The two Doms and their sissy's fantasy part 4  

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12/30/2021 5:34 am

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The two Doms and their sissy's fantasy part 4

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Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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12/30/2021 5:43 am

A woman's ass is a wonderful thing. Following Carol and Kim up the stairs I had a fantastic view of both of theirs. Allowing for the view, my thoughts naturally started running to how I could get them both into bed with me at the same time. Sadly a threesome fantasy ( MFM) of my own that has never come true. Oh, I haven't given up hope that it will happen some day, and until it does my fantasy will have to suffice I suppose. When we got to the second floor of Carol's home the ladies led me down a short hallway to one of the smaller bedrooms. One I'd never been in before ( I'd been in the Master Bedroom a few times alone with Carol though ) As I followed the ladies into the bedroom proper, there sat, or rather kneeled Ken. To describe him I have to tell you he looked like a typical biker. That is to say when he wasn't dressed as he was in that bedroom. His long brown hair was tied back into a pony tail, traces of a red lipstick smeared on his face, weather he had been the one wearing the lipstick or it came off of one of the ladies I couldn't tell? I assume the former rather than the latter, as I knew Carol loved having her pussy eaten, and the lipstick becoming smeared about his face as he was pleasuring her. Dressed in a garter belt, his hands bound with those Velcro cuffs connected by a short leather strap and a collar and leash on his neck, he looked like a perfect slut ready to be used for his Mistresses pleasure.

Taking hold of the leash, Kim got him on his feet and told him to present himself for the new Mistress's view (meaning me). His head bowed, I had him turn about ( or rather Kim had him turn about me not being able to speak playing out his fantasy as it were ) As he did his little turn for me I noticed his ass was a bright pink, I could almost see the paddle marks where either Kim, or Carol had administered punishments, perhaps both had? As he finished the turn it was then I noticed the cord wound tightly about his ball sack stretching them out and away from his hard cock. Keeping him aroused but unable to climax. Well, What could I say? I couldn't help myself really. I reached out and took ahold of his bound nuts, cupping them in my hand, marveling at the feel.. as I held them ( for inspection ) a soft moan escaped his lips, one I think he didn't want me to hear. Letting go, I administered my own punishment by smacking his ass hard letting him know that he was there for my pleasure and not his own. That would come ( or cum ) after he'd pleased me first. He spoke softly to me thanking me for the punishment.

Taking the leash from Kim, I sat down on the edge of the bed and had him get back down on his knees in front of me. Pulling him close to my groin, but pulling up short on the leash so that is nose was barely inches away from the still wet panties I had on, I knew he could smell Carol's scent on them, and as he inhaled that musky sweet aroma the little ruse and the reason why Carol hadn't removed them when she was riding my cock earlier quickly fell into place for me. To him I was a woman, the scent... cementing that belief in his mind. Though, had he stuck out his tongue at that moment it would have found not a woman's soft wet pussy but my own hard cock. Pulling back on the leash, I got up from my seat on the bed, and had him rise to his feet once more, before fully rising I push hard on his chest having him sit down and lay back on the bed. His cock hard as a rock pointing to the ceiling of the room a bubble of pre cum glistened at the tip. Spreading his legs apart I bent over taking the full length of his swollen member into my mouth from tip to bound balls, as I did so I could her an audible gasp from both Carol and Kim who had been silently watching the proceedings. Kim from her seat on the far side of the bed and Carol from a chair at the bedside. ( I found out later that neither one of the ladies had ever been able to swallow Ken's cock entirely, hence the gasp. ) But as they soon found out I was no stranger to giving head, and was doing my best at edging him. It seemed to be working, judging from the slight wipers that escaped his lips. Using only my mouth, and my hands free I pushed two fingers in to his ass, having slipped in easily enough I added a third. Slick with lube I had no doubt that Kim had been using the strap on with him while Carol and I were downstairs in the office having our own fun. A request from Ken, urging me to "Please Mistress... please fuck me ...well who was I to say no? Besides my own cock was straining against my panties wanting to be released and buried into that willing ass of his. Removing my fingers from his ass, and pulling my mouth off of his cock giving the head of it a long full tongue lick I rolled him on his stomach and got him into position to do just that. Ken, now ass up and face down waited calmly As I stood back and admired the view, removing my panties and putting on a condom I'm sure Ken's mind was imagining me putting on the harness along with attaching the dildo awaiting the pleasure that would come as I mounted him like the bitch he wanted to be.. needed to be.

I think Ken might have knew something was amiss The moment I got behind him on the bed. As I placed the head of my cock to his asshole and pushed in... well it was given really. As good as they can manufacture them there is no mistaking a dildo for the real thing. Even covered with a condom he could tell this was no toy. Softer yet harder and more giving than hard plastic I pushed in balls deep leaning over to whisper inti his ear speaking to him for the first time since I entered the room " How does that feel bitch? Do you like having a real cock in your ass as much as a toy.. or is it better ?" The penny dropped... in answering Ken said "I love it Sir!" letting me know the ruse was up. Still not knowing who was fucking him because of the blindfold I started riding his ass like a cowboy at a rodeo. All the while telling him what a good slut he was with taking my big cock like a good bitch. Getting him to admit that this was what he wanted all along, what he needed. Being a sub to a males dominance. On the outside in his daily life he could act the big bad biker type, but on the inside the realization finally clicked that he was in fact bisexual, and that was okay. He needed never to hide the fact from himself or other's anymore.

I knew the realization was key for him, as Kim had said, but his journey was yet to be completed. As Kim had insisted to me in our chat in the office not only was I to fuck him but I was also supposed to feed him his first taste of cock and cum. Knowing I'd release soon I pulled out of his ass and got in front of him. Pulling the condom off I tilted his head up and told him to show me how good of a cock sucker he could be. Placing my cock swiftly in his mouth Ken needed no urging to show me. It was like feeding a starving man, though having practiced on dildos with his Mistress I'm sure the real thing was something new altogether. Though I must say to his credit he took to sucking cock easily enough, gagging only once or twice as he tried to engulf the whole thing too quickly at first. He soon got the hang of it. His head bobbing up and down on my swollen prick he sucked me with abandon. I was ready to pop and nodded my head at Kim letting her know I was ready. She got up and got behind him untying the cord from his trussed up nuts allowing him his own release. As the first volley of my cum hit the back of his throat his cock twitched as he shot his own load. Ken moaning with his own orgasm his mouth full of my cock and cum I told him to swallow it all and not miss a single drop. Though he needed no instructions from me to do just exactly that. In fact I don't think I've ever had a guy or woman do such a good job making sure they had gotten it all. Nursing on it to get any remaining drops that happen to escape long after I'd started to go soft.

As my cock fell away from his lips I reached down and removed his blindfold.. his eyes blinked a few times and as he looked up a huge grin crossed his lips when he saw me. Thank you Sir! he said to me. I told him he was more than welcome it was my pleasure to show him who he truly was. Going on to say that perhaps his Mistress when busy with her female sub Kelly, would let us play again sometime? Bending down to kiss him I whispered into his ear "next time though Ken I'm going to breed that hot ass of yours fully and my cum will be dripping from your man hole when I'm done with you. I looked over at Kim and seeing her nod, I knew that it was only a matter of time before that would come to pass.

Exhausted, Carol took me in tow and led me out of the room into the hall. My corset left laying on the bedroom floor when it fell of as I was pounding Ken's ass she led me to the bathroom turned on the shower and proceeded to take the garter belt and stockings off of me. Stepping into the shower she joined me there using a wash cloth and soap started cleaning my body as the warm water splashed across us both. It took some time, but after a bit the old fellow started rising once more. Carol horny from having watched was ready for some fun of her own with me, and as we got out and dried off I followed her down the hall to the master bedroom passing the room where I'd just finished fucking Ken I looked in as we passed. Both he and Kim lay on the bed in each others arms... Ken softly snoring...content and happy. As I looked in Kim mouthed the words "thank you" to me as I passed. I nodded and Carol took my hand in hers and led me into the master.....

Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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12/30/2021 5:50 am

And so my friends we come to the end of my tale. I enjoyed telling you about it., and you I hope enjoyed reading it. I did on occasion get to be with Ken once again, but not as his Master as I had hoped, but rather as a companion while we were both asked by Kim and Kelly's husband Mike to full fill one of Kelly's fantasy's on her birthday. I may tell off that scenario sometime ... but for now.... Have a good one!

staci_19702 51T  
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12/30/2021 6:47 am

That was intense.

Have a great day! 💋

author51 59F  
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12/30/2021 7:55 am

Whew! You had me throbbing from beginning to end my friend and now I have to get my own dildo and release my pent up sexual frustrations..Thanks for sharing your Hot, sexual adventures Hun..xoxo

Lew1958 68M  
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12/30/2021 1:50 pm

You are a master with words Thank you for such great stories

PonyGirl1965 56F  
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12/30/2021 11:00 pm

Mmmm very hot! Thank you for sharing!

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