Lots of Ice, and more snow and cold on the way...  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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2/1/2022 12:46 am

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2/1/2022 11:34 pm

Lots of Ice, and more snow and cold on the way...

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
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2/1/2022 12:48 am

Isn't it spring yet? With the sun shining all last weekend the place was slick and slippery around here. Well the back decks for the most part. Which made it hard to get into my ready area, the steps leading to the deck where my storage area is located were covered in a thick layer of ice. Making the climb up and down them Oh so much fun yesterday.

I finished off the unit I was in last Friday. Then helped carry out furniture that was left in vacated units. We're running out of units to rent, and the ones that were done all but the last of that big stuff in them had to be cleared out. In the Gym the treadmills were covered in salt. No way I could mop them off. The tenants are suppose to change their shoes from outside to ones where they won't track the crap onto the machines. But like everything else around here the tenants do what they want. No matter that it's a safety issue for them when they do it. It is also bad for the machines. Salt and melting snow getting into the motor and such. Idiots. I asked the PM to make up some signs to hang in the Gym to remind the dingle berries not to wear foot ware they would outside on the machines, but it will do little good I'm sure. Well when the machines break down and they can't do their workouts don't come crying to us.

It's the first day of a new month. Exciting huh? I expect it'll be much the same as the last month. I did change out the decoration on my front door when I got home from work last night. ( yeah I took the Christmas stuff down ages ago, ) Any who, I put up my kissing booth sign for Valentines Day. Not that I expect people to be ringing my door bell asking for kisses mind you. Just changing with the seasons is all. Speaking of Christmas stuff, the neighbor next to me still has her Christmas stocking hung on her door. Perhaps when she see's my kissing booth sign up she might get the hint and change it to something else?

Any who, It's that time once again...shower time for me....

Eviloutlaw1 60M
5180 posts
2/1/2022 12:49 am

Have a good one people...

author51 59F  
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2/1/2022 1:31 am

Happy February my sexy friend. We are in for more snow mixed with rain tomorrow here.Stay safe Hun especially with all the ice there..Have a good one Hun.xoxo

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 2/1/2022 9:34 am:
Happy February to you as well sexy!

WyoCowboy7751 69M
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2/1/2022 5:05 am

Winter Storm Warning issued this morning for 5 p.m. tonight thru 2 a.m. Thursday for up to 8 inches of white stuff 😱 Maybe , IF I get my fishing gear out of the shed, clean up , strip all the line off , grease the reels and re-line with new line ; maybe Mother Nature will get the hint 🤔🤔🤠

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 2/1/2022 9:37 am:
I don't think Mother Nature is paying attention...Old Man Winter is running the show in her absence. You ever try ice fishing? I don't ice fish myself, I know how to make it at home in my freezer. Have a good one Cowboy.

PonyGirl1965 56F
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2/1/2022 8:34 pm

Weatherman predicted us to get 3-6 inches of snow. I am voting no. Sighsss ..
Have a fantastic day!

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