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So long!  

Elfprincess1975 50M/47F
0 posts
8/22/2021 12:11 pm
So long!

We still get messages, and answer when we want to. We’re still letting our subscription lapse after the last week of August. As we’ve said before, we’ve lost interest for a variety of reasons no one here will care to read about but we’ll say a few things, anyway.

We’ve met folks who didn’t make it past the meeting phase. One pair was good, but we lost interest before we could do anything with them. We have found that this is more fantasy than something we want to make a reality. Our experience on this site can be thanked for that.

The types of people that hit us up aren’t our type in the manners and looks department. There’s too many flakes. Nobody ever gets back with us after THEY initiate a chat. Pretty stupid when folks do that. Then don’t contact us if you’re not serious.

Then there’s the topic of geography. We clearly live in the Sugar Land/Missouri City area. We get people who ask us where that is. You folks have to be pretty stupid to live in the Houston area and not know where that is. We get people from clear across town wanting to hook up. It’s like everyone lives in the seediest parts of the city. Maybe, this lifestyle is trashy and perverse, and those types of people live in other parts of town. It’s very rare that people who are up for this ever live near us.

Then there are the people who don’t even live in the Houston area at all. THEN there are the people who don’t even live in Texas who want to fly or drive in. Are these people losers or what? Are they that hard up to do this, or are they trying to escape their spouses back home? Transients (that’s people who travel through, for you morons who tell us you don’t know what that word means) hit us up, too. We’re not hooking up with people just passing through Houston. How amoral are you people?

Plus, hubby isn’t bi. Wifey isn’t bi. So, what’s the point? We wanted something different which we were up for. If we discovered an untapped bi side, then we wouldn’t freak out, but we really don’t inherently have the slightest urge to play for the same team.

No missing pieces to our lives. This was to be for an add-on, not some long term thing. We already have a relationship, it’s called our marriage.

If we ever do this, then it would probably be by chance and nothing planned. We can’t wait two or three weeks to finally fuck with people. We would have to meet, see how the evening goes by the end of dinner, then decide.

As it stands, we have an incredible sex life neither of us think can be improved. Having a couple or single join us would get in the way. Honestly, you probably wouldn’t be able to keep up. She is incredibly shy, but once she gets into the bedroom, watch out! Y’all would love her, but nobody’s been worthy enough to do that with her. Sorry. We all have our likes. We’ll respect yours even if you don’t respect ours.

So, if there’s one thing about this site that we’ve found, it’s that looking online for this experience is a bitch! No wonder why surveys say that maybe 3% of the population has ever had a threesome. I can believe it. Looking for a threesome online rarely works. The best way is to just let it happen. Maybe go out with my wife for a few drinks, see what’s out there, maybe strike up a conversation with some people, and go from there. As it stands, we have a great life and don’t really need to do this. It just seems that it has very little room in our relationship. We have new cars, new baby, new marriage (after courting for a number of years) a safe, unbreakable bond, we eat, go on incredible vacations, I have my hobbies which are too numerous to list here, we have great jobs, a house, a dog, some cats, etc. We are living the life as they say; the American dream.

Finding people who have the same level of success/accomplishments as us (or close enough) makes it tough to relate to many of you who do not have that. There’s lots of lonely, lost people here. We’re not one of them. We can tell because a lot of you send messages telling us how lonely and lost you are. Lol. Hubby here gets into people’s heads. I’m excellent in figuring out what makes people tick. Am I judgmental? You better believe it. You have to be when you’re looking for sex with someone you don’t know. Most of you just contact us without seeing a pic, without knowing a thing about us, and never bothered reading our past, less wordy profiles to get a feel for us. Instead, we get perverted shit like “ I want to cram my cock down her<b> throat </font></b>and explode all over her face”. What a juvenile, classless thing to say. No wonder. You’re cheap ass is paying a membership to try to get laid. So, since we’re not trash like you, we feel we don’t belong here.

Anyway, that’s it for us.

hotpussyliquor69 38M
1 post
8/22/2021 2:00 pm

So long and thanks for all the fish
So sad that it should come to this

Luv2bottom4u2 65M  
1875 posts
8/22/2021 4:08 pm

Yeah there are a bunch of Phony's and flakes on here, everyone knows that and it has gotten really bad last few years.
But your sex life must be missing something if you came here in the first place , might just be curiosity too !
Anyways Good Luck !

mufdiver69er2 62M  
1951 posts
8/22/2021 4:16 pm

im throwing the bs flag on this one..if it had been all light n gravy in your lives you wouldnt have even looked here..the fact that no one bit at your bait grinds at your ego thus all the bitter talk and namecalling at the end of your say folks dodged a bullet not hooking up and in parting...dont let the screendoor hitcha where the good lord splitcha..

woop woop

boobwhisperer69 59M  
8322 posts
8/22/2021 7:18 pm

    Quoting mufdiver69er2:
    im throwing the bs flag on this one..if it had been all light n gravy in your lives you wouldnt have even looked here..the fact that no one bit at your bait grinds at your ego thus all the bitter talk and namecalling at the end of your say folks dodged a bullet not hooking up and in parting...dont let the screendoor hitcha where the good lord splitcha..
I'd have to agree with what you said!!!!

Elfprincess1975 50M/47F

8/22/2021 7:56 pm

Some of you are totally wrong. We’ve had assloads of people hit us up. We just didn’t like what we her hit with. There is nothing missing from our sex life. This was hubby’s idea and she said yes. Secretly, she didn’t want to do it and that how we came to this conclusion to stop trying.we never contacted anyone else, never flirted. About all hubby would do was like pics. We had two folders on here full of our pics, but deleted it with all the likes and comments. We’re not “but hurt” or egotistical over anything. We were curious for a time and ultimately made the decision to not want to do this. It’s because nothing was missing from our sex life that we reached the quick decision to say sayonara. We still get hit up regularly on here, and thought we’d write something bidding farewell. We’re not the only ones. Many of the couples who have reached out to us have deactivated accounts. We’re just another one following suit. Now, when I say “we”, I mean me, the husband. She never got on here, so some of you have made stupid assumptions about her. She’s about as promiscuous as carpet. Lol. It’s just not her, so she upfront admitted to not wanting this and never did. She just said yes because she thought I wanted to do it. I don’t. She doesn’t. We’re good. Good luck to the rest of you.

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