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A bad day and dinner  

JPW102862 59M
2 posts
5/22/2021 4:44 pm
A bad day and dinner

It was a long day, I came home and I really did not feel like doing much.

I get through the door and kiss my ebony goddess of a wife.

Looking at me, "You ok darling?"

I reply, "Not really Hun. Bad day at work had several problems that happened and no one else seemed to know how to fix but me, though I know there are a few others that could."

She says, "Well, you go upstairs and change, I'll meet you in the living room ok."

I say, "Ok" and take myself up stairs to change. On the way up I decide to go ahead and take a shower thinking that the hot water would help get rid of the stress I was feeling at the moment.

Rummaging through my things, I grab my pj pants and head to the bathroom. Now this bathroom of ours is amazing. All the counters are granite, 2 porcelain lined sinks, brass fittings for the faucets, and mirrors above the counters. There is a walk-in shower with 5 heads spraying water in all directions, and a bathtub big enough to seat 3 people. This bathroom also adjoins our "play" room.

I throw my pj pants on the counter next to a sink, and go over to the shower to turn on the faucet to let the water get warm. After a little bit of time, the water is warmed up and I step into the shower and turn the heads on. I still jump, and have yet to get used to this, as I feel the water splash all over my body. After a few minutes of enjoying the warm water, I reach to the faucet and turn the hot water up a little bit at a time till it’s hot enough for me. Standing under the cascade of hot water starts to relax my shoulders and the muscles of my back. I feel the stress of the day start to melt away. I reach for the shampoo and start to shampoo my hair. I place my head under the water to rinse, when I feel another set of hands running through my red, auburn actually, hair. After a few, I look down to find my wife standing there looking up at me smiling. I return that infectious smile and lean over to kiss her passionately on the lips.

As she is kissing me, she takes my cock in her tiny hands and starts to stroke me. The hot water had done part of the job for her, but in no time I was rock hard. As we break our kiss, my wife grabs the rubber kneeling stool. I had to make this special for her, it has a very thick, but firm, piece of rubber on the top for her to kneel on so I don't have to bend my knees at all and her head is at the level of my cock for her to suck on as I stand.

Keeping the hot water on and having it land on the base of my neck running down both the front and back is awesome, and having my wife sucking my cock as I shower is even better. I look down at my wife, as she takes my cock deep into her mouth, and as she looks up at me. I see such a beautiful site. Just the thought of her sucking my cock has always made me hard. Soon, my wife is deep throating me, and she knows this drives me crazy. Quickly, I get to a point where I am shifting my hips so my cock is pushing into her mouth.

Feeling her wonderful lips working me has made me forget everything that has happened this day. Soon, I feel the twinges of a load building. My wife has gotten to know my body very well, and she can tell when I am about to lose my load.

She senses what I am doing, and begins to work my cock really hard and fast. Stroking me rapidly with her tiny hands and then working her lips up and down my cock, and finally deep throating me several times. She knows this process will send me over the edge, and in no time I am shooting a huge load down her throat.

My wife holds my cock deep in her throat for a minute or so, and then works my cock in her mouth several times to get all of my seed.

My wife pulls my cock out her mouth, and she looks up at me asking, "Feeling better?"

I reply, "Yes darling, much better, thank you."

She says, "Turn around Hun, give me a thingy and I'll wash your back."

I do as I am told and give her a thingy. She soaps up my back as I wash my front. I bend over in front of her as she washes my back and I wash my legs. She runs her hands between my butt cheeks rimming my ass with her soapy fingers. Soon, I am feeling her fingers beginning to penetrate my ass. Letting out a low moan and look up at her from my bent over position I say, "Ummmmm, honey, ahhhhhh mmmmmmm yessssssss." I wanted to say that we should be going down to eat dinner soon, but her fingers in my ass were saying otherwise. I raise myself up and lean forward, letting her drive me crazy with her fingers in me. Looking back and seeing my beautiful wife, glistening in the hot water, looking at me wanting to fuck me in the ass.

I say, "Honey, can we do this later? Isn't dinner getting cold?"

She replies, "I am having dinner delivered, and it should be here in about 45 minutes. Now, you hold that position, I'll be right back."

I say, "Ok, darling."

I watch my ebony goddess go over to a special closet when have with numerous toys in it. I see her pull out one I had never seen before. It is the same length as all the others we have ("), but there is something different about it. She comes back into the shower, wearing this particular strap-on, I notice it is rubber, and all the fittings are made of plastic.

She tells me, "Shut off the water honey and hand me the baby oil there."

I do as I am told and shut the water off and hand her the baby oil. She takes the bottle and pours a liberal amount over my ass and over the rubber cock. She works her fingers into me again as she strokes her own cock. Soon, I am feeling the tip placed on my asshole and she starts to gently push it in. Since, she loves to fuck me like this I grab the horizontal bars and brace myself for her pounding she is about to give me. Soon, she has the rubber dick is fully in my ass and she is steadily working it in and out. My ebony goddess knows the perfect rhythm to fuck me and get me to cum in a huge amount. She reaches that rhythm quickly, soon I am moaning loudly and constantly. Soon, she starts to pulling back on my hips hard, slamming the dildo in deep. I feel the twinges of a load building once again.

Pushing back to take her cock I am thinking of all the times I had fucked her hard, in the ass and in her pussy. She had begged me to let her play with my ass. At first I only let her use her fingers, but soon that was not enough, I had desired more. Then she had produced a vibrator saying this would work much better than her fingers and she was right. It was at that point I feel in love what she liked to do to me. She told me after a while she would use a different toy on me and that I should trust her that she would not hurt me when she did use it. At first, I was reluctant, but she was persistent. Soon, I knew my fears were unfounded and I trusted her completely. It was at that point she first fucked me with a strap-on, and I had loved it ever since. It made our love-making just that more intense, and that more deeply felt. Shortly after that, we were married.

As those memories faded for a bit, I felt myself lose control and unload. I shot my wad all over the floor of the shower. I look back at my loving wife, breathing hard, saying, "Dinner should be here soon, right?"

She looks over her shoulder and says "Yes, in just a few minutes."

No sooner had I pulled myself off the rubber strap-on, I hear the doorbell ring. My wife dashes off wrapping a towel around her waist and dashing down the stairs. As she is leaving, I hear my wife say, "Honey, get down here."

I grab a towel and wrap it around my waist as well. As I go down the stairs, I see my wife closing the door behind the person delivering the pizza and sides. As I walk down and hear my wife say "I see you got here right on time" the delivery person says "Yep, my shift is over and I look forward to having dinner with you." I notice my wife didn't bother to cover her tits, and the strap-on was peeking out from beneath the towel. She had taken the food and walked to the living room. I see the delivery person finally turning around and I notice it’s a young, petite like my wife, Asian girl.

She looks up at me, smiles and extends her hand to me to shake; she says "Hi, my name is Kia." I shake her hand and reply, "Nice to meet you Kia."

I stand there flabbergasted. Wondering did she plan this, or did it just happen.

My gaze turns to our latest visitor. I notice she is wearing a large coat since it's been pretty cold outside. I follow this little Asian down the hall and to the living room. When I get there, I see my wife sprawled back, chewing on a piece of a very meaty pizza. The towel she had been wearing was now fully open, and showing off the strap-on she was wearing. I look over at Kia and see she has taken off the coat to reveal a very athletic and curvaceous body.

Kia has long straight black hair, tits that look a little bigger than my wife’s, with a very flat stomach, narrow waist, nice round ass, and very slim legs. Her face, with her almond shaped eyes that are a color of blue I have never seen, looking as if it were a priceless piece of porcelain breaking into a smile that would light up any room. That smile, gives her eyes a twinkle of naughtiness and makes a man wish she would place those lips anywhere on his body.

Kia, looking over at me and glancing down, asks "Did I interrupt, or did I get here just in time?"

I look down to see that I am sporting a serious case of wood, and wondering what my wife was doing, when I hear my ebony goddess of a wife chime in, "Nah, sweetie, you got here at the right time, I just got done fucking him" as I look up and see her smiling as she is chewing her piece of pizza.

Looking a little embarrassed, and extremely aroused, I start to stammer as Kia says, "Are you sure you just got done? He looks like he's about to burst right now."

My wife says looking at me, "I can see that, why don't you go and suck his cock and see how aroused he is."

With that Kia comes over and takes my cock in her petite hands and starts to stroke me. The whole situation is crazy and I nearly come right then and there. But, I exercise the self control that my wife has long since brought forth in me and keep my load.

Kia pulls me by my cock over to the couch and has me take a seat next to my wife. I feel my stomach growl, but other things are on my mind. I look up at Kia's flawless face and watch as she reveals perfect alabaster skin with rosy pink nipples from her shoulders down to her waist. Her tits are as flawless as her face fitting in perfectly with her upper body. Then Kia is dropping her pants to reveal a very lacey panty, barely covering her pussy. Kia turns around and lowers her panties to show a lovely nest of very delicate lips with a very light rose color to them. The hair above her pussy is shaped in a V and is very well kept, nice and trim, not much hair as if she is pointing to where she wants any set of lips to go. She is near perfection personified and the only person more perfect than her in the room at the time is my wife. I think any other guy would be creaming his jeans to have such perfect creatures in the same room about to enjoy his dick.

And with that I look at my wife "Ummmmm, what's up honey?" feeling a little nervous about the whole thing, as I watch Kia kneel and start to stroke my cock. I spread my legs to make room for Kia.

My wife says "Well, I had been talking with her for a few weeks ever since she delivered to us that one evening. I saw that she was very pretty and we had hit it off pretty well." Kia lifts herself off my cock and says "Yes, your wife is a very persuasive lady." Kia then shows me how persuasive she can be by deep throating my cock and playing with my balls. I look over at my wife and see that she is stroking her strap-on.

I say "You wish you had a dick to actually feel and fuck her pussy huh."

My wife says "Not really Hun, for me it’s just seeing the look of ecstasy on a lady's face that works for me." With that, I see my gorgeous wife get up and kneel behind Kia and lean in to kiss her neck and reach around to cup and massage Kia's perfect breasts. My wife leans forward and watches as my cock disappears down Kia's throat. She take the hand Kia was using on my balls and sucks two of the fingers, and then guides her hand to the crack of my ass to help her work them into me. I reach down to spread my ass for them as I feel the fingers slowly entering me since my ass still had that freshly fucked feel to it. I moan gently as I see Kia deep throat me and push her fingers fully into my ass.

Now my wife is working Kia over, massaging and tweaking her nipples. Kissing and nibbling Kia's neck, shoulder and earlobes. As my wife is driving Kia to a frenzy, she is in turn doing the same to my cock, I think "OMG" she is doing some things that my wife should take note of.

Soon I see my wife lowering herself down Kia's back. I am just imagining how she is lightly grazing her lips over Kia's flawless skin moving down and lying beneath that gorgeous pussy. I hear Kia moan as she is taking me deep once again, knowing my wife had just started to eat her pussy. This whole scene is crazy to me, never once did this thought occur to me that my wife would do this. I suddenly feel the urges of loin building and not realizing I am about to cum, I give a warning to Kia "Sweetie, I am about to" but I am too late, I start to shoot my wad deep into Kia's mouth. The lack of communication causes her to gag just a little and clamp down on my cock. I feel her teeth bite down on me for a second and then lighten up. The pain in my cock is intense, but fleeting as I see Kia start to swallow all that I am giving her. Kia pulls herself up off my cock smiling broadly, but keeps her fingers in my ass working them in time with my wife eating her pussy. I see Kia begin to dance over my wife's face knowing my wife is thoroughly enjoying eating Kia's pussy. Kia starts to rotate her hips in small circles over my wife's face, and then I see Kia has laid her head back while closing her eyes. I see Kia's body tense up, the contortions of pleasure running amuck over her face, as the orgasm wracks her body. Kia faces me again with a big smile in her face as she lifts off my wife's tongue.

Kia says looking down at my wife, "My god you are good." With that she leans over and kisses my wife passionately.

My wife says "Sweetie, we are going to fuck you really good. Put his dick in your ass so I can see your face as I fuck you with this."

I see Kia get up and place herself on my belly facing my wife. I feel my wife stroking my hard cock. I feel my wife put some baby oil on me to lube me up. I feel some on my belly but I know she is getting Kia ready to put my cock in her ass. I see Kia lift her ass up as my wife places my dick on her asshole. My wife tells her to ease herself down slowly. I hear Kia saying that this is her first anal and all she has really done is fingers and a few dildo's in her ass but never a guy's dick. My wife reassures her saying to take it nice and easy. I see Kia start to lower herself onto my cock being very gentle in applying her weight to my cock. I feel her asshole clench up tight, but she is insistent about getting my cock in her ass. Kia applies a little more pressure and then finally I hear a yelp and my cock is sliding slowly into her ass. It takes a while but she eventually is riding my dick fully, and as she is doing it, my wife had been working her fingers into her pussy. I look around Kia to see a look of pure lust on my wife's face as she is watching Kia's ass ride my cock.

Soon, my wife is getting up and stroking her strap-on. I look over into a mirror on a side to see Kia biting her lower lip as my wife starts to insert her strap-on. Soon I see my wife has fully entered Kia's pussy, and we both start to fuck her. I place my hands on Kia's hips to hold her as my wife and I start to thrust in at the same time. I can see Kia is in the throes of ecstasy she has never experienced before. Kia whips her head side to side, her hair flailing wildly as we both fuck her unmercifully. For me, her ass is a perfect canal, feeling her tighten and clench all over my cock as I fuck her ass. Soon I feel a 4th load of the day beginning to build. Kia's breathing is getting more labored and she is tensing up more often. I see my wife lean over and kiss Kia again on the lips as she thrusts deep into Kia's pussy.

My wife breaks the kiss and asks Kia if she wants me to cum in her ass. I hear Kia breathlessly say, "Yes! Yes! Cum in my ass, fuck mmmmmmmmm." Kia is almost crying but she seems to be in a state of bliss. She starts to fuck my cock in her ass more urgently. AS she takes my cock deep, she is pulling just about off my wife's strap-on and when she ride up on me she is taking my wife's strap-on. This alternate fucking seems to drive Kia crazy. As she works, her grunts and moans are becoming louder and louder. Soon, I feel like I am about to burst. I tell Kia, "Oh baby, that’s it fuck my cock in your ass. Yes baby, I'm about to cum sweetie." At this point, Kia seems to go into another gear and is rapidly alternating how she is fucking. Soon, I grab her hips and pull her down on to me as I unload deep in her ass. And as I am unloading in her ass, my wife is pounding Kia's pussy. Soon I feel Kia shudder as my wife remains fucking her pussy in deep strokes. Next I feel something spraying all over my legs even though my wife is between Kia's. My wife holding her strap-on in Kia leans over and kisses her. Kia returns my wife's kiss with an eagerness that is truly erotic. Kia breaks the kiss to say "I have never come like that, never knew I could squirt as much as I did."

My wife says "Glad we could help you discover that" as she is pulling the strap-on out Kia's pussy. Kia also lifts herself off my cock. I see Kia's breathing is slowly returning to normal.

Once Kia is off my cock, I reach over and grab a slice of pizza. Kia takes a seat next to me on my right, while my wife takes of her strap-on. Both Kia and I comment on how wet my wife's pussy is. My wife smiles and takes a seat on my left. My wife gives Kia a piece of pizza and she grabs another and starts to eat. My wife reaches over and grabs the remote to turn on the TV and DVD player. As I watch the TV flicker on and the DVD come up, I see it is our favorite interracial porno. I smile at my wife and look over at Kia. I see she is eating and grinning at me all at the same time.

As we sit there watching the porno go through the introductions, my ebony wife is commenting on all the stars basically saying she likes this one or that one, some guys she would say his dick is too big or to fat. She even pointed out the ones I liked to Kia.

As I am chewing my last bite of my piece of pizza, Kia asks, "So, is that the one thing you have always liked on your women?"

I reply, "Mainly yes, but for me, it has always been a total package kind of thing."

Kia, looking at my wife, asks "Well am I a "total package" girl?"

I laugh and say "Darling, yes you are, and if I wasn't married, I would be dating you."

As I was saying this, a tremor of fear ran though me wondering how my wife would react to that kind of statement. I looked over at my wife to see her smile at me and say, "I am glad I got you first Hun, plus you still get to play with women like her" as she points to Kia. Hearing my wife's statement like that helped me relax.

Looking back over at Kia I see a quizzical look on her face. She asks, “Really, are my tits perfect?" I don't have to look at my wife to know what her answer is. I reach over and guide Kia onto my lap and say to her looking at her tits hanging in front of me, "Yes they are perfect Hun." I lean up to take her left nipple between my lips as I see my wife leaning to take her other. We both start sucking her nipples as we hear the moaning and groaning coming from the TV. Soon we are hearing Kia moaning as loudly as the TV and see that her eyes are closed as we nibble on her gorgeously perfect tits. Soon, I see my wife move up to kiss Kia passionately on the lips, and lift her up from my hungry lips.

When my wife breaks the kiss with Kia, they both look down at me and see that I am once again sporting some serious wood. My wife laughs some, and looks at Kia, "Yah think he can handle both our lips on his cock Hun." Kia replies, "Not sure, let’s see." And with that they kneel, each cover a leg, and start to lick and suck my cock and balls. Watching them both working me is incredible, my wife would deep throat me several times and then Kia would deep throat me as well. My wife would stroke me and instruct Kia on several things such as how I like to have my ass played with and tell Kia to go over to the end table and open the bottom draw to take a vibrator out. Kia squeals and goes over to get the vibe. She opens the drawer and pulls out a " vibrator. I look down at my wife as she is once again deep throating my cock. My wife looks up and grins at me seeing my smile.

As my wife releases my cock from her mouth, I ask her "How many hiding places do you have toys in?" She gives me a knowing smile, and dares me to look around and find out. I look at my wife think she has been doing this on-line shopping just a little too much. As Kia joins my wife again, my wife says "Baby, could you move your butt up to the edge of the couch." I look at both of them and move my ass up to the edge. I am now practically lying down on the couch with my legs spread and my wife stroking my cock. Kia leans in and takes over for my wife. Seeing Kia's lovely lips take my cock in full is an awesome sight. She works my cock with such expertness that it drives me crazy. I start to push up into Kia's wonderful mouth when I feel the vibe on my asshole. My wife gives me a wicked grin as she slowly starts to work the vibe in. The vibrations of this one are particularly strong and I can feel Kia's lips letting my cock vibrate in her mouth. As Kia deep throats me again, I feel her hands massaging my balls as I see my wife starting to work the vibe in and out in long strokes.

After a while, my wife taps Kia's shoulder and says, "My turn darling, but go over and put my strap-on on you, it should fit."

Kia says, "Do I get to fuck him? I ask because I have never had the chance to fuck a guy like this, only other girls."

My wife perks up at the statement, "Other girls?"

Kia replies, "Yes other girls, I had relationships with several girls in high school, and they loved it when I would fuck them with my favorite toy."

My wife replies, "Ah, you told me how you got that toy in high school."

I reply, "Oh really, she told you?"

My wife looks at me sticking out her tongue, "Yes."

We all laugh some at the silly situation. My wife takes this opportunity to climb up on top of me and puts my cock in her pussy. As my wife slides down, I see her close her eyes and start to ride me. I smile broadly at her as she begins to get into having my cock in her pussy (She has always loved how my cock fit in her pussy.). I see Kia, reach down and grab the bottle of baby oil and spray some on my wife's back side. My wife coo's as the baby oil starts to run down her butt and to my cock as she is riding me. The baby oil greases me up nicely and I feel my wife really starting to bounce on my cock. I see Kia reach behind my wife and assume that she is starting to work a finger into my wife's ass, but I feel her fingers working in with my cock.

Kia leans forward and looks at my wife and asks, "Do you want me to fuck your pussy as well?" I hear my wife give some inaudible reply, which I have learned was a yes. I shake my head yes at Kia and as my wife is riding my cock, I feel Kia place the strap-on next to me and then to my amazement, my wife pushes her pussy down over both of us. I impending pressure is immense, I have never felt my wife would like 2 dicks at once, let alone take 2 dicks at once.

My wife yelps out in pain as she begins to ride both me and Kia. I see a look of pure lust come over my wife's face as she tries to take us both as deep as she can. I can see the pleasure on her face is most intense, while I am feeling my dick being pressed into corners of her pussy I never thought existed.

The tightness drives me crazy, she is so tight that my load builds with such speed that I nearly shoot after a short period of time, but I exercise my self-control again and keep myself from shooting early. I see my wife looking back as she is trying to take both my cock and Kia's rubber one, she's only going about half way down us, but I can tell she is determined to take more. As she rides the 2 of us, I can feel her getting farther and farther down our cocks, I can see her concentrating on taking us all in, but soon I see her eyes close and she is biting her lower lip as her body starts to shake uncontrollably. I feel my wife's pussy gush all over both cocks in her, though this doesn't loosen her up one bit. Kia takes my wife's hips and start to pull her down on top of both of us, this time I let my load build and in no time I am coming in my wife's pussy. During this my wife has a look of pain on her face as Kia does the fucking of her. I pull myself out of my wife as Kia remains in her pussy. Honestly, I didn't want to feel like a wrapped hot anymore, and as soon as I am out of my wife's pussy, I see relief cross her face.

Shortly after, my wife's face scrunches up, and her body shakes violently. I wrap my arms around her just to keep her from shaking so badly. And again, I feel my wife gushing all over my legs, but this time Kia had taken out the strap-on. My wife lays there on my chest breathing hard and shaking her head. Kia has taken a seat next to me with a look of concern on her face. As my wife opens her eyes, a look of glee crosses her face. My wife pulls Kia to her and kisses her passionately. My wife breaks the kiss, saying to Kia "My god girl, that was so intense, I have never had that happen to me, the orgasms were incredible."

I sit up with my wife in my arms, looking down between my legs to see if there was any damage done. Other than a little bit of blood, the carpet wasn't too badly covered, but the cleaning bill would be pretty bad.

I kiss my wife’s neck and then her lips. Kia turns my head to her, and kisses me as well. Kia says, "Thanks for the evening; it was very awesome to have had sex with both of you." We both thanked her and watched as she got dressed.

My wife and I get up and her to the front door. Of course I am wearing a towel once again, just to be modest. My wife on the other hand, is still naked and has a hard time walking. We get to the door; we both kiss Kia again, and watch out the door as she leaves. We see a car driven by, but my wife doesn't care as she waves good bye to Kia. My wife turns back to me and closes the door.

I ask my wife once the door is closed, "Was this a<b> fantasy </font></b>of yours, 2 dicks in your pussy?"

She smiles at me, taking my arm in her arm and says, "Let’s go finish that pizza, and I'll tell you a few other fantasies of mine." I pick her up, and tell her "Well, until you are able to walk straight. Fantasies will have to wait for a bit." I carry her to the living room and put her down. I grab a piece of pizza for both of us and give her one. I turn off the DVD player and turn on the cable to the game that was on that night.

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