Morning Deposit, part two of Caught.  

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10/30/2021 11:18 am

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Morning Deposit, part two of Caught.

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
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10/30/2021 11:19 am

Well I'd been working at the gym for a couple of months, each pay day I take my whole check and pay off the plumber who had finished the work on my broken pipes and busted water heater in installments. The guy didn't like waiting for his money, but there was little else I could do to pay him off. So, as I said each pay day I took my whole check from my job at the gym and paid off a little more of my debt. Well the final payment had come, and I was standing around waiting for the Gym Owner Jon, to come in for the day to open the place up, and give me my paycheck. With this being the last payment to my plumber, I was seriously thinking about telling Jon that I was quitting. Burning the candle at both ends doing two full time jobs was wearing thin on me. Thing was, Jon and I had become some what good friends if you catch my drift? Leaving him in the lurch like that and quitting just didn't feel right, given the fact that we were fucking at least once or, twice a week.

Yeah after catching me masturbating that first time, he started popping in on me while I was working in the middle of the night. Over the couple of months that I was there I think we had sex just about everywhere in that place except in the office. In the entire place that's one area I never had to clean it not being on my schedule to do so, I never gave the place much thought. Once Jon and I did it in the gym itself in front of the plate glass windows where anyone passing by in a car could have looked over and seen me pounding away on his ass. As I said we had become good friends to say the least.

So I'm sitting there, it's almost eight and Jon still hasn't gotten there. I told the plumber that I'd stop by his place and pay the last installment by nine at the latest... I still had to go to the bank and deposit my pay so I could write him a check. With Jon being late, I'd be late and I never liked doing that when I owed someone.

Jon's car pulled in to the lot around eight ten , Finally I muttered out loud to myself. As the car pulled into the parking space I noticed it wasn't Jon driving... It was his wife. No big deal, Anna and I got along, but seldom interacted. I don't think she knew what Jon and I had been up to during his late night visit's ( or early morning visits depending how you looked at it ) to the gym. Anna was a looker, Burnette, five foot at the most, and nice, abet small chest, but her ass was killer, the kind of ass you love to stick your tongue in and well.. you know. If I ever had the chance... I'd have fucked her if I could. Frankly after that first time with Jon I figured they "played" and like he had said that night, if she had been the one who had caught me, it would have been her I had on the shower room floor. All that raced through my mind as she got out of the car and unlocked the doors to enter the building. "Sorry I'm late" she said. As she closed and locked the door behind her. I stopped for coffee and a doughnut.. "don't tell Jon" He hates it when I indulge in sweets, tells me I'm ruining my diet. and his fitness program he's made out for me. "I figure what's a doughnut now and again.. harmless right?" I expect you'll be wanting your pay huh? She asked. Come on in the office and I'll get you your check. I followed her in the office as she opened the door she put her coffee cup down on the desk tossed her coat onto an arm chair and turned on the office light. I stepped into the room and noticed it right away, well of course, her wearing not much but gym work out attire. A sports Bra, and sweat pants, well those skin tight things made out of spandex really. But really caught my attention was the bank of video monitors lined up on a shelf on the far wall in the office. Each one showing a different part of the Gym. She saw me staring at them and said "You like the system we have? Yeah these baby's don't miss a thing, well we have no cameras in the locker rooms or rest rooms of course. Jon uses them to help people in their workout routines.. checking for where they might be doing something wrong during their workouts. It helps him plan their routines better I suppose? Me I just like watching all the sweaty men and women working out... Such a turn on don't you think? It is for me at least.

Caught again? I wondered if the camera's were running all night as well. If they had been these past few months surely Anna knew what Jon and I had been up to. ...I guess she must have guessed what I was thinking. Saying the system has a great play back feature on it too. With that she pushed a button on one of the monitors and the screen whizzed back wards, she stopped it and on screen was Jon and I in the gym, him bent over a weight bench, me pounding his ass like a drum. A night a week or so before when we done it in front of the windows. Watching the video, I could swear I saw Jon look up at where the camera was stationed and grin at it giving a wink as well. Fuck! I should have known? I felt foolish, I had noticed the cameras of course, but didn't give them much thought. Oh well, nothing for I suppose? Seeing how I had planned on turning in my notice after getting my pay that day, if she was pissed about me making her husband my bitch these past few weeks, there was very little she could do about it.

Turns out she wasn't pissed, well a bit because as she said Jon got to fuck me and she missed out on the fun of fucking me herself. I guess watching myself fuck another guy I got a bit horny, first time I'd ever seen a video of myself in action really. Naturally I started getting a chubby. When I turned my attention back to Anna, she was holding my check. She walked over to me and shoved in in my front pocket of my pants, then reached over and grabbed my growing cock..." Is the site of you fucking Jon turning you on Tim?" she asked. Going on to say" The first time I watched it, I had to strip off my workout pants and play with my pussy I was so horny. " Just seeing you turn my big jock husband into your willing cum slut then and feeling you hard now has my pussy soaking wet. " I think it's only fair I, rather we get to have some fun together as well."

Her reasoning was sound, what's good for the Goose, and all. I grabbed ahold of the bottom of her sports bra and pulled it off over her head, and tossed it on the chair along with her coat. Bending down I kissed her hard on the lips, my tongue darting in to explore the soft wet recesses of her mouth. With one hand I was fondling her breasts and with the other pulling her workout pants down off her sweet ass. She was busy undoing the clasp of my belt and working to get my pants down as well. Breaking our kiss, I took ahold of her pants and pulled them off with her stepping back and out of them I finished the job she had started with my own as they dropped to the floor. She reached for my shorts, and practically tore them off in her lust to see me hard and in person for the first time. On her knees she took my swollen member into her mouth swallowing more than half before gagging on it. "God, your so much longer than Jon is when she came up for air, he's thicker for sure but you got him beat on length. Now I know why he loves it when you fuck him in the ass. " she told me. She had her taste of me, now it was my turn.. I'd been dreaming about eating her pussy ever since Jon had mentioned her and what would have happened if she had caught me masturbating that first time as he did. I had her hop up onto the desk, and got on my knees God how I love licking a woman...almost as much as I love sucking on a man's cock. As you know I get into a zone when I'm performing oral with either sex. My own needs forgotten as I pleasure the person I'm with it's like to desire to get them off over comes my own pleasure. Anna's pussy was a delight to savor, pouty lips thick and lush, her clit hard as my cock and twice as sensitive. I don't know how long I ate her, knowing only that she screamed my name more than a few times as I drove her from one orgasm to the next. Like Jon, when I came up for air. Anna said two words to me Fuck me. I slid my cock into her in one thrust, my balls slapping her taint with each thrust there after.. in our passion I think we moved that desk three feet, coming to rest pinning he desk chair up against the wall. Like with Jon the dirty talk began.. her pleading with me to fuck her harder and faster, telling me how good my cock felt inside her. Me telling her how tight she felt, how sexy she was... I couldn't hold back any longer, I didn't even ask her and came inside. Filling her pussy with my seed as she came anew with me.

The office smelled of sex and sweat... he two of us panting like we'd just ended a mile long run. I held her tight as the afterglow subsided, then pulled my cock from her warm wet pussy, our combined lust clinging to me and running down the crack of her ass and pooling on the desk top. Such a tasty treat, too good to pass up I went down on her and licked our passion away and she moaned with each lick. Finally pushing my head away as she could take no more.

Standing up again I saw the camera, Funny I didn't notice it before.. well maybe on some level I did? Really noticing it now. I gave it a wave. Knowing that at some point Jon would be watching what had just transpired between Anna and myself. I looked at my watch next, seeing I was very late in getting to the plumbers place and paying him off, I told Anna I had to get going.. not that I really wanted to leave. But bills have to be paid right? I still had to go to the bank yet and deposit my paycheck. Though I'd already made a morning deposit here. ...

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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10/30/2021 11:32 am

Well a couple of you all asked for a part two and here it is. I do hope you like it as well as the first? I'd like to point out once again this is just fiction, Anna isn't real though she was based on a former lover of mine. I think I may continue with this tale for a bit adding more chapters? What do you all think? Maybe a three some with Jon, Anna, and myself for the next installment? Let me know what you think. Till then.. Have a good one my friends!

jack1801000 74M  
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10/30/2021 3:43 pm


Eviloutlaw1 replies on 10/31/2021 1:31 am:
I'm glad you like the story Jack. Hope you stop bi again and read more. I've never been to HI myself. Always wanted to go there though. Maybe some day huh? Have a good one!

author51 59F  
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10/30/2021 10:21 pm

I love reading your sexual escapades my friend..More Please. You get me all hot and bothered Hun..xoxo

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 10/31/2021 1:38 am:
Getting you ( and others ) all hot and bothered is what I usually have in mind when I'm writing them my sexy friend. It takes me two hours or more sometimes to write one tale, Why I only write stories on the weekends. But the entire time I'm writing I'm thinking about all the readers sitting there following the tale, like you getting all hot and bothered. By the time I'm done writing I usually have to take matters into my own hand, and relieve myself. Again thinking about all my readers who perhaps doing the same. Have a good one!

PonyGirl1965 56F
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10/30/2021 11:47 pm

Very hot. I will be pleasuring myself tonight

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 10/31/2021 2:54 am:
Oh to be a fly on the wall in OK. Glad you enjoyed the story my friend! Happy Halloween to my favorite sexy farm Gal!

G000dbuddy 34M  
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10/31/2021 12:50 am

Have a good one my friends!


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