Covid Fallout.  

Fendermang 74M
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2/13/2022 6:07 am
Covid Fallout.

The 2 year long pandemic has taken it's toll on so many levels, illness, deaths, restrictions, lockdowns, etc. but it has also affected the chatter in here. I would have thought that people would be more chatty being that they are at home and have the time to express their thoughts openly. I am not going to care about whether you are vaccinated or not, that controversy has been beaten to death. But I do miss the chat rooms banter. I am sure peoples sexual<b> desires </font></b>have not diminished, I know mine hasn't, and meet and greets, get-togethers for wings night etc. has slowed to a crawl or non existent, but we can still chat and keep in touch. Come on people, lets get back to the way it was a few years back. Here's hoping.

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