Sexy undies.......................  

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10/13/2007 3:22 am

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Sexy undies.......................

She wore the sexy undies the last time I spent the night. Truth be told I didn't really get a good look at them, as they weren't on for very long. Not that she minded, or me, for that matter.

I was never one for dressing up to impress. Sure it's nice when she wears something special to bed to get me excited, but if she wore her old robe she'd get the same reactions from me. It's not the clothing that excites me, rather it's the woman who's wearing them.

Let me clue you in ladies...Men, that is most men would rather see you nude, it's a guy thing.
Something about the female body in it's natural form is enough to drive us all to distraction. The thongs, G-strings, push up bras, or that lacy garter with the fishnet stockings is just icing on the cake. It's sweet, tasty and oh so naughtily sinful. But, most of us don't need all that much sugar.

The same goes for body types. Yes, I know there are those who favor one type over another. But for me, well if a woman is willing to share a bed with me, it doesn't matter if she is tall, or short, model thin, or rubenesque. The mere fact that she would accede to be my lover is enough to set my heart a flutter, and in flame my passions.

Anywho, just some thoughts people, me thinking aloud is all. Some may disagree with me, but our minds are the largest sex organs we have. If we excite the gray matter, all else is irrelevant.

Remember I'm pulling for you, were all in this together.


rm_bdaysuit318 64F
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10/31/2007 3:42 pm

Quoting Red Green Evil ??

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 11/1/2007 1:33 pm:
Hello Bday,
Yes Red is one of my faves. He may seem silly at times but there is some great wisdom in his stick.

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