Germany’s Night Tales 1 part1  

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7/15/2021 7:58 am
Germany’s Night Tales 1 part1

So, it all started with me going out for just a regular diet of dancing. I had no intention of beating anyone or getting to know anyone just wanted to relieve some stress. Since dancing is my go-to, I just love to just get out and interact with people. At the bar I noticed a young lady staring at me and I kind of figured that this could be a good dance partner for tonight. By dancing, I mean actual physical dancing the night away. There is no nothing wrong with us being cordial with each other. As a young male in Germany, I found myself to be very desirable to young German females and some old German females. I paid no mind to the fact that I was attracted to them, or they were attracted to me. I did enjoy the fact that they found it best to come up with me come up to me and ask me these things. Oh, this night I was just not in a mood for any company just a regular dance partner just someone to dance with on the dance floor and then go home and relax for the evening. But this lady Oh yes, this lady. She was staring at me soul hard that I could not I just could not say no. She was just the type of person that looked just as pretty in whatever she chooses to wear. I went to the bar ordered my usual drink which is pretty much orange juice or screwdriver or tequila sunrise. I struck up a conversation with her and to my amazement she spoke perfect English. I was kind of shocked and surprised, but I was also intrigued by her confidence. The woman who will remain unknown an unnamed for various reasons was quite elegant in her speech. I found myself pulled into the conversation and later pulled onto the dance floor. As we danced and continue to tal Our bodies, in turn, began to conversate and communicate and she whispered the same words that I have always heard “You are just so cute”. I knew was just going to be a one night stand no matter how alluring or intelligent she was. I began to kiss her neck slowly on the dance floor we begin to gyrate to the music as the slow song came on. As I felt the emotions and arousal were arise within me, I saw the expression on her face change as she too had become aroused. I wish for doing every year would she like to leave and find a better spot to get more gradient with each other. It was met by eager “Yes, I've been waiting all night for you to say that”. She escorted me out the door to her car and we drove to her place.
Once inside her place I found myself covered with passionate kisses. She kissed my lips she kissed my chest she kissed my hand. I found myself wanting her more and more as the kisses progress, but I took a step back and said let us sit down get acquainted before we go any further. She agreed and went to the kitchen as I sat down on a couch in the living room and brought back two drinks. Our conversation lasted less 30 minutes before we all over each other again. She had removed my shirt and I have removed her top. My hands caressed up and down the curvature of her body. I caressed her nipples bringing them to arousal. I brushed the nape of her neck and began to plant kisses up and down each part. She sighed and began to moan as I continued my quest to arouser beyond the point of<b> control. </font></b>She began to stop my chest and plant her own sweet kiss trailing down to my navel. I began to lose some of my self-control as this began to take hold of me. Within minutes my pants were removed, and my erection was at full mass. The next thing I knew I felt a warm hand grasped my shaft and begin stroking it all the wow kisses began to trail further and further down. Not to be outdone I unzipped her pants and began to massage the sweet moist lips under her soaked undies. She was hot, she was wet, she was ready. Not yet, I thought. I wanted to drive her crazy. I wanted her to be fully out of<b> control </font></b>before I was ready. I began to tease her breast with my tongue. I slipped the swollen nipples in between my lips as I struggle to maintain<b> control </font></b>of my sense. It was a power struggle between me and her. She had all aspirations of coming out on top, but I wanted to be victor.

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