I should have known....  

Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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1/17/2022 12:52 pm

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1/18/2022 12:19 am

I should have known....

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Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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1/17/2022 12:54 pm

The way the windows were whited out with snow this morning that there was a butt load of snow out there. There had to be four feet of the stuff at least, more where it drifted in. Needless to say I spent my entire day shoveling out the steps, mostly by myself as the other maintenance guy who lives a mile or so away couldn't get here till around eleven thirty. be cause his car was snowed in. By then I had two blocks done already. After lunch I went out and did a second round of shoveling as the stuff just wouldn't stop coming down.

To say I'm tired an sore would be an understatement. I dare not sit still for to long as I know I won't be able to get back up again if I do.

The city plows didn't show up to plow out the streets till two thirty, and then they only did the main street leaving the side ones unplowed. Our own plow driver never showed up, and the ones who were doing the restaurant parking lot on the corner, yeah they got stuck right in front of my building, almost taking out two parked cars trying to get unstuck. It's been like a comedy of errors around here all day with people getting stuck. One dingus was sideways front bumper facing one curb back bumper facing the other, sitting there spinning his wheels. He should have let the thing sit till the plows came through. As it was when he got turned the right way round he still couldn't go anyplace As the street was impassable.

Any who, I'm tired. I'm gonna take a very hot shower, make myself a very stiff drink and lay on my heating pad till morning, Hopefully by then I'll be able to get up and go do it all again.. yeah they are calling for more snow.... So, how was your day?

Eviloutlaw1 60M  
5180 posts
1/17/2022 12:56 pm

Have a good one people.....

author51 59F  
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1/17/2022 10:54 pm

I can relate to it all my sexy friend.We got hit here as well and it did not stop until some time after dinner. We got about 40 cms. here today and had to bring my shovel inside so I could dig my way out my door a few times to go shovel..Stay safe Hun.xoxo

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