Coming back after a hiatus  

FootFetistQs 37F
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9/19/2021 3:58 am
Coming back after a hiatus

I have been on and off of Senior Sizzle over the years but finding it much more frustrating on this turn. Used to be able to view profiles and chat on IM not problem but now I can barely access anything.

I know these things are here to make money but I feel it is getting a bit out of hand. I mean they already sell our email addresses for marketing.

Anyone that's my little moan for today (well my none sexual one at least). Hope everyone is finding the site well.

Remember, respect always!

X_Hicks_X 43M  
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9/19/2021 4:47 am

Senior Sizzle became a bullshit. Now a standard member can't do anything without tips. And since this Points system is in place, less fun, more scammers.....

whitebeard1964 57M

9/19/2021 8:08 am

I'm also back again. It does seem to be much more difficult to use and more expensive. I also notice a lot more "professionals" using this site than in the past. Not sure I am going to upgrade.

1123spinner 74M

9/19/2021 8:16 am

Agree with all you say.

G000dbuddy 34M  
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9/19/2021 9:02 am



forgotforgetting 55M
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9/19/2021 9:33 am

The site is a shaddow of what it was. When I first joined it was a great place to meet people. Now, it's just a place to keep up with old friends. The various loons who have owned the site have progressively run it into the ground. Sad really.

Welcome back. Good hunting.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

iraduu 42M
3598 posts
9/19/2021 9:35 am

acabou tudo que era bom. sem cortesia para entrar no im momento ate as menssagem nao se pode ver

Pmfunone262 64M
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9/19/2021 10:29 am

Truth be told. I think you nailed it on the head. Can't do a thing unless your a member. People can't reach you, IM's are not responded to, and I truely miss the old days of "free" sites. Just a nature of our times.

FootFetistQs 37F

9/25/2021 9:26 am

Yes that is it all exactly. I used to love sitting on IM chatting to people but now if I want to respond I need points. I have been gifted points from members but its not the point.

I just feel these sites are getting greedier and greedier.

Snogabilitybrown 50M
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10/2/2021 12:58 pm

Can only agree with all the above comments, I've met some lovely people when IM was still an option for us freebie members, maybe if they were a bit less greedy (& lazy) more of us might feel it's worth a subscription...

flowerkings2012 59M  
4312 posts
10/4/2021 9:21 am

Your frustrations are barely the tip of the iceberg on the site failings

and don't forget the perennial favourite of cheating their way into turning on your auto-renew!!

The sad fact is, most other adult sites (that aren't affiliated to this one) aren't any better, and in truth, are mostly worse still

The only plus for you with IM is that you aren't struggling to keep up with all the messages your profile and body would attract

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