An Oral Appetizer  

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3/21/2022 5:52 am
An Oral Appetizer

I remember that back after I graduated high school I constantly would hear when I was out among other people (majority of those people being women) was a mans inability to orally please a woman let alone make them orgasm. During this time I felt like I had somewhat of an inside track with my sister being into women and so yes I did one day sit my sister and her girlfriend down and ask them to share with me some of the things that most men don't know how to do in this area. I didn't want to be placed in the group of men that didn't have a clue how to satisfy a woman orally. I wanted to stand out and be different. Unlike many men I don't take a woman giving me feedback as a bad thing, but rather take it as her being open and honest with me with how she likes it done or what I could do more of or less of that will satisfy her. After all I think what most men fail to realize that it's more likely a woman will want you again if you are able to satisfy her rather then being selfish and getting yourself off and leaving her there to wonder if she gets hers since you got yours.

I personally love to perform oral sex on a woman, but I always make sure before hand that it is something that she wants me to do (I have been with women who weren't comfortable and I respected that and didn't go down on them at all) because she gets off on it. I'm also picky about who I perform oral sex on as well. I can't remember a woman who enjoyed it stopping me from doing it, but I could be wrong, but if it ever did happen it didn't happen very much.

Now what I'm about to get into I don't want anyone to take the wrong way. I'm not trying to be cocky or arrogant or big headed at all. I'm just simply sharing my take on what I think are the focal points when performing oral sex on a woman. I'm not saying that I personally practice this or perform it in this manner. After all every woman is different and I'm more of a read and react type of person instead of a person who sticks to thought out routine.

Foreplay is a crucial part of sex and most men will bypass it and immediately go down on a woman. You need to set the mood first. Kissing her neck and breasts would certainly make her more agreeable to the act.

I think once she's very hot and wanting to feel you inside her, it's actually time to down on her. I'm a big believer that the end of your<b> tongue </font></b>is able to do some amazing things when eating a girl out. I would start out lick the folds of her vagina (the vagina is quite a sensitive organ so it's best to be gentle).

When you begin to hear her writhing and moaning with enjoyment, it's time to be more adventurous. I start flicking her clit and rotating the front of my<b> tongue </font></b>in a circular motion on her clit. The tip of your<b> tongue </font></b>will give her an astonishing variety of textures. An ideal mixture of roughness and smoothness will probably bring her to the verge of climax.

I find that how she is responding to my touch whether or not I can begin rushing the pace. Once I feel that she is ready to orgasm I will start rotating the front of my<b> tongue </font></b>faster and with more force on her clit until she cums (sometimes I might even slide a finger or two inside her while licking her clit).

One way I think a woman can give a man a sign that he's doing things right is by grabbing his head and grinding herself up against his<b> tongue </font></b>and I personally love when a woman does this because I feel like it's a way for her to tell me that she is totally feeling what I'm doing.

In closing there have been a few times where I had gotten in over my head and kept at it when I should've stopped which led to her being sore and like I said in the beginning I appreciate the feedback that woman is willing to tell me whether its positive or negative because my goal is to satisfy her and for her to want me to do it again and again and again and (well you see where I'm going with this) again. And one more thing, it's NEVER a bad thing when she's vocal between her moaning because to me hearing her be vocal just makes me want to continue even more.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment below.

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