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Natures cruel gift  

ErikasParty 62M/62F
6 posts
12/20/2020 7:34 am
Natures cruel gift

Since an early age I've thought about sex a good portion of the day. As a young lady I had three nerdy friends from school. Never a boyfriend. All the cool made fun of me and teased me. Pulled my hair and rude comments on my locker. I had a huge self esteem problem. But I had a gift for my friends.

They seemed of been the ones that ever showed how they truly felt about me. They were kind and clearly adored me. I had sex prior them but with someone a relationship would be impossible with. So a few years down the road we ditch school and hang out at one of the barns fairly secluded as not be caught. 's beer in the frig so we did what do and I soon was<b> drunk </font></b>as were they. They had all tried for my affection through the years but I couldn't date one and lose the others. Besides I had no romantic feelings for any of them. On the other hand we were the misfits and I did feel sorry for them.

So in a relaxed state attention turned me. I relaxed and they began rub my shoulders and eventually my legs and soon I had three horny friends rubbing me all over when I decided share my gift. I pretended be very<b> drunk </font></b>and let them slowly disrobe me and must say was very aroused as I lay naked before them as they fondled every part of me. Soon I suggested they let me see them. They were shy and I suggested one at a time let me see them in the tack room which conveniently had a cot in .

So one at a time I took one to the room and undressed them. My gift was to be first. All equal I made clear we were just friends but best of friends. So one after the others I took virginity on that day. It was a great turn on me see how excited they were be with me. I enjoyed it very much.

And from time time we would repeat the experience all keeping our little secret. I soon started dating an older boy and ended up married. After a few years of being a good wife I discovered my husband had been meeting my very best friend on the side. This was devastating me. We divorced and I distanced myself from romantic feelings but dated just about everyone.

If a date included alcohol usually ended in sex although was probably last date with me. I was emotionally unavailable although very promiscuous. I'm sure I broke many hearts thru that time. I became a bartender which introduced me older wealthier married men. I found safer with them having a wife keep them in line and this became my habit. I always viewed it as me sharing my gift.

As it turns out I had an attractive gynecologist on our second examination He couldn't help but notice my wetness and sensitivity his touch and yes sex became part of our visits also. But he was young and inquisitive and did a battery of tests on me one of which was a hormone test. He discovered I had a large level of testosterone more then even most men. Which made sense to why I always thought of sex and my eagerness to have multiple lovers in general or even at one time.

Eventually we all fall in love though. And for me it was a friend I had known for a year since he had come to work with me. He was shy but very handsome yet 3 years my junior. I had never dated a younger guy. So when he told me he was moving back to Arizona I invited him out for drinks and give him my usual farewell gift.

OMG this guy was different. We had sex all night long and I felt my first real orgasms over and over. Unlike all the other guys I cried as he dressed to make his journey home. And he felt the calling from every phone booth from Lubbock Phoenix.

But I wasn't going let him have my heart and was in bed with another guy that night this time forget him. And the craziness began. Missing me he returned the next weekend and surprised me. Or I surprised him. My female roommate invited him in as I dressed in a panic greet him. Then the man of the night strolled into the living room from my bedroom. I was crazy throwing the guy out and trying to explain to my future husband why.

Now was clear me I loved him. He knew how I was. He was the one that I joked about my sexual adventures and visited after dates. It wasn't about lust with him. It was love and I didn't understand it. We worked things out and lived together sharing incredible passion as well as the love I had never felt.

But after a few years together I became a realtor. This turned into Fridays at the bar celebrating sales. And with alcohol I returned to my old ways giving my gift away to friends and . I was able to keep the secret for many years and shared my gift secretly with many men. My boss, and the most influential men in town. It became easier and easier, he had 0% trust in me and I didn't have pretend I loved him because he was the man I loved. I had become addicted my secret life with half the men in town in love with me. I loved the attention and even he was amazed at my popularity and proud to be married to the prettiest woman in town.

But eventually it was bound to come to light. I saw his phone ring early one morning as he listened stunned to the wife of one of my real estate wives explain to him how I had been having an affair with her husband. This was a dark part of our life. He moved out and I was distraught. I tried to explain to him I loved him but he couldn't comprehend the difference between love and lust as he could never have one without the other. Marriage counseling was worthless as the doctors had no idea what they were talking about. I even tried to convince him he had given me permission to meet for sex to improve business. Hell I even had myself convinced that was true. I called him every night just so he would know I wasn't dating.

Eventually I wondered over to his apartment<b> drunk </font></b>and he like so many other men couldn't resist a chance to have sex with me. After my next visit to my gynecologists' it dawned on me my chemical problem causing me to be so promiscuous and surprisingly this he could understand. He knew I loved him and also I didn't love the other men. He understood the gift I was giving as he was once a recipient. So in a compromise we became swingers. We met couples and he experienced sex that most men never do. Lovely wives and even me and another woman. But he needed love to lust a woman and couldn't just sleep with any woman. And strangely to him he couldn't understand my jealousy when he was with other women

The swinging changed our lives he understood my sexual drive was like that of all his horn friends and it turned him on watching me have sex. He took control and invited friends to share me with them. At first it was his punishment to humiliate me the way he was humiliated by my infidelity. But the fact is he enjoyed sharing me and my secret life. He gave me permission to meet as long as they didn't know he knew but insisted I share the experience when I got home as he fucked my cum filled pussy. And his pride returned knowing he was married to the hottest woman in town that everyone wanted but he controlled.

he could understand and even embrace my unusually large amounts of testosterone and how was just I was. Since we decided that we would meet men this way he doesn't have screw women he's not attracted and I could lead my secret life but share with him.

We have never been so close and sex is a game we both enjoy. I always put on a good show for him and he tells me what a beautiful slut I am as he fucks me last sliding around in the others cum. He's amazed how I can seduce men and even get a group of total strangers turned on and take turns with me. Something I would of never experienced without him and his encouragement

At 63 it's a big turn on for us both seeing all the men wanting me for sex. It has kept us young and surprisingly happy. So if you ever wonder why that beautiful girl in hs turned out to be a whoore. It was nature. And I know few women will understand and the men will down on me, they all do want me even still.

Love hear from other testosterone driven women and how they have handled .

htflipwife33 52M/47F  
35 posts
1/9/2021 4:38 am

We are a married couple of 25 years, My wife is a busty, bi, and very passionate American born Filipina with soft, natural 42-C breasts. We enjoy dinner, drinks, dancing, and flirting followed by watching, touching, kissing, sucking, and fucking. I love to watch my wife, dressed up in a very sexy outfit in a hotel room with others . The buildup, the tension, the passion, the heart pumping anticipation, hearing her moans of passion is something that really turns me on. I am totally straight and encourage my wife in these situations. She enjoys oral sex to completion, both giving and receiving. She gives incredible sloppy wet blow jobs and mind blowing hand jobs and is very bi and can make your wife cum, We always practice safe sex which for us means condoms for fucking.

For us, getting there is half the fun.

We really enjoy couples only, hotel dance parties and hotel takeovers, We also enjoy nude beaches, flea markets, antique stores, country music concerts, and visiting adult resorts. We also enjoy house parties. There is nothing like 4, 5 or more on a bed. We have no racial hangups. She loves big, hard, thick cocks but the ability to stay hard is paramount. No one and dones...

We've been stuck here since March and haven't played since NYE 2019-2020 which has made us very, very horny.

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