unforeseen orgasm of equaling intensity. I pull Arlene down on my cock and hold her there as I shoot my load deep into her pussy.

Breathing hard and pulling myself of her, I stand back up and grab the soap.

I say, "Let’s clean up before we get messy again." And with that Arlene smiles as I begin to soap up her tits and run the washcloth down to her pussy.

After another minutes of washing and cleaning Arlene and I come to find breakfast had been delivered to the room and that my wife was sitting in a chair reading the local newspaper.

She looks over saying from behind the newspaper, "You two have fun?" I smile and reply "What you didn't hear us?" My wife says, "Yes I heard you two. Now, both of you eat. So we can get of here in an hour."

We sit down and eat. The meal was outstanding, even for breakfast. Just before we finish, I take the urn for the syrup and place it in the mini-fridge. My wife sees this and asks, "What are you going to do with that honey?" I reply with a smile, "Sometimes I like to have breakfast for dinner." That answer gets a joyous laugh from both the ladies.

With breakfast done, we get dressed. My wife decides to take Arlene on a shopping spree and considering the of she won a few days ago (approximately $50,000 on a slot machine), the shopping spree would be ok.

As we take a seat to eat our lunch, my wife asks Arlene if she will have some time off here soon. Arlene replies "Yes, after tonight I will have 2 days off from the restaurant." My wife says "Great, would you be able to join us for dinner the day after tomorrow?" Arlene says "I would love to join you then, what do we plan on doing after dinner?" My wife says, "Hmmmm, I am not sure." And with that we all get some decidedly very evil grins. While this conversation was happening, I was thinking for just a second that my original plans were going to be ruined, but thankfully they were not.

The remaining afternoon we lounged around taking a break from the fast paced and exhausting activities. About mid-afternoon, Arlene stated that she needed to get home and get ready for work. Tracy says, “Aren’t you leaving a little early for that?” to which Arlene replies, “Well I have yet to say goodbye?” And with that Arlene takes my wife into her arms and kisses her passionately. Her hands start moving all around my wife’s body, Arlene reaches behind my wife and expertly removes the bra along with the tight-fitting t-shirt she was wearing. No sooner was the top off Arlene takes a very erect nipple in her mouth to suck it hard. Arlene reaches down with her free hand and opens the tight-fitting blue jeans and starts to remove them (One thing I love about my wife is that she loves going commando, but by the same token, and embarrassingly she gets wet very easily). Arlene stops to finish removing my wife’s pants, and takes her hands places them my wife’s knees pressing them upwards towards her shoulders. My wife loves to be eaten like this. This time I notice Arlene’s tongue is quite long as she drives it into my wife’s pussy.

All this time I have sat back just to watch Arlene got to work on my wife. Finally with my pants being just a bit to uncomfortable, I stand up and get undressed. Seeing that I have a raging hard on, my wife signals for me to fuck Arlene from behind. With that I kneel behind Arlene and place the tip of my dick on Arlene’s pussy and gently push myself into her. Her pussy is so wet that I easily slide all ” in. As I get to my full length in, Arlene gives a gasp. I start to slowly work myself in and , and from the on my wife’s Arlene is matching my strokes with her tongue. Placing my hands on Arlene’s hips, I start to pound her a little more, each stroke getting harder and harder and more demanding. Soon I am pounding Arlene as she starts to moan very loudly. Shortly thereafter she starts to convulse as an earth-shattering orgasm grips her body. Feeling her pussy latch onto my dick as I pound her starts the feeling on getting ready to shoot my load. As I Keep pounding her, I feel another orgasm grip Arlene and I feel my load start to empty into . I slam her a final time and keeping my dick deep in her just to work my load into her pussy. Soon I am of breath and fall back pulling my cock her pussy. Arlene collapses onto the floor next to . As we get our breathing back to normal, Arlene rolls over to kiss deeply, she says “I have never had an orgasm like that, ever!” I back her and say with a big-wicked grin, “Glad I can accommodate.”

Arlene kisses again, gets up and goes to the shower to rinse off. Once Arlene is dressed, she comes with her bags, leans over to kiss my wife, and asks, “How’s that for a goodbye?” My wife replies, “I like that type of goodbye.” As Arlene is going ok the door, my wife looks at and says, “Well I now feel totally left .” I her and say, “You are never “left” .” With that my wife gets on the floor with and starts up on my flaccid cock. Needless to say, the remainder of that afternoon was the most mind-blowing sex I have ever had (and I have had some really good sessions – but those are for another time).

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