A Date with Red - 3  

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9/6/2021 4:26 am

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A Date with Red - 3

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
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9/6/2021 4:28 am

I had some time to waste, it was only five PM. So I hopped into the shower, shaved and looked for something to wear that would impress Red when we met up. With it still being hot outside I opted for a simple look, jean shorts and a pain black T-shirt. So much for impressing her. Well I though with the heat I'm sure she'll be dressed in something similar. I wasn't far off the mark, though she was wearing shorts she opted for a dressier shirt.

We met on the corner as we agreed upon, I mention that she looked nice and she complimented me on my choice of dress as well. Well the restaurant was packed, the front dining room tables all full, the waiter suggested we head down to the bar area where there was a few tables open. Grabbing a couple of menus he led the way. Leading us back into what used to be a private dining area before the new owners took out a wall during a remodel after they bought the place. The table was okay, sitting where the old pool table sat back when the bar was just a bar I looked around trying to remember what the place used to look like back then, still dim lighting now but a little more posh, sitting down the waiter asked if we wanted anything to drink from the bar? I ordered a rum and coke, and Red asked for a glass of merlot. I smiled, thinking that of the three or four red heads I've ever had the pleasure to have known all have been wine drinkers.

Our drinks arrived a few minutes later and of course the waiter was hovering, wanting to know if we had a chance to read the menus and if we were ready to order? Frankly I hadn't even picked up the silly thing after he'd place it in front of me on the table. Red had been looking at hers already.. and was quick to order the chicken. Scanning the thing I chose the first thing I saw, a burger and fries. Yeah I know not something to order at a posh place but then I wasn't really all that hungry. When it gets too hot out I really don't feel like eating much, something simple and quick. Our orders placed the waiter left us, Nervous, and fearing a lag in conversation now that he was gone I asked Red if she was settled into her new place? She told me that she still had some boxes to unpack yet and some furniture to put together and place but for the most part the heavy lifting was done with. She still needed to put her bed together, but couldn't do so until she found the screws that held the head board and foot board onto the frame, either she'd left it at her house when she moved out or the screws were packed in one of the kitchen boxes she still needed to unpack. So, of course the mattress and foundation were on the floor in the living room till she could find them and get some help moving them and the frames and such into the bedroom where they belonged.. Then asked if I knew anybody who was handy at such things? Yeah, I could take a hint... I told her I'd be happy to help and to let me know when she needed me to lend a hand. She said that be great if I could do it, her ex husband did all that sort of thing when they were together.

She had brought up the ex, so I felt it was kind of safe to broach the topic. Then asked her if her divorce was a touchy subject? She told me in some ways yes, but it had been a few months now, and she was still friends with him , and his new husband. Husband? I said. Yeah, you heard right he left because he fell in love had been in love with another guy for a long time. Going on to say that she should of seen it coming really. During their married life their sex was always sort of "off ", good but just not as good as she though it should be. Any who (yeah she used that phrase exactly ) when her husband suggested that they should try swinging to maybe bring the spark back into their bedroom she went along with the idea. Though how to start? Picking up another couple in a bar, a single woman or man was chancy at best. Well he suggested a buddy of his from his college days, she knew the guy and they had become friends as well. So she said sure, that it seemed like a logical choice. Asking her husband if he thought their friend would be willing to give it a go? His reply was that he was sure the buddy would be "up" for it.

About then the waiter came with our food order, and after getting things set before us and asking if we needed anything else ( it was then Red asked if she could get a bottle of wine and I asked for another rum and coke ) the waiter said sure and was off to get my refill and the bottle she asked for. We started in on the food, and between mouthfuls Red continued with her story. Her husband invited his friend over for a cook out one weekend, nothing fancy, a few brews some hotdogs on the grill, that sort of thing. During that meal her husband was flirting with her and his friend big time... at one point hugging her from behind and putting his hands under her shirt pulling it up to expose her breasts to the guy. Knowing something of the plan for the evening she had gone without wearing a bra like she normally would. Well the friend got a good look she told me, and he blushed big time. I nodded and said I probably would have blushed as well, adding that I thought seeing them would be spectacular site for me. Red smiled at my statement, saying thank you. I could swear she blushed a bit as well. Long story short she went on to say that her ex had suggested a game of cards after dinner of course the game was poker, strip poker... and like I said she going on after a few hands they were all nude as the day hey were born , both guys sporting wood, herself getting a little bit more than damp between her legs. When her ex suggested that the next hand the looser would have to perform oral on the other two... At that point Red poured herself another glass of wine and pushed her plate to the side barely having touched her food. After taking a sip from her glass she continued with " I think he cheated to make himself lose" Having lost the hand her ex walked over to his friend got down on his knees and started playing with his buddy's stiff cock, the next thing she knew he was sucking on it like it was second nature to him. Or first as she put it...seeing how he took to sucking dick so well. The friends reaction to his college buddy going done one his cock, well it didn't phase him one bit. In fact he seemed to enjoy it a lot. Like this wasn't the first time his buddy had sucked his dick. Well watching them got her really horny she told me, so much so that before she knew it her hand had slipped between her thighs and she was playing with herself.... well she told me I had to see it up close, So I got up and walked around the table to get closer seeing her near he ex pulled his mouth from his friends cock and said to her "want some hun?" That she said started it all...

The waiter was back....asking me if I needed a refill? If we were done with eating, she asked for another bottle ( I'd like to point out here that it wasn't really a bottle but a carafe which probably held two glasses total ) Well, Red poured out the rest of the wine into her glass and said that she didn't want another, though I did ask for a refill as listening to her I had absent mindedly drained my second drink. When the waiter left, Red got a serious look on her face, and said, after listening to me all this time you probable think I'm a slut or something? I assured her that I thought nothing of the kind, going on to tell her a bit about my own forays into the lifestyle with my own ex and on my own as well. Even about exploring my bi side that I kept hidden and never acting on from my ex while we were married. I have to say Red listened intently to my own tales and by the time we had finished our drinks I figured she would see that we weren't that much different, and hope she didn't think any less of me after having told her about myself. With a sparkle in her eyes and a grin.. Yeah she said, we're both pretty much a couple a sluts she said with a laugh. Then telling me that the three sums with her ex and his college buddy lasted for a year or so, then one day she came home from shopping to find them both engaged in their own three sum with another guy. Her ex playing the bottom bitch and taking cock in both ends. Well, she said.. that smacked a bit too much like cheating on her, and calmly waiting till after the other two guys left she and her ex sat down and had a long talk. It was then he confessed that he'd always been in love with his buddy, ever since their college days, and agreed to the male three sum to please him. That he felt happier and whole with him more than he did with her. So, long story short she went on to say they both contacted lawyers and hashed things out and divorced. She got the better end of that, she told me, ending up with their house which in the sellers market we were in she quickly sold for a tidy profit along with a monthly stipend from the ex. Figuring that she's use her new found wealth to go back to college to finish her degree no longer having to worry about day to day expenses. Hence the move to town a few days ago to start school in the fall as a junior at forty-nine years old.....

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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9/6/2021 4:34 am

Part three is down, hope you enjoy? I'll finish the tale up next Sunday. Till then have a good one my friends!

author51 59F  
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9/6/2021 5:28 am

Wow my friend, you and your red have a lot in common by the looks of it. Her and I do too with both the red and the Merlot but more so with our inherent great taste and interest in you....xoxo Looking forward to the next phase Hun...

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 9/6/2021 1:04 pm:
I'm glad you enjoyed it and continue to do so. I should wrap the tale up next weekend for you and the rest who've been following. Last numbers count was in the triple digits. Though I wish people would give more feed back. It's hard to tell if they are liking or not? As always my sexy friend, Have a good one!

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