Date night  

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10/20/2021 7:37 am
Date night

We are going out on a date, it has been a while since we took some time
for each other so we make plans to go to the out to supper and a movie. We
arrange for a baby sitter and decide on what movie we are going to see. We
make a compromise and instead of seeing a blood and gore movie or a
tearjerker we go see a comedy. The restaurant we decide on is a pretty nice
one so we get dressed up to go. You wear a nice skirt and blouse and myself
wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants. Since this IS a date we are both
feeling a frisky and mess around a bit while getting ready for the
night. I suggest we take a shower together and you of course, agree that
only if I behave myself so we can get ready in a hurry. We undress and
climb into the shower, we take turns watching one another wash and pretty
much ignore the fact that we are so close to each other, naked, and both a
horny so we can get out of the house and on our date. However, I
finish before you do and of course I am now standing in the shower watching
you wash off. I take the bar of soap and wash off your back, paying close
attention to your butt as I do so. Doing this is causing me to get hard but
I try to ignore what is happening down there and keep washing you off.
Finally I can't take it anymore and start to rub up and down the shaft of my
completely erect coc I am just watching you, and since your back is to me
you don't notice what is happening behind your bac When you do turn
around you are surprised to see what I am doing and lean forward to kiss my
lips, this causes a large rush of adrenaline to go through my body and my
erection to become almost painful. You remind me that we needed to finish
getting ready so I put a frown on my face and lowered my head like I
had just been scalded. You stopped the shower and turned off the water,
reached for 2 towels and handed one to me while you began to dry off.
After drying off we both step into the bedroom and continue getting ready,
you starting to put on your panties and me slipping on my underwear. I
still have a raging hard-on so I decide what the hell and walk over behind
you and wrap my arms around your waist and gently kiss you on the back of
your nec Chills go up and down your spine as I press my lips to your soft
skin and my swollen dick presses against your butt chee I slowly kiss
down you back until I get to your panties waistband. You are wearing thongs
so I continue my way down and kiss the exposed flesh of your right cheek,
alternately licking and kissing your skin as I go. I ask you to bend and
put your hands on the dresser, you look back at me and unconvincingly say I
need to stop so we can finish getting ready. I just look up with an evil
grin on my face and say "relax, we have a time". You place
your hands on the dresser and bend over a , I can see the mound of
your pussy outlined against your panties, but I am not really interested in
that part of your body at this moment. I take both of my hands and run them
along the backs of your legs and up into the crack of your sexy ass, taking
my thumb and slipping it under your panties I pull the thong aside. I see
your cute butt hole and now I see the folds of your pussy lips being
pulled aside by the thong. I run my tongue along the underside of your butt
cheek, slowly inching my way down into the crevice where your rosebud
hides. My warm tongue finds it's mark and glides over your butt hole,
sending a chill up your back and almost instantly causing your juices to
flow, I now apply more pressure with my tongue, the sensation is
exhilarating as I hungrily lick your tight ass. A warm feeling engulfs your
body as I continue my attentions there and your excitement builds more and
more. I ask you to lay down on the bed and you eagerly do so, anticipating
what is going to happen next. You spread your legs and reveal your half
panty covered pussy to me, the folds are open and I can see just how juicy I
have made you. The image of you is right out of an X-rated magazine, just
the sight of you turns me on more. I reach up and put my fingers under the
waistband of your thong, I easily slip it down over your hips and ease them
off of your wonderful legs. I ask you to finger yourself for a minute, and
you oblige me of course, reaching down with your left hand and running your
finger up and down your slit before easing it into your warm hole. I
watch as you work your finger in and out, bringing it up to your clit and
teasing it a before easing it back in. You then insert another
finger and work both of them in and out, watching me as you do. I am
sitting in the floor still, I am rubbing my cock through my underwear
causing a large precum spot to form. I lean forward and kiss your inner
thigh, as I do this you remove your fingers from your pussy and nudge them
against my lips. You taste so wonderful, both sweet and tangy as I lick all
of your juices off your fingers. All I now is to taste your wet pussy
more. I move my head closer to your crotch and soon dip my tongue into your
juicy pussy, causing a shockwave to travel through your body. My
tongue goes in as deep as I can get it, then I lick my way up to your
wanting clit. I take it into my mouth and suck on it a , flittering
my tongue across it and teasing it with each touch. I reach up and push
your legs back, exposing your ass to me once again. I run my tongue from
your clit all the way down to your ass, applying pressure as I go. Driving
you crazy with each lick and causing you to me even more. Your butt
hole is wet now, I take my middle finger and tease it a . I gently
push and pump it into your ass while still sucking on your pussy, it isn't
long now, you will cum hard soon. I start paying more attention to your
clit now, devouring it like I haven't eaten in days. My finger is now up to
the first knuckle in your ass, the sensation of me slowly pumping your ass
and eating your sweet pussy is too much. Your orgasm builds and builds
until it comes over you and covers your body almost like a blanket, making
you convulse and reward me with your tasty cum as it flows from your pussy.
I can feel your rectal muscles contract around my finger as you cum,
rewarding me with the sensation that I have accomplished what I set out to
do. I stand up and look into your eyes, as I climb on top of you our eyes
never leave each others. Our lips meet and you can taste your own juices on
my lips as we kiss, you are still breathing hard and your excitement is
slowly subsiding. My cock is rock hard and actually semi painful, just
aching to get inside you or to even be touched by you..
I climb off the bed and look at you with a funny grin, I say we need to
finish getting ready and you wonder if I am going to get off but you don't
ask me. I walk over and get out another pair of underwear and change while
you still lay on the bed and recover. You finally get up and we both finish
getting ready, occasionally kissing or fondling each other as we go about
our individual tasks so we can leave. You look absolutely stunning in your
dress and I tell you so as we finally walk out the door. I make a comment
that it your fault we were running late this time and snicker a .
You reply with "oh, you just wait mister". We drive down to the oceanfront
and go to Raven's for supper. We order and while we are waiting enjoy a
nice cold beer, you look completely gorgeous in the dim light of the
restaurant, some other thoughts pop into my head giving me some wicked
ideas. I lean forward and motion for you to come closer for a kiss, our
lips meet and the feeling is heavenly. Our food comes to the table and we
begin eating, the food is really good and we vow to eat there more often. I
lean over and whisper to you that I your panties. You give me a funny
look and ask what I meant, I reply that I you to pull off your panties
right there in the restaurant and hand them to me. You of course tell me
that you can't do that because someone might see, then you start to look
around the room almost as if someone might know what we are talking about.
I look around and notice that there are only 2 other tables occupied besides
ours and tell you that no one will even notice what you are doing unless
you stand up and jerk them down because the other 2 tables are across from
you and there is a tablecloth covering you up. We sit there for a
while and just look at each other, A big grin on my face as I wonder if you
are going to do it or not. You look me in the eye, smile and say "ok
Buster" and ease your skirt up under the table. You grab your panties and
easily slip them off, balling them up in your hand and holding them out for
me to take. I put my hand on yours and take them from you, I to bring
them up to my nose and smell them but decide it is too risky and just place
them in my pocket for the time being. You are wondering what I have on my
mind as we continue eating and chatting about nothing really important, just
enjoying our time together. We finish eating and I leave the laying
on the table. As you are getting up the waitress comes over to you and
whispers in your ear that you should get your panties back from me, and that
a good pair is hard to come by. She then tells you to have fun and walks
away. You are in shock, you didn't know anyone watching or could even
see what you were doing. I didn't hear the conversation, you rushed out of
the restaurant, I wondered what up so I followed you out quickly and
asked why in such a hurry? You told me what had just happened and that you
were very embarrassed, I just giggled and said let's go to the truck honey.
You seemed mad at me, I couldn't gage how you were taking it but it did seem
that you were mad. We drove to the movies and you kept saying you couldn't
believe what had happened. We took time to have a nice kiss before we got
out of the truck and walked into the Mall holding hands. You seemed to be
getting over the incident at Ravens and a more at ease with it, I
glad about that. We bought our tickets and went into the theatre, there
were some other people already in there but not many (about ), they were
scattered around the room chatting among themselves waiting for the
previews. We sat down on one of the middle rows and continued talking about
what had happened at Ravens, you were more embarrassed than pissed, and you
still didn't think it funny. I told you I had a purpose behind my
madness and for you to be patient. You said you wanted your panties back
and of course I refused and you tried to take them out of my pocket. You
couldn't get to them and gave up without much of a fight. The previews
started and I took your hand and held onto it in your lap. There were a
couple of good ones coming out soon and we said we would have to go and see
them when they did. The movie started and we moved closer together and
kissed softly as we got into MOVIE MODE.

After about 30 minutes the movie wasn't as good as I had thought it would be
so I started for something else to entertain myself with, namely
your bare thigh. I began caressing your soft skin, and watching the movie
at the same time so I didn't know just how far I going up your leg. All
of a sudden I felt your pubic hair brush against my hand and you jump at
about the same time. I looked down and noticed that your skirt up
pretty high, but in the dim lights no one could see. You placed your hand
on my y wrist to keep me from going any further, I leaned over and whispered
in your ear that I would keep you covered so no one else would see us and
you slowly removed your hand from my wrist. We get back to watching the
movie, my hand is now gently brushing through your pubic hair, causing you
to become slightly aroused. I do this for a few minutes, easing my hand
into position for a more bold move on my part. I adjust my position in my
seat and slip my finger into the folds of your now moist pussy, you are wet,
and actually adjust your leg so I can get a better position. We continue
watching the movie, taking short glances at each other every time there is
a bright part in the movie. We don't notice that if anyone were to turn
around and look at us they would get an eye full. I am easily moving my
finger in and out of you now, you are getting excited thinking about the
possibility of getting caught. As the movie comes to an end, I pull my hand
from between your legs and a plopping sound attests to how wet you
are. I bring my finger up to my lips and remove your sex from it by sucking
it in like a big baby. On our way out you say you heed to stop and pee so a
pit stop it is. You come out of the bathroom a short time later and we kiss
each other passionately before leaving the theatre. When we get to the
truck you tell me that I am in trouble and reach down to my crotch and rub
my half-hard dic As we pull out of the parking lot you are unzipping my
pants and pulling out my dick, the things that are on your mind are
definitely dangerous to my driving. You lean over and we kiss, then your
head drops into my lap and you run your tongue around the head and then take
me full into your mouth. The sensation of your warm mouth on my dick is
overwhelming and it is hard to concentrate on the road with you going down
on me. You lick and suck the me, the texture of your tongue and the
enthusiasm of your actions were about to bring me over the edge. I
still turned on from earlier in the evening and my body had been longing to
get into one of your warm holes all night, I had just prolonged it as much
as I could. There almost no stopping it now, I wanted you so bad and it
would feel so good to cum at that moment. I asked you to slow down or you
would have a very big mess on your hands, literally. You stop and sit back
up in the seat, you still leave your hand on my hard cock and slowly stroke
it up and down, just enough to keep me excited and not let me cum all over

We pull into the driveway and walk up to the door of the house. I am still
very hard from your attentions and can't wait to get inside the house and
you too. We stumble through the door and work our way up the stairs, I ask
you if you want your panties back and you turn around to ask me if I wanted
to give them back to you. I am still walking up the stairs and practically
run you over, we both fall on the stairs and begin kissing almost instantly.
I pull your skirt up and quickly bury my face into your wetness, you are
soaking wet and I am rewarded with a deliciously generous amount of your
juices. You taste wonderful as I stick my tongue deep into your pussy and
wiggle it around before I go back to your clit. We are both on fire now,
our bodies both yearning for each other as we work our way back up the
stairs and into the bedroom. We hurriedly undress and move to the bed,
there is no time for foreplay, that has went on throughout the night. Now
we are down to some serious business. You grab my cock and start pumping it
in your hand as I devour your sweet tits, teasing and licking them with my
tongue. I suck on one of your nipples hard, sending a shock through your
body. You can't wait to get me inside you now, you push me down on the bed
and climb on top of me. My rigid cock it at the entrance to your pussy and
slips in easily as you sit down on it. Your inner walls are so warm and
wet, I almost cum right then but slow you down before I do. Your rocking
motions are slow now, I want to feel every inch of your pussy sliding up and
down on me. I suck each breast like it is a sucker, squeezing one nipple
with my fingers and sucking on the other one with my mouth. You start
making long strokes up and down on my dick, getting more excited with each
bounce. I begin to cum, but it is only a orgasm, not quite the big
one I can't wait to give you. Your body becomes hot, and you start to sweat
as your orgasm approaches. We lock into a frenzy of deep French kissing as
you cum, slowing down your bounces on my cock to enjoy the sensation. I
begin to cum hard too, I feel the cum coming up my shaft and into your womb.
I almost pass out because of the magnitude of my orgasm, filling you with
cum until it begins to run out of your pussy onto my<b> balls </font></b>and down on the
bed. You feel every spurt inside of you as I cum, we are both now
exhausted, almost unable to move.

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