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Our Recent Venture Into Cuckoldry
Posted:Nov 11, 2021 6:14 am
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2021 8:18 am
subby hubby posting here with the permission of my Lovely Wife ForHerPleasureX2. We joined Senior Sizzle just about a month ago hoping it would give her an outlet flirt with other men and maybe meet someone that she could have sex with in front of me where she would basically make me a cuck. Well we have had a couple of encounters with two men she met here on Senior Sizzle. These are men that took the time to get to know us on Senior Sizzle and . The experiences so far have been very very very hot and exciting but also have stirred some mixed feelings for me as a new cuck. The very first time was hard for me watch as I could see her arch her back and moan in ecstasy as the Bull was making her feel so good. Although I enjoyed seeing her feel a way that I have not been able make her feel in a long time, I also felt a tinge of jealousy that I did not expect. The next time it was much easier and she involved me more and talked more and made more eye contact with . I was even let out of my cage and allowed help spitroast her a couple of times. We have filmed some of this with permission of the two Bulls involved so far. Last Sunday evening she and I played together while watching the videos. It was sooooo hot. She dressed in a FemDom like pleather negligee and used a new crop on me that we bought that day. She ordered me to go down on her and I did for what seemed like a very satisfying and longer that usual session. She watched the videos cast from my phone to our big screen TV in the bedroom. I ate her very wet pussy for quite some time and fingered her pussy. She just kept moaning and getting wetter and wetter. There was a nice big wet spot and then as she watched the video of her recent Bull cum while he fucked her she came so hard and squirted big time. I lapped it . Then she let out of my cage and ordered fuck her. I did so for a while and then she sat of my face and had tongue fuck her ass while she vibed her clit as I jacked off. I had an amazing release that was so good. We both had great orgasms together during this session. I think the combination of male chastity, tease and denial, daily spankings and our recent venture into cuckolding has brought us closer and made our sex life so much sweeter. I really hope that she finds one or two regular Bulls that she deems worthy enough to fuck her once a week each. Keep trying guys. Keep chatting her . The right Bull is out there and will be very lucky have her as a regular thing.
Subby Hubby's Well Beat Ass
Posted:Nov 11, 2021 5:47 am
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2021 8:40 am
Subby Hubby posting here with the permission of my amazing FemDom Wife ForHerPleasureX2. I really love the way my Wife takes the time beat a pretty much daily basis. I have discovered that I am quite a masochist and cannot get enough. She usually spanks one times a day depending what is going and how busy we are. She beats with a variety of implements including paddles, canes, wooden spoons, straps, floggers, crops etc. Lately her favorites have been one of the canes and the wooden spoon. She so lovingly and expertly switches between the two implements so that once I have had about I can take of the stinging of the cane she switches the thudyness of the hard wooden spoon and then back the cane when that spoon becomes too much. She usually gives me about 100 strokes per spanking. Sometimes I can count them in my head but other times it feels so good that I lose count. Last Sunday as we were watching the Saints and Falcons game, I asked her if we could a game where every time our opponent the Falcons scored she would take me the bedroom and spank . She instead suggested that she wanted spank every time our team the Saints scored. Of course I agreed, I was simply looking for any reason get spanked more than usual. Unfortunately our team lost in a close score game, but the result was that I had a nicely bruised ass. The following Monday morning after my morning beating, we noticed some nice bruises on my ass. The picture in this post shows recent red welts from the morning caning and awesome bruises from the extra game day attention the day before. It seems like I rarely bruise these days. I do not know if my ass has gotten used daily beatings or what, but I wish I could stay bruised and tender of the time. I also delight in my impression that she is enjoying exploring the feelings she gets from the Sadism aspect of this . The combination of spanking, male chastity and our latest venture into her cucking has a new sexual arousal plane that is nothing short of amazing.

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