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Howdy Again. Time to update this blog...been slackin...
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Going over to CDA tomorrow...
Posted:Jun 17, 2021 10:33 pm
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2021 9:50 am

I'll be headed Coeur d'Alene Idaho this weekend. Gonna see my and her family for Father's Day Weekend. I'm takin my Homemade Ice Cream maker and gonna treat the kiddo's some of my special recipe orange vanilla Ice Cream! Then we are going over Silverwood on Saturday! I'm gonna float the lazy river, race the grandkids on the super slide, and flounder around in the Wave Pool! Silverwood Theme Park is an awesome place spend Fathers day! I wish someone were going with me...
Cinco de Mayo
Posted:May 7, 2021 10:45 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 10:34 pm

I got hook up with my Girlfriend this Cinco de Mayo.
Cinco de Mayo is like an anniversary for us. I drove 0 miles see her, have dinner, and spend the night with her. She is suffering from menopause and has Zero sex drive, no desire and no interest in sex.
But yet, our special day, she gave me a mind blowing blow job, and she let me go down on her. She seemed enjoy , but I couldn't get her cum. She even was experiencing pain when I inserted 1 finger inside her. I feel so sorry for her. Yet she still loves me and wants me...just doesn't want sex.
Since we are so far apart, she has said that she wants me find a woman be able satisfy me sexually. I guess I am picky, busy or whatever have even been looking for someone else...but would be nice find a couple paly with again?
Gawd, I miss sex...
Gawd, I miss her...
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On the Road Again...
Posted:Feb 25, 2021 7:26 am
Last Updated:May 8, 2021 10:39 am
Good Morning!
I am going to be on the road again...looking to meet some new and interesting folks!
Friday I will be in CDA for an evening. Saturday, I will be in Vancouver WA, I have a beautiful Lodge reservation. Sunday, Back to Coeur d'Alene ID for the evening, Monday, back in Good Ol' Montana.
Perhaps you may want to ride along?? some or all of the way??
Anyway, Ladies...if you would like to meet a polite, respectful cowboy...Hit Me Up and I may even go outta my way for you...
I'm in CDA/Spokane area...Lets Meet!
Posted:Feb 12, 2021 1:31 pm
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2021 1:31 pm

Good Morning Coeur D'alene, Post Falls, Sand point and Spokane! I am here for the weekend and I am looking meet and greet with singles and couples. I am respectful, but honier than a two peckered Billy Goat!
Lets meet and see where the day takes us... into the night???
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Tomorrow is my Birthday!!!
Posted:May 14, 2020 7:14 pm
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2021 7:39 pm

Tomorrow is my Birthday. I know my sweet beautiful Lil NDN girl will be giving me blowjobs, anal sex and allowing me to titty fuck her great tits!
I would like to have you send me sexy photos of yourselves and tell me how YOU would like to help me celebrate my Birthday!?!
Hope I get some fun ideas! And some sexy photos! I will reply to all senders!
Thanks...in advance!
Thanks again, Senior Sizzle!
Posted:Mar 13, 2020 5:08 am
Last Updated:Dec 15, 2020 9:41 am

Well, I see Senior Sizzle has taken away another one of our (standard member) privileges. Now, us standard members can not even view the small bit of info that we used to be able to see and read about another member by running our cursor over a members Thumbnail photo. Or maybe its just my computer. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
I guess if you want to see, IM, message or flirt with anyone on here, we are all gonna have to pay.
This used to be a great site 20 years ago. I have been gold in the past, Hell, I remember when they offered a silver membership...Which I adored! Silver used to allow a member to view profiles, and send E-mails. That was the best! And I would pay up for that kinda service again! But being able to watch members videos, and get porn channels and all the other fluff that comes with Gold...which I am not interested in...is not worth my time and money.
Posted:Mar 4, 2020 6:50 am
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2020 7:22 pm
ways Turn your Man On...
Really, Cosmopolitan...What comes after "Grab his Junk"???
Steamroom Sex...
Posted:Feb 28, 2020 9:51 pm
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2020 10:15 am

At the apartment that we live in, we have a pool (only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day), a wonderful therapy/hot tub, a rec room, TV room and work out gym...And a dry/wet sauna. Now my girlfriend, being an NDN, she loves steam rooms...I had never been in one. The first time in was so hot and steamy you couldn't see thru all the steam! The steam room has a full length glass door and a large picture window...so normally you can see clearly into the back of the steam room.
The second time we were in there...the steam, again was so heavy and thick, I made the comment that we could be nude in there and no one would see us! My girlfriend said, "Well take your trunks off and lets see!" I am not sure if she was fishing for a shy response from me or if she was feeling frisky...either way I wasn't going to disappoint her or back away from that kind of a challenge! I got outta my trunks and she came over and stated playin with my manhood, which was already getting erect just thinking of the naughty thing we were doing in the public sauna! Now, anyone who has been in a sauna knows how hot and humid and hard to breath it is in one of these.
She pumped my cock for about a minute and then went down on me. Suckin, lickin, strokin my cock and lovin every second of it! We used to have sex along highways, in the car and with the windows open at hotels when we were younger...but this was the first time she got carried away in a place where we coulda gotten caught...in YEARS!
She was giving me her all, suckin my cock and balls, pumping my cock with her fist and moaning like a turned on satisfied woman should! I couldn;t breathe with all the steam! I could barly see her face swallowing my cock! I only lasted about 8 minutes until I couldn't hold out any more. I told her I was gonna cum and she deep thorated my cock and I blew my cum straight into the back of her throat! I was gasping for air and she was balls deep on my cock! She never even had to swallow! I couldn't catch my breath, when she came up off my cock...she never missed a beat. She just kept suckin and stoking me while I gasped for air...and there was none...just steam! It honestly took me about 10 minutes to stop gasping for air...as I lay there with my trunks around my ankles, my still stiff cock and my girlfriend licking and kissing it!
The steam shut off, and it took about another 4-6 minutes before we could see out of the steam room window. No one had come by or come in that we knew of.
We ended the night by soaking in the hot tub. The cool crisp Montana winter air was the most refreshing air I think I had ever tasted...that I could remember up to that day!
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Its been a long time...
Posted:Feb 25, 2020 6:41 am
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2020 6:39 am

Good Morning Blogsville!
My Girlfriend has been outta town dealin with family maters East of the Rockies, and we have been apart for 4 weeks. She had to come to Kalispell with her Granddaughter for a coupla days so we planned an Adult Evening. We started off at a local Micro-Brew/Pub for drinks and dinner. After we got acquainted with each other again...it was back to the Love Shac
Now...as I have mentioned, she is menopausal and is not always horny anymore...but us being apart for 4 weeks and finally getting together again...she was ready for some lovin! We missed out on Valentines day together so I had to show her the gifts I had gotten for her...Live Flowers, Bubble bath, Her favorite perfume, and little things I had done to our apartment while she was away to make her know I was thinking of her...and of course...Chocolates!
As soon as we hit the sheets we were deep kissing like a couple of teenagers...Damm, she kisses well! Her hands were on my erect coc..whispering in my ear how much she missed it...it felt so good! She went down on ...licking, sucking, teasing and totally enjoying herself (she gets so wet suckin my cock). She wouldn't even let with her boobs...saying "This is all about ! You just lay there and enjoy this!" Who was I complain? She was totally into my cock, making lil moaning sounds while she was sucking my balls as she stroked my cock, deep throating and holding my cock in her throat, spittin on my coc..Gawd, she is good!
Finally, afte about 20 minutes of suckin and lickin every inch of my Manhood, she flopped over on her back and started rubbin her soaked pussy and said "Now that you got all wet...I want you eat !" I was on her immediately...After all, I am the GO-Down-Cowboy! I was so excited and I recon a little overzealous that she had push my head away...claiming she was about cum and she wanted make this last a Good Long Time...After all...we hadn't been together is a long time. So I just say up and eased my cock into her wetness. She squeeled as I entered her...but I only went inside her about half way and pulled back out, moved up to her head and told her to suck her juices off my coc That turned her on so much she hungrily swallowed my hard wet coc She sucked for about minutes and said she wanted more...so back inside her for a few strokes and back her mouth.
Now I wanted go back down on her tasty pussy, but she wanted something do as well...so we were 69'in and we were both in bliss. Then she got demanding and said for lay on my bac She climbed on my cock and started ridin like I was some wild stallion! Rockin back and forth on my cock as I licked and massaged her great tits! She came in minutes with loud deep guttural moan/groans! The kind that let you know she is totally cumming hard! She just sat there, fingernails dug into my chest, quivering in extacy! She called time out and needed a break, so we drifeted off to sleep for 40 winks.
A little later...we both woke up and she got up to pee. She came back to bed and wanted some cuddle time...but as soon as we were close, she grabbed my stiff cock (I still hadn't cum yet so I was hard again). We were just laying there and I was rubbing her back, she was just curled up close to me and holding my coc..She whispered "I only wanted cuddle" which I replied..."You got the bonus package, baby!"
She let go down on her again...this time I was nice and easy...licking her pussy and tongue fucking her ass. She has a great ass! She would touch her clit as I was tonguing her ass and she told me she wanted me to fuck her ass! Now that is the hottest thing my woman can say to me! She lay on her back, one leg over my shoulder and I was going to enter her pussy to get some lubrication, but she denied me access! She said Fuck my ass! I applied some spit to the head of my cock and she spit on her hand and was rubbin her asshole. I entered her slowly and her moans of pleasure were loud and long. She looked me in the eye and said she loved me fuckin her ass. She knows how to turn me on! Well after not cumming during our first session, I had some pent up cum in my balls and she was moaning loudly...almost ready to cum and I beat her to it...unloading deep up her ass! She knew I was cumming so she rode my cock with that magnificent Ass and while playing with her pussy, she Climaxed again! She reaches the best orgasms during anal sex!
Well, we were both spent for the evening...but we woke up and made our morning sex routine a nice way to start the day! Along with some coffee later...of course!
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My Lil' NDN gal and me...
Posted:Feb 24, 2020 8:11 am
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2020 4:59 pm

Just am update on our situation...
My Lil' NDN girl and I are officially a couple! We have moved in together. We are now livin in Sin and experiencing the Joy and Trials of two people from different cultures and backgrounds, living and loving together in this thing called life.
She is going thru menopause and her sex drive is very low, complicated with the hot flashes that transform my dream girl into a raging, hormonal twisted B-auch! But I never hold anything against her as I see her sufferings and torment, and we talk things out as two rational people in love should do.
I am still in the work force, and go to work all day. She is a very social butterfly who is unemployed and board. She has family here and visits with them and also most of her family is about 2 hours away. So she occasionally goes over to visit them at least once a month.
She is still the Love of my Life and we have awesome sex together at lease once a week. I would love more...but her health issues kinda squelch that.
SO...the good news is...we are together and we are working thru our cultural differences and her OCD, and my shortcomings. I love her and I have waited for her for a long time to come back into my life, and I am willing to fight to keep our happiness growing and going forward.
I am looking forward to writing about our sex life on here in the coming weeks...but just wanted everyone to know...We are a couple and I am happy and thankful for her!
Stink Tit...
Posted:Jun 2, 2019 12:12 pm
Last Updated:Mar 6, 2020 4:39 pm

OK...so I have re-connected with the woman mean the most to me, as far as an "outside the family" woman goes. My Mom, and my two daughters are the ones I will always have on my side, but my lil NDN gal is the Love of my life.
We started out as Fuck partners and she was the hottest lover I had ever met. She later communicated to me I was the best pussy licker she has ever known. So we started off pretty good. We hooked up every chance we could, and we always were a lil sad when we had to get back to reality.
Life took us in opposite directions...She went South to warmer country and I went West to Washington. We hooked up one time in WA, when she came over for a concert with her sis, and we had a great time...but she found a boyfriend down south and told me not to contact her anymore. Years went by and being a man of my word, I never contacted her and hoped she found happiness. I moved back to Montana and got back on Senior Sizzle and saw a profile photo of her on Senior Sizzle! I contacted her and she said "You know who this is" and I did know...so we text and chatted a bit...then she moved away to FLA. A year later she came back. THis time...she was searching for ME! We started hanging out (no sex) and pussy footin around, neither of us talking about sex...we were kinda like teenagers on a first date knew each other from school, but wanted to learn more about each other.
Well, Memorial Day....we went to a bonfire party and while we were hanging around, she mentioned we should get a room and have some intimate time together. CHECK, PLEASE!!!
We left and got a motel room at around 01:30 and we kissed, undressed and took a shower together and it was like we had never been apart from each other. She sucked my cock. deep throated me, sucked my balls and just ate me up! I flipped her around and went down on her and brought her close to orgasm, but backed off...she likes to ride the edge of her orgasm as long as possible.
Two naked bodies touching, groping, gobbling, kissing, probing, licking for hours. She had two orgasms and by now it was 04:00 and I am not as young as I used to be. So she went for my cock again with her sweet mouth and sucked me. She was on all 4's and I was kneeling on the bed. My fingers we buried in her pussy and she was working my cock with all she had...as I neared climax, i told her I was gonna cum! She didn't stop...wanting me to shoot my load in her mouth...and I obliged her. The first two or three ropes shot into her mouth and she wanted the rest on her face and hair! The more I watched her get pleasure from me cumming in and on her...turned me on even more!
Finally we colapsed in a heap on the bed and feel asleep. A couple hours later...we were at it again. She had to work Memorial day and I had family here so I dropped her off at her house and we kissed goodbye. My cum still in her hair. She told me she wasn't going to wash it out before going to work...I am still wondering about , but knowing her...she did what she said.
Gawd, I love this lil gal!
Back with the Love of my Life!
Posted:May 27, 2019 8:39 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2020 6:16 am

Good Evening Blogsville!
Well, I have been back on Senior Sizzle for the past 3 years after coming back from Washington. And low and behold...I found (we found each other) the woman that just DOES it for me. She is the best woman I have ever met on an Adult dating site and we have a close relationship.
She is kinda a dominatrix and loves to be in control, and she says I give the best head she has ever had! She is a bit of a Voyeur and loves to watch and also direct the action.
I have never had a FMF and would very much like to cross that one off my Bucket List. She is also into women so bonus if you like girl/girl play also.
Hit us up on my Blog here and lets get to know some folks!

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