Back to work today...  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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11/26/2021 12:59 am

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11/27/2021 6:28 am

Back to work today...

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
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11/26/2021 1:03 am

My vacation and holiday are over. I still have a couple of vacation days left, and I'll use them over the Christmas Holidays, padding out my days off.

I just know that when I go in today that nothing I usually do will have been done. It happens every time I take days off. So I expect the day will be spent playing catch up on work.

I had a nice holiday, just me and the daughter, her beau along with the Grand minions for thanksgiving dinner. Oh yeah a friend of my daughter's was also there. A nice woman, who's family doesn't celebrate holidays due to religious reasons. I got the wish book back from the Grand Minions. I expected every page and item to be marked of by one of the three that can hold a marker and choose what they'd like. The fourth Grand Minion is still at the trying to roll over stage ( getting there quickly I might add ) So I'll have her Mom pick out the things she might need for her presents. As for the other three minions? Well As I said I expected every item in the book to be marked.. but that wasn't the case. There were some large items... but for the eldest grand minion not so many check marks the same for the second oldest, but still a few more than her elder brother. The younger grand minion was an easy guess, anything and everything Elmo. She just adores that Muppet. I usually try to spend the same amount on each, every year, so as not to appear to be playing favorites. But with the differences in their ages it's sometimes hard to do. The older ones usually going for the more expensive items. Not that they are greedy mind you, just that the things they like cost more is all. Of course they'll all receive some articles of clothing as well, the youngest getting more in that department as she still not ready to pay with toys too much. Growing like weeds they all grow out of their stuff so fast. I think I've settled on what to buy them. yes, I'm a doting Papa, and I'll get the things that they most desire. Those things that I know Mom and Dad can't really afford. I'm sure they'll be happy come Christmas morning.

I'm off to the Booby Bar tonight with the daughter and her friends. This should be an interesting experience to say the least. Where as it's not my first time at such a place, it has been awhile since I've been to one, and the first time going to one with my daughter. I assume she enjoys watching the dancers? Else her and her friends wouldn't bother to go to a strip club. ( they could get drunk in a regular type of bar just as easily ) Any who I'll let you all know what happens tonight in tomorrows blog.

Time for me to hop into my shower awaits.

Eviloutlaw1 60M
4988 posts
11/26/2021 1:03 am

Have a good one people...

author51 59F  
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11/26/2021 1:21 am

It is our job as grandparents to spoil our grandbabies my friend and we do it with I am looking forward to hearing all about your night out at the strip club with your daughter.. Have a good one and do not work too hard today Hun.xoxo

PonyGirl1965 56F
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11/26/2021 10:11 pm

I love to make my grandkids happy
Have fun!

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