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Decades had flown by before we ran into Brian  

DominantChief 69M
10 posts
8/6/2021 10:09 am
Decades had flown by before we ran into Brian

Oh how the decades had flown by. On bone of contention between Renee and I that kept popping up was that I went bed earlier than she as I had get up at 0430 for work. Laying I would often jack off. Renee wanted know I was thinking about I always responded with a half truth, "I always think of you when I jack off".

Finally as Renee's cravings for anal orgasms grew and we found ourselves watching FFFF porn combined with anal orgasms up me always cumming deep in Renee's ass. As you might expect, we often talked quite intimately about our fantasies,<b> desires </font></b>as I was stroking Renee's ass while she came over and over.

Emboldened by Renee's clear demonstration of her Bi Sexual<b> desires </font></b>as we watched these FFFF porn movies quite a lot as foreplay that usually ended with me cumming in Renee's ass. As I was stroking Renee's ass I told her that I had been jacking off for years thinking about she and I fucking Brian. Her ass immediately responded letting me know to continue this conversation.

I told her how I loved to jack off and think about our Bi fun with Brian and how I wanted to play with Brian again.

Some time later, Renee and I were at Spring Training game. Sitting in the stands enjoying the hoopla the loud speaker announced, "Will Brian xxxx meet his father at Ramp 7". I was astounded. After thinking it over for about seconds, I told Renee that I had to run to bathroom. I rushed to Ramp 7. was a dapper gentleman standing alone.

I introduced myself. Asking if he was Mr. XXX waiting for his , Brian? Yes, he was Brian's father. We chatted about my time working with Brian. Soon I heard Brian's voice, "Dad"?

We three chatted for a bit; I asked Brian how long he was in town and where he was staying. He and his dad were in town for some Spring Training games. He was staying at a nice resort that happened to be about a mile from Renee and my house. Brian invited Renee and I over to the resort on the next evening. I replied that I would let Renee know about running into Brian and would him in the morning let him know what Renee said.

On the way back my seat I thought about a BI MMF with Renee and Brian, the Bi MMF that I had been thinking about, fantasizing about and wishing for as I jacked off for years.

That evening we watched a favorite FFFF porn movie together, with Renee's multiple orgasms as I fingered her ass as she masturbated while watching the FFFFFs. Soon I was slow stroking Renee's ass while she watched the FFFFFs and rubbed her clit. After many orgasms with her anus cumming hard against my cock I held back the clear urge to start ass pounding Renee.

Slowly stroking Renee's ass I began talking about my years of jacking off thinking about her fucking Brian and about how much I wanted Renee to help me suck Brian's cock with her. Renee responded by rubbing her clit and talking about her fantasy Bi MMF with Brian. After she came hard I dropped the bomb.

With each cock stroke into Renee's Ass I said:
I ran into Brian at the ball game today
Brian invited you and I over to his resort tomorrow for drinks
I want to go, I hope you do, too.
I want us to fuck Brian
I want to lick your clit while Brian fucks you
I want to suck Brian's cock

The next evening found Renee getting ready. Showered, shaved, douched and I knew the party was on that night, an enema. Just slightly slutty make up, wearing the skirt that she wore the night she sucked Brian's cock for the first time. No panties, party on... No bra and a loose blouse with top 3 buttons undone. Bare legs and CFM heels (at 5'13" in her bare feet these CFMs made her taller than most anyone we might encounter that evening).

Although I am no longer drinking, we both admitted to the nervous jitters. As I was sober and driving that evening, Renee had two or three very stiff Vodkas. When she was ready she asked me for my opinion.

This and that and soon I told her that she smelled just too good. That led me to telling her that she should smell like a soaking wet pussy craving Brian to her. That led me eating her pussy and sucking her clit and then a good finger in her ass and thumb in her pussy as Renee rubbed her clit into a hard cum. Smelling my thumb and then tasting her cunt cum I assured Renee that she now smelled very much like pussy.

We arrived at the resort and met Brian at the bar overlooking the lights below. Vodka for Renee and Tonic Water for me (I had timed my ED pills, one last night and a second on the way over this evening). Soon we were on the second round and our laughter was getting louder and the talk much more ribald. Brian suggested that we order a third round, doubles again, before taking our drinks to his room.

On the way, I hung back and let Brian flirt with and grab ass with Renee. We sat in the living room. I sat alone in chair as Renee sat next Brian rubbing her thigh against his. After more than flirting and downing Renee's 6th or so drink of the evening I knew was Party time and just needed the off. I asked if this high end resort had so good porn. Soon we had a porn playing. We watched for about 3 or 4 minutes when I excused my self. Heading bathroom, I pee'd and washed me hands. Upon my return Renee was sucking Brian's cock.

I joined in. Renee and I took turns sucking Brian. Kissing, interlocking our fingers as we held Brian's cock in our mouths. From , the highlights remain, the highlights that I jack off almost every night.

Renee and I 69 while Brian fucked her. Me licking her clit and sucking the pussy juice from his cock

Renee doggy style with her tits swaying, her hard nipples giving her away

Spit roasting Renee on her back. Her head over the edge of the bed as I mouth fucked her Brian's slow cock strokes in her pussy.

Brian and I Bi 69 cock sucking

That night at home as I stroked Renee's ass and she slowly rubbed her clit we recounted that evening's Bi fun. After a couple of hard orgasms as we talked and she rubbed, Renee came hard and said that she really wanted another woman.

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