The two Doms and their sissy's fantasy Part 2  

Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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12/18/2021 7:40 am

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The two Doms and their sissy's fantasy Part 2

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Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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12/18/2021 7:49 am

I got to Carol's ( the Dom who would be hosting that day ) home about a quarter to one in the afternoon. I always pride myself on being early when ever I go someplace, and made sure to be early going to Carol's that day as it's never a good idea to keep a Dom let alone two of them waiting. Unless you want to get into trouble and well.. get punished. Not being the type who likes punishment, and prefers to be the one handing it out, I started off early enough to get there in time.

Carol's home was a large brick house. Built sometime in the late twenties, or very early thirties. A large front porch, four bedrooms, a large living room and parlor as well, a big formal dining room, a recently remodeled chef's kitchen, a bath and a half and huge basement. ( turned into a dungeon when her husband had passed away) During the renovations to the kitchen she added the half bath along with a small office area where there had been an open area in front of the massive and impressive front staircase where a window seat large enough to hold six or so people seated comfortably formally was.

Walking up the front walkway and steps I noticed they had be freshly shoveled and salted when I reached the porch I turned and looked and saw a guy walking back up the driveway carrying a shovel, his face red. Either from the cold temps, or the exertion of doing all that shoveling. I nodded my head as he passed, seeing me do so he said to me.. "You have a good time now Sir" and continued down the drive back out to the sidewalk and across the street to what I assumed to be his own home. I couldn't help but hear the capitol "S" when he said the word sir to me. I'd heard through the grape vine that Carol had found a nice sub to call her own that lived close by, I assumed that must have been her new sub? Either doing penance or attempting to please his new Mistress by shoveling the snow for her.

Putting that thought out of my head I rang the doorbell, a few moments later I saw Carol move the curtain aside on the inner door, and motion me into the vestibule. As I closed the outer door behind me Carol opened the inner door, clutching a robe tightly around herself to fend off the cold breeze I'd let in when I came inside. Take your boots off out here she told me and come inside when your done. She left the inner door ajar and I did as she asked. Boots off I entered her home, carrying both them and a bag that contained my out fit I'd worn at the Halloween Party. As I closed the inner door I saw Carol had taken off her robe...In her late fifties at the time she was still a very stunning woman. A brunette with red highlights in her hair her large breasts were always the first things you noticed about her when you saw her, though my eyes did trail downwards to her pussy remembering the couple of times we'd been together when she had shown me how she liked to be fisted. Decked out in her Dom outfit, corset, stockings, garter belt.. and no panties. My mouth started watering and my cock was getting hard remembering those times.

Getting a good look are you? she asked. Not wanting to be placed in the sub roll I answered directly looking into her eyes, telling her Yes. Going on to say I was just recalling the times I've had you under me as I enjoyed pounding that sweet pussy of yours. She laughed and said, Good! But we need to get you changed into your outfit and ready, follow me. After hanging up my coat, I followed her into the office , once inside Carol was all over me. Pulling my t-shirt off over my head and undoing my belt buckle as she unzipped my fly and popped the button on my jeans. No doubt she was sooner had my pants dropped to my knees when she started pulling down my underwear. Grabbing ahold of my swiftly stiffing cock and stating the obvious telling me she was in fact horny as a bitch in heat. I laughed and said.. No really? You could have fooled me. It's Kim's fault she explained ( the other Dom ), going on to say. Watching her work over Ken ( Kim's Sub ) the past hour or so waiting for you to get here she'd only let me help a bit spanking him or shoving my pussy in his face to tease him. I need your cock in me, or something larger.. Her alluding to the fisting she showed me how to do . I answered back that I though I was here to Dom Kim's sub today? Make his fantasy come true? Yeah she said, but we have some time till she comes and get us to play ourselves, and buddy we're going to use all of it.

Stepping out of my jeans and pulling my underwear all the way off, I started backing her into and on top of her computer desk intending to go down on her before sliding my cock in. No time for licking lover. she told me. As much as I'd love to have your tongue inside me, you need to get your play clothes on first. I caught her sent as soon as I had closed the office door behind me, in that small room there was no hiding the aroma of a woman who has just gotten off recently. Letting out a exasperated growl I stuck my hand between her thighs and slipped three fingers in her snatch sliding them in and out a few times getting them wet with her juices. Bringing them to my lips so I could savor the taste of her sex. After licking my fingers like a starving man devouring a sweet I leaned in hard and kissed her on the lips my tongue darting in and out of her mouth sharing the taste with her. In between her legs as I went in for the kiss, my cock ridged now slipped part way in to her open pussy, but before I could plunge the full length of my cock in she pushed back on my chest and told me to get dressed.

I bent over and picked up my bag where I'd let it drop to the floor after we came in the office. My ass out in the open as it was she gave it a hard slap, and as I stood up I pulled her into a hug and returned the slap with one of my own on her exposed ass. Starting to push her back and down on to the desk once again. But her mind was set.. first I was to get dressed then I could fuck her, and she pushed me away once more. It seemed silly to me, like why bother dressing? But she and Kim had reasons for it I'd come to find out later. So I backed away and started dressing in my costume. I won't bore you with the details of putting on all that stuff, I'm sure some of you know all the in's and out's of doing so any who. I will tell you this though, the corset is so designed as not to have to lace and re lace it whenever your putting it on or taking it off. Silver clasps or snap like things hidden by a fold of fabric on the front by where the laces are allow you to don and doff the thing in a few simple moves. I'd also like to let you know that I'd long ago removed the metal stays that were sewn into the corsets sides. Doing so allowed for ease of movement when I'd been dancing in the thing on stage during the floor show number. Took only a couple of times for me doing that roll in Rocky Horror of being jabbed in the sides or stomach before figuring that out. I also like to clue you in on the fact that I always wore my "panties" over the garter belt, for one it kept the old fellow in check somewhat, unless I had a boner, another reason was in case I ever needed to hit the rest room quick between acts... easier to just pull down the panties to take a leak than having to doff the stockings and straps for the garter belt. Once dressed, I stood back for Carol to admire... Siting on the office chair watching me dress, she gave out a whistle saying how sexy I looked. That I was good enough to fuck.. well that was the point wasn't it I told her. and laughed.

Taking her by the hand I pulled her up out of the chair, intending to sit her back down on the desk top and get back inside her pussy once more as I'd started to earlier. Before I could she pushed me down into the chair reached down and pulled the front of my panties down and then straddled me a leg on either side sliding my cock into her pussy as she sat down on top of me. Telling me once again how hot I looked and how she was going to ride me till she came, well there was no argument from me, on my lap or on the desk with her underneath me it didn't matter either way. As she bounced up and down on my swollen member I met her downward thrusts with up thrusts of my own telling her how hot her pussy was urging her to cum on my cock. In response she told me how hot and hard my cock felt inside her... how seeing me dressed had her so horny, going on to say that most if not everyone at the party couldn't stop staring at me a few week earlier, especially Ken who couldn't keep his eyes off me the entire time, that Kim had to punish the dude for starting so much and getting a hard on whilst doing so. Little did he know that he'd get his wish and fantasy later but for now I was her play toy to use. As she said it the realization of the fact that I was hers to use.. along with what had gone on before I got to her place burst the damn inside her and she cried out as she came. Soaking the panties I had on as well as part of the garter belt as she did. I let her ride out the wave of pleasure as she slid up and down on my shaft. Calming down and coming back to her senses I was about to suggest that we try a different position. Just as I was about to say something the office door opened up.. there stood Kim, a tad sweaty sexy in her own Dom outfit asking if we were ready she knew Ken was all set for his experience now....

Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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12/18/2021 7:50 am

Next weekend .. Kim gives me instructions on how to handle her sub.

Have a good one people...

author51 59F  
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12/18/2021 8:22 am

This Mutual Give and take Lover of Dom/sub roles is thoroughly enjoying this read my sexy friend..The sex is way more intense and passionate when both lovers are Alpha in the bedroom in my opinion....xoxo

countryqueen1 72F

12/18/2021 8:32 am

Can't wait!!

jenfun69 18F

12/19/2021 4:54 am

hi, sexy I love older men who love to have fun stripping me naked in front of others as I love for you to pull my pants off and rip my top off as you show everyone my little white ass and pink little pussy and small tits and then what you punished me for being naughty as how have you always wont to punish a little cock teas like me sexy?

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