Not That Kind of Girl - Short Illustrated Erotica  

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1/13/2020 5:37 am
Not That Kind of Girl - Short Illustrated Erotica

Ashley was young, newly married, basically happy and busy trying to get pregnant and start a family. She definitely wasn’t the kind of girl to go out to strip clubs. And she most definitely wasn’t the kind of girl to get drunk, stay till closing time and ask a stripper to her home after hours.

Nope, Ashley was not that kind of girl.

But when her husband left on a business trip and she opened up his work laptop out of curiosity and found hundreds of porn images and videos, something inside of her broke.

Still, she might have handled it, taken some deep breaths and said to herself, “Okay, he has an addiction, we can work through this.” That was the direction she was headed, until she found the , logged in, and discovered he’d been exchanging sex , as well as sending and receiving nude photos with half a dozen other women. When that happened, she snapped, grabbed her keys, and went out to condoms and look for revenge.

So, that’s how I ended up in Ashey’s house a few hours later, both of us naked on her bed, her looking back at me, smiling and saying as we maneuvered into a doggy position, “Damn that’s big. Can you put this condom on? My husband and have been trying to get pregnant, you know, till I found all that shit. Maybe we still are, I don’t know yet. But anyway ... I’m actually days out from my last period. If he hadn’t gone on the business trip ... he and I would be ...”

“Sure,” I said, nodding and taking the rubber from her. She watched as I tore it open, tossed the wrapper to the floor and slowly unrolled it over my length. I smiled at her, “You sure you want to do this?”

Ashley had spent the last half hour spilling her guts to me. She’d even shown me her husband’s “secret files”. The computer was a few feet away on a desk, the image of one of the girl’s with whom he’d been exchanging emails plastered on the screen. She glanced over at the screen for a moment. It gave her plenty of silent motivation. Anger burned on her face. Then she looked back at me and nodded:


Slowly I brought my cock down to her labia, centered it and pressed forward as she turned lowered her head and pushed her ass backward, filling herself with my shaft. “Damn,” she groaned, “So much bigger than my ... asshole husband.”

I smiled, grabbed her hips and the two of us began moving together, slowly at first as she got used to my size, then faster and harder, till she was groaning and our bodies were filling the room with the hot sound of flesh slapping flesh:


At five minutes, I’d proven my stamina to her. At seven minutes, Ashley had proven she could have desperate hip shuddering orgasms. At twenty minutes we’d transitioned from doggy to missionary to cowgirl to spooning and back to doggy. At twenty three minutes, Ashley had just finished her third climax and was fading in and out, smiling and feeling heavenly.

Filled with lust and need, I pulled out of her, stripped off the condom, set it on her ass and pushed myself back inside her delectable pink sheath. It took only a moment, and Ashley was so lost in her own sweet afterglow, she didn’t even notice:


The feel of her sultry flesh, encircling my bare shaft was overwhelming compared to the numbed sensations, I’d had for the last twenty minutes in the condom. It drove me right to the edge blessed release. And so pulling back on her hips till fill her as much as possilbe, I began to shake, grip her body and groan.

Ashley giggled softly, sensing my moment. She pushed back hard, wriggled her hips and said under her breath, “Yeah, sweetie, for me ... please.”

I exploded.

We kept our bodies tightly coupled, while my cock bucked wildly inside of her. Then as my peak tapered off, Ashley sighed with pleasure, eased off, lay down and ... passed out.

It was a damn beautiful sight. I memorized the scene, picked the condom off her bare ass and tossed it in a nearby trash can. I got dressed and quietly let myself out of her house.

She would have to lie a little about the due date of the baby, of course. But I was pretty certain she could manage that little detail.

Illustrations are mine.
Honest question, does anyone come here to read erotica?
If you want more stories let me know at my outlook , bigsausage910.

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