EStanley27 41M  
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12/30/2021 9:34 am

So I was told that one of my kinks is<b> weird. </font></b>I am a voyeur. I'm a healthy voyeur. Not going out of my way to do something illegal to fulfill my desire. I was wondering am I the only one that also likes to watch, being watched? I know it's a strange place to ask this question due to the site this is on. But I just want to know how many of us are there because I love being a voyeur & I don't see anything wrong with who you are as long as it's healthy. Thank you for your time.

mm070270 52M

1/8/2022 12:38 pm

i like to be watched. i love the adult book store 8 mile. i will sit there and jack off being watch by diffent guys

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