My first time with a girl  

DaraTampa 24F
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11/21/2021 1:22 pm
My first time with a girl

So, by now I've been with a lot of women, and I really thought the way it kind of went down with me was unusual, until I talked more girls. And, it seems it's not that<b> weird </font></b>after all.

I had literally just moved in with my roomie for college that day , my parents helped move/ stuff and get set . My roomie Chrissy ordered us some food and a bit drink even though we were a bit too . And, she was all about talking about . She couldn't believe I'd been with 2 guys and guaranteed she would quickly rectify that. I was like, whatever, that's not the kind of I am.

She looked straight in the eyes and said, 'i know exactly what kind of you are, you're a bi slut. just like me , and we're gonna a blast." I was like, what, no, i'm not a slut! I'm not even into girls. She was totally like, Really? You've been checking me out all day .

I swear -- the time, I totally believed that I hadn't been. I believe her now, but then I would wagered my life that I hadn't even looked at her. And, I told her as much. She just laughed and was like, "Whatever. Ok, here's a deal. We kiss once, and if you hate , I'll never ever bring up again. But, if you like , we go all the way and I'm your first."

I don't even know why I said yes, a buzz from the wine or whatever, but I was like, "Fine." And Chrissy said, "Ok, let's go" and I was like, "Now?"

So, we sat on the couch facing each other, and I just puckered like for a fake kiss and we pushed together, and I felt how her lips were and I just melted a bit, and when I felt her lips part I couldn't help it, and I just started looking for her tongue.

I don't know how to explain it, but it was like I was kissing in color for the first time, I know that doesn't really make sense unless you've experienced it, but everything was all colors, even with my eyes closed. Suddenly, I just kind of pulled away and said something like I don't know what doing, I don't know what doing.

And she was like, "Really? Seems like you're really into it, I mean, your hands are all over my tits." And, she was right, I'd just been automatically feeling her . And, that's when I realized, I really had been looking at her tits all , they're like huge lol
Chrissy said, "You're in college now, do what you want. Let's keep going, and just stop if you ever want to." And, I said I would like to kiss some more.

And, we did, and of course, we were naked in like 2 minutes. And, then she laid me back and went straight between my legs. And, my god, I finally understood what great oral was. I come really easy, but are definitely different levels between my orgasms and this was the first truly great one I'd had. While she was sucking on my clit, I felt her finger searching in me until she my gspot and I just exploded. That was the first time I'd squirted, and I just kept coming over and over.

I was just absolutely overwhelmed with the desire taste her, the smell of her was so good, and she tasted so sweet with like a bit of salt, I realized it's the first pussy other than mine that I'd ever touched. And, I think I worked her pretty well, she helped me a bit find her gspot, but after that, we fucked for like 6 or 7 hours, about half way through she started introducing me to a bunch of toys, which turned me so much.

Anyway, so, that's how it went down. I was 18 and had just moved in my new apt.

Side note: by the end of my first week with her, I'd been with 5 times the of guys as when I moved in lol

I'll post my next poll sometime this week, so for it!

justchillnodrama 48M

11/21/2021 4:22 pm

You go girl!

justchillnodrama 48M

11/21/2021 4:23 pm

I need a good slut!

Upinnit2 52M
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11/21/2021 7:22 pm

that is an awesome story

guy49006 66M
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11/21/2021 11:21 pm

Mmmmm great reading gave me a good boner

G000dbuddy 34M  
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11/21/2021 11:37 pm


privatehl09 20M
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11/22/2021 5:55 am


nicktampa 25M
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11/27/2021 5:27 pm

Chrissy is unbelievably fine, the two of you together are almost more than I can handle. Almost.

CappyC 69M  
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11/28/2021 10:14 am

Beautiful story, and as you said I realized that scenario is not that unusual from talking to a lot of other women. Glad you got to experience it that way and it opened you up to a whole new world of possibilities!

reallyready46 62M
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11/29/2021 3:00 pm

Wish you were at my college!

wickedcat2006 47F  
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12/3/2021 12:51 pm

wow...lovely experience...

ghostriderinfla 60M  
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12/15/2021 6:04 pm

your story made me cum

Akmel2021 50M

1/19/2022 12:13 pm

Very hot!!!

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