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In search of Rachel: my submissive fantasy I wrote to my husband.  

Isothird202 44M/47F
1 posts
8/19/2021 8:07 am
In search of Rachel: my submissive fantasy I wrote to my husband.

This is a submissive fantasy of mine I wrote to my husband. I would love to find a Rachel to act this out with us. We have many more ideas and I will probably post more stories in the future, if you are interested in acting out with us, or of your own dominant or submissive roles, please contact us! I am a switch and can be dominant or submissive, though I do tend toward liking the submissive side...

About an hour before our special new friend Rachel, a beuatiful petite
brunette with a passion for great sex, is about to arrive you tell me
that it's time to get ready. I stop what I am doing and head upstairs
to the bedroom where I notice you have everything all ready. You tell
me to take all my clothes off and to climb up on the chair with the
pillow on it. I obey and do exactly as I am told. I remove all of my
clothing and I climb up on the kitchen chair on my knees with my head
facing the back of the chair. You tell me to spread my knees and I do
so that each knee is near each edge of the chair seat and you take out
the soft black ropes and you start wrapping them firmly around each
thigh just above the knee several times then you take the end and pull
it tight downwards and toward the back of the chair tying it around
the back of each chair leg. Next you pull my wrists up against the
back of the chair and wrap each several times then tie them firmly to
the back of the chair. Finally you wrap another length of rope around
my neck several times then tie it to the back of the chair so that my
neck is even with the back of the chair and my head is hanging over
the edge of it. Then you step back and smile at your work and take
several pictures of me in my vulnerable position. You run your hands
gently and slowly up and down my body from my face to my ass then back
up my stomach and you stop to play gently with my breasts a little.
Then you walk away for a few minutes and come back with some toys you
place on the bed in front of me. You take the ball gag and put it in
my mouth and fasten it behind my head. You pull out your semi hard
cock and rub it gently on my face until it gets hard, making me
immediately want your cock, you know this and tell me that I am not
getting any for awhile until I prove what a good girl I am. I nod my
head to show that I will be a good girl. Then you take my riding crop
and walk around behind me and smack my left cheek, leaving a red welt
behind. Then you smack the other cheek, then you start hitting each
cheek, sometimes once before moving to the next cheek, sometime 2 or 3
times before moving to the other cheek, sometime high on my as,
sometimes in the middle, and sometime low on my ass even occasionally
to the top of my thigh, so that I never know exactly where or when the
next is going to be. I start to moan with the pain and the
pleasure of it and you can see that my pussy is starting to glisten
with wetness and my clit is starting to swell. Next you take the crop
and hit my swollen pussy with it once, twice, times before you hear
a knock on the door and go to answer it.
Our new friend Rachel comes in the door dressed in a simple black
dress that hugs her petite frame and ample breasts nicely. She stops
in front of me and smiles at me all tied , cheeks already red and
says 'it looks like she's ready, now it's our turn'. She takes off her
black dress to reveal a sexy black bustier that leaves her beautiful
breasts bare and a matching pair of sexy crotchless panties. You and
her stand in front of me and you kiss her mouth before lowering your
head to her gorgeous breasts and gently suck each nipple in turn. She
moans in pleasure and reaches to pull your boxers off and lowers
herself to the pillow on the floor in front of me and he puts your
hard cock in her mouth and starts sucking it and you tell me how good
her mouth feels and how good she is at sucking your cock. She is so
good at sucking your cock, and you enjoy me watching this beautiful
brunette suck your cock that it takes about 5 minutes and you are
ready to cum, just as you are about to cum you pull your cock out of
her mouth and turn to me cumming all over my face. I close my eyes and
have no choice but to take it, feeling the warmth on my cheeks and
forehead as gravity starts pulling it downward, dripping off my chin.
Next you lay Rachel down on the bed in front of me and spread her legs
so that I can see her wet pussy spread wide. You get down on your
knees on the pillow now and start licking her beautiful wet pussy in
front of me as my pussy gets wetter and wetter and my clit swells even
more. Rachel is of those lucky women who can cum just from having
her pussy eaten and after minutes of you licking and sucking and
enjoying her nice smooth wet pussy she also cums, moaning loudly as
she pulls your head into her pussy, cumming on your lips. Your cock is
hard and wanting her pussy so you get and slide your hard cock in
her freshly cummed tight little pussy and I watch as you fuck her
right there in front of me as I wish that was my pussy getting licked
and fucked. I moan with pleasure still denied as Rachel moans with
pleasure fulfilled as you keep fucking her, then she wants to cum
again and you trade positions getting on to your back so that she can
climb on top, backwards facing me and straddles your cock and rides
your cock moaning and telling me what a nice cock my husband has until
she again cums this time on your cock. You are so turned on by
watching this beautiful petite brunette ride your cock, knowing that I
have no choice but to watch her while she cums on your cock that you
also cum again, inside of her this time. She looks at me and smiles
as she climbs off and you both stand .
Now that you both have satisfied each other you turn to me, you go
around behind me picking the leather whip and Rachel moves the
little foot stool in front of me so that she can stand on it to bring
her puss to my lips and she takes the ball gag out of my mouth. I
lick my lips in anticipation as she brings her lips down to mine and
kisses me gently but passionately on the mouth and you run your hands
gently and down my back. Then Rachel stands on the stool and puts
her pussy in my face and I greedily start licking hers and your cum
from her beautiful smooth little cunt. Meanwhile you are whipping my
ass with the leather whip as I cry out but the sound is muffled by
Rachels pussy in my face. You stop whipping me, unable to resist my
swollen wet, throbbing, neglected pussy and you reach down and give it
a few licks with your tongue and I cry out so loudly that Rachel grabs
me by the head and smothers my cry with her pussy. You stand and
slide your hard cock into my dripping wet cunt and start to fuck me as
Rachel continues to smother my face muffling my cries as your cock
slides in and out, deep and hard making me cry out louder. Rachel is
thoroughly enjoying this and grabs me by the back of my head,
thrusting her pussy even harder into my face as she cums again. She
gets down from the stool and walks to the bed and says, 'well you have
been a good girl so far, let's see how good you can be'.
Next you come around in front of me and start gently rubbing your cock
on my face and softly running your hands and down my naked body,
while Rachel goes to the bed and grabs the strap on dildo and puts it
on and smiles at me before she goes around in behind and gently slides
it in my eagerly waiting pussy while you slide your cock in my open
mouth, filling both at the same time. You and Rachel both fuck
each of my gently at first, slowly sliding them in and out. Then
Rachel starts fucking me harder and you reach for the whip and whip my
ass while you continue fucking my mouth a little harder and faster
now. Rachel is fucking me hard now, holding my hips while she thrusts
her hips pushing the the dildo deep inside me and I am moaning and
crying out so loudly though muffled, until you push your cock deep
down my throat, silencing me and cutting off my breathing. You drop
the whip and grab the vibrator that you had put on the chair beneath
me and you turn it on gently touching it to the of my swollen,
wet, throbbing clit. You hold it there for just a moment, your cock
still deep in my<b> throat </font></b>and Rachel still fucking me from behind and it
takes a few seconds and I cum so hard it shakes my entire body
with the ropes holding me tight making the release even more intense,
finally it was my turn. You pull it away and you both continue fucking
me and every minute or so you bring the virbator back and make me
cum and cum again. orgasms later, you both smile at each other
and Rachel says ' she is a good girl, we should give her something
You both pull out of me, leaving me with my head spinning from the
fucking and orgasms I had just received. You go to the bed and grab
the lube and the but plug while Rachel takes off the strap on for now
and comes over to me, rubbing her soft, luscious breasts in my face,
letting me lick and suck each gorgeous hard nipple in turn. I rub my
face all over those beautiful breasts while I feel you putting lube on
my ass and rubbing it with the silicone butt plug, slowly putting it
in a little more each time. Rachel stands on her stool and puts her
pussy in my mouth again and I hungrily lick and suck her clit and
tongue her hole with so much eagerness she is once again cumming in my
face as you finally pop the plug all the way into my ass, reaching
around me from behind to fondle my breasts and place your skin onto
mine as I feel your hard cock pressing against me. 'Mmmm' I say into
Rachel's wet pussy, 'please can I have more?'.
You stand and slide your hard cock into my pussy, now filling both
my while I eat Rachel's gorgeous little cunt. You fuck me for
awhile then reach again for the vibrator, making me cum 5 more times.
I am dizzy and gasping for air from all the pleasure, I am almost
delirious and my hands are going numb from holding my body weight.
You pull out and Rachel steps down from her stool, bringing me a glass
of water and allowing me to catch my breath. You rub your hands gently
and down my body, telling me what a good girl I am and how much you
love me. Then you come back in front of me and put your cock on my
lips and I reach my tongue out and gently lick it, tasting my juices
and suddenly wanting more and I take it in and start sucking it.
"She's ready' Rachel says and puts the strap on back on and starts
fucking my pussy from behind while sometimes pushing and pulling on
the plug still in my ass. Now that you have completely filled all
3 of my you reach for the vibrator again, now pushing down a
little harder and holding it a bit longer, bringing me to an orgaism 3
or 4 more times, I am unsure because I have lost count, caught in
the moment, my mind wild with so much pleasure. I start to whimper and
gasp for air again and I feel thoroughly spent.
You and Rachel both pull out and trade positions. She takes the strap
on off, now for a good licking, and puts her wet pussy into my
mouth, grinding her pussy onto my face. You pull the plug out and
gently slide your cock into my ass, slowly easing into my prepared
ass, already lubed and stretched just a little but still nice and
tight for your hard cock. You fuck me gently at first then faster and
harder while Rachel continues to grind her swollen wet pussy onto my
eager mouth. You reach for the vibrator more time and hold it
firmly against my clit while you fuck my ass. As I feel you get ready
to cum I also hear Rachel gaining momentum, and then suddenly I cry
out with my orgasm which makes Rachel cum on my face, muffling my
scream. Just a moment later I hear you call out while you blow your
load into my tight ass, stroking it a few more times before leaning
over on top of me, pressing your skin against mine. Rachel too leans
over me from the front, pressing her skin next to mine and hugging me,
then you, before pulling back and collapsing on the bed, she too was
spent. You hold me and kiss me for a while before untying me and I lay
down on the bed, in the middle and we all hold each other in our arms,
all smiling with complete satisfaction..

RobK2006 55M
5998 posts
8/20/2021 1:15 am

That was incredibly hot. I love how often you came and how Rachel pressed her pussy into your face. Also how you watched Rachel have sex with your husband while you watched.

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