No more than two text at a time..  

G000dbuddy 34M  
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10/10/2021 3:16 am
No more than two text at a time..

Drunk texting is just annoying drunk dialing, and you are sure say something you'll regret in the morning. Do yourself a favor and put your phone away when the party starts.

If your emotions are running high, it's the wrong time send a text message. It's especially true if your significant other was the one who made you emotional in the first place. Don't text angry, depressed or any time you are not in control of your feelings.

If you text the object of your affection and don't get a response, it's a good idea wait. Text once more if you simply can't help yourself, but don't go any further than that. Sending text after text after text makes you appear desper and that's not attractive.

Some conversations require face face interaction. Breaking in a text message is rude, and proposing that way is lame. Don't say I love you for the first time in a text message, either. Give your relationship milestones the respect they deserve.

Your date deserves your complete attention. Don't keep looking at your phone while you are supposed to be enjoying a romantic evening. You'll be letting yourself down well your date. A text message is an appropriate way check in with your date the next day and say that you enjoyed yourself.

Flirting by text message is a fantastic game for modern day couples. Just make sure you keep it subtle, or you could appear more forward than you intended be. Even married couples can benefit from a flirty text now and then. How explicit you get depends your relationship, but keep in mind who might view your partner's phone and where your significant other will be when the text goes through.

Don't include someone you are dating in chain texts. It can be an annoying thing do your friends, but they are likely forgive you. Your date might not. Do not call, leave a voicemail and then follow it with a text that states you just left a message. It makes you seem unstable.


G000dbuddy 34M  
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10/10/2021 3:19 am

Leave your beloved's phone alone and avoid looking through records of texts and phone calls. If you trust the person enough to be dating, you should trust the person enough to offer privacy. Sneaking around is never good for a relationship. If you feel like there might be a problem, talk about it. Don't snoop.


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10/10/2021 12:54 pm

thanks doctor phil.....

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