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Unique talents
Posted:Feb 5, 2021 7:07 am
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2021 5:49 am
I seem to be consuming a lot more alcohol during these Pandemic periods of self- isolation, settling on “Old Fashions” as my new favorite.

is something about taking the stem dangled cherry in one’s mouth, with its comparable softness and texture the nipple of a woman's breast, and gently teasing the soft fruit between the teeth till the slow release of flavor, before passing it the tongue for its pleasure of smashing it against the roof of the mouth to enjoy the full climatic burst of its bourbon infused flavor.

In light of the above I always add an extra cherry for the erotic enhancement to the effects of the bourbon as it mellows my mood, seducing me into a state of calmness in these lonely, mask wearing, vaccination scheduling, uncertain times.

And it was in one of these Bourbon infused moments while I sat succumbing to the warmth of the Tennessee whiskey spreading through my body, idly twirling a fruitless cherry stem between thumb and forefinger. A memory was stirred into remembrance of an almost forgotten skill taught to me by a “Light of Love” from Quebec. back in the 80,s. I watched in amazement as she tied an overhand knot in the stem of a cherry with her tongue.

When I asked where she learned the erotic trick, she coyly fluttered her eyelashes at me and replied “ In kissing School”. If memory serves, I'm sure she must have graduated at the top of her class…. But I regress.

Eventually I did learn from her teachings, but I had forgotten the technique over the years so I Googled, doubtful of the outcome and lo and behold it was more widely known than what I had thought.
Here are pictorial instructions if you are interested in self improvement and entertainment till the mask comes off. Have Fun!
The Spanking
Posted:Feb 1, 2021 6:30 am
Last Updated:Feb 5, 2021 5:56 am
Raising up the short skirt, he pulled her over his lap, his fingers trembling as he searched out the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled them down exposing smooth white cheeks, his eyes drinking in the feminine curves of her ass and how they blended into the darker skin pigmentation around her anus as he tilled her further forward.

In a hoarse, shaky voice, he could barely recognize himself. He asked if she knew why she deserved to be punished. She replied “Because I eat too much”. “And what else, young lady” he replied, as his open palm came down with such force it sent shockwaves rippling through her fleshy buttocks leaving the scarlet imprint of his hand across her bottom.

He felt a stirring in his groin as he raised his hand and asked her again why she was getting punished, and she sobbed “ because my thighs are too big”. His arousal surprised him, she looked so vulnerable laying across his lap with her panties down around her knees. It excited him the way her body tensed in anticipation of each blow as the palm of his hand came swiftly down with a resounding smack causing her whole body to jerk as she cried out, begging for forgiveness.

He had to restrain her from going all the ways over as both legs kicked in the air causing her body to tip forward on his lap like an unbalanced teeter totter giving him a brief, but clear view of her vaginal region, lightly covered with dark pubic hair, a glimpse of pinkness flashed between the dark skin tones of her vulva lips as her legs flailed the air. Amazingly he noticed a thread or fluid stretching down to a wet spot on his pants leg as evidence of her arousal.

Oh my God he thought, this was his first time ever spanking anyone and he had only half believed it could be anything, more than a game, even after reading “Fifty Shades of Grey'' but her dripping pussy was living proof.

God! He was really doing this, she was young enough to be his , but as he watched the red color spread across the pale cheeks of her ass he could feel his hardness pressing up against her body. Raising his hand again he said “you know why”. Sobbing she replied “ because I am overweight”. Her whole body spasmed as the palm came down on her ass again causing her to cry out louder than before.

He had always been fascinated other people's Kinks and Fetishes, perhaps that was one of his own. He had found her profile on Fetlife stating she was looking for an older man to spank her.

He reached out, and they met for lunch at a small Diner. She was a few minutes late, but he recognized her from the pic she had sent him. She was wearing a short skirt showing off the ink on one of her early 20’s, large, but shapely thighs, she had a rather plain Jane Face, but not unattractive, maybe the dark lipstick and the adornment of two small piercings, one above the eye, the other on the side of her lip was an attempt at being less ordinary. He caught a glimpse of a 3rd, a metal stud in her tongue when she started apologizing for being late. She seemed to have a problem making eye contact when they talked and she blushed when he asked her about the spankings and it caused him to blush too.

They both relaxed as they ate lunch and she opened up telling him how her father had spoiled her when she was growing up and let her do anything she wanted, she wasn’t sure, but she thought that might have something to do with her need to be spanked. As she talked his mind wandered, the dark lipstick and the piercings didn't work much for him, but he wondered what it would be like to fuck her young curvy body.
She had a roommate which he found out later was also her boyfriend, so he would have to host and he opted for a motel as it made him nervous to bring a stranger into his home. She was into heavy metal music and started a conversation on the subject which he knew nothing about, he had made an excuse to leave and told her he would text and let her know the motel before the weekend and could pick her up at the diner since she didn’t have a car. She gave him a smile and thanked him when he the . As he drove home he only half believed that she would show, it all seemed so casual and vague to be real.

Now here he was with her across his knee with a hard on looking down on her rosy red bottom. He wasn't sure what to do next, the palm of his right hand was stinging and he switched to his left.

He wasn't sure how this was supposed to end, she had been a little vague and he didn’t think to ask.
Impromptus he raised one knee tilting her bottom up and reached down between her thighs from behind and slid his hand up the smooth flesh of her thigh till the tip found the moist opening between her legs and he pushed the full length of his thumb into her just as the palm of his left hand came down across the cheeks of her ass again causing her to cry out as the outer muscle ring of her vagina clenched down on his thumb.

He wasn’t sure what her reaction would be, but she pushed back against his thumb and moaned “Harder”. Encouraged, his fingers tips searched out her clit as he thumb fucked her. He was only vaguely aware the tip of his thumb was making contact with the rougher texture of her G-spot. “She went nuts”, and her body started thrashing around. WTF! He felt something warm on his thighs! Looking down he saw liquid squirting out around his thumb, he thought it was pee at first then realized as her whole body shook and jerked she was having a squirting orgasm. Thumb still inside her he clamped down and trapped her clit in between forefingers and pressed up with his thumb to anchor her orgasm and let her body ride it out as she continued to squirt every time the palm of his left hand smacked her ass.

It was too much! Close to Cuming in his pants, he suddenly stood up almost dumping her on the floor, but managed to get her on her feet, holding on to her arm as she teetered with her panties around her ankles.
Pulling down his soaked pants he sat back down in the armless, straight back chair and awkwardly pulled her down backwards on his lap. They both almost toppled over, chair and all when she reached down to work one leg of her panties over her clunky shoes. Then she reached back between her legs and guided him in as she straddle down backwards on his cock while he held the cheeks of her ass apart.

Feeling her warmth as she slowly settled down on his cock he almost started Cuming and he told her not to move. With the full length of his cock inside her it took all his concertation, it was a near thing. He used both hands on her full hips to keep her still till he got enough self control to ensure he would not cum the instant she moved.

After regaining composure, he raised up the back of her light sweater, his fingers fumbling with the clasps of her bra, being busty, there was multiple hooks on the the wide elastic strap, when it sprung free, he reached around her body with both arms and ran his hands up under her bra, cupping her warm large breast as they swung free from the bra cups.

Feeling her nipples harden in the palm of his hand, he took each one between his thumb and forefingers rolling them back and forth, she mourned “Harder Daddy''. Completely in control of himself again he started flexing his cock inside of her ( Male Kegels). She reached down between her legs and took his testicles in her hand and started working her ass in a slow circular rotation, which brought him to the edge again.

He tried to concentrate on the tattoo design on the back of her neck to keep from Cuming. Still pinching one of her nipples with his left hand, he reached around and worked his hand under her forearm and fingered her clit as she cupped and fondled his balls. He thought he could get her off again, but it never happened, and he couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded inside her with his lips on the back of her neck, the smell of her hair in his nose, his cock pulsed inside of her with every feathery touch of her fingertips on his testicles, coaching the delivery of every last drop of his seed deep inside her.
Afterward still seated in the chair completely drained, admiring her fine ass as she worked the other leg out of her panties over her clunky shoes. He apologized for not getting her off again. Without making eye contact she thanked him for going off script and doing that with his thumb while he spanked her, and amazingly she acclaimed that was the “first time ever” she’d had an orgasm other than her own hand. He asked her about the squirting and she was unaware that she had.

She told him that normally after being spanked she had to use her vibrator while fantasizing about it in private to cum. Sometimes she read stories online about spanking while using her vibrator. He asked her what kind of vibrator and she reached into her handbag and produced a small one designed to be used on the clitoris without penetration.

Fascinated he asked if she could make herself cum while he watched. Taking a bottle of water out of the mini fridge she looked into his eyes as she took a drink out of the bottle. Then hesitatingly she said maybe if he punished her again and reached into her bag and handed him a small leather strap and bent over the back of the small settee and he whipped her ass till it was rosy pink as she begged for forgiveness for some imaginary wrongdoing. Afterward without shyness she laid back on the settee and spread her legs wide with one clunky shoe clad foot resting on the floor.

He felt his cock start to get hard again as he stood quietly watching how with eyes closed, her brow furled in concentration, as she pinched her nipples, the purple nail polish contrasting against the whiteness of her breast. Her hips arched up to the small, but powerful handheld vibrator making a buzzing sound as it pressed against her engorged clit and labia. He watched how every muscle in her body tensed and strained, to coordinate the fantasy in her mind with the physical titillation of the vibrator to achieve orgasm. It was beautiful to watch her heaving breast, the slight parting of her purple coated lips as she let out the involuntary sounds of a female in orgasm, as her whole body stiffened, causing her legs to elevate as the orgasm ripped through her body. Afterwards they shower together while waiting on his pants to dry, that he had to sponge off.

He drove her back to the diner and bought her dinner, and to show her gratitude she sucked him off in the car outside of her apartment building using that smooth metal tongue stud to full advantage. He wondered about what it would be like to kiss her but she had told him earlier she did not like being kissed.

They started meeting on a weekly basis on her day off from the convenience store she worked at and a relationship of sorts developed.

He started bringing her to his house and would sometimes cook for her. She had told “Kurt” her boyfriend about their arrangement, which caused him some concern, but she explained they had an open relationship. She said she was quite fond of Kurt, but the only thing they had in common was being metalheads and getting high.
She said Kurt thought the spankings were weird and gave up trying to get her off and their sex life evolved into her sucking him off while he sat on the couch listen to music on his head phones, Kurt talked her into letting him fuck her in the ass, which she didn’t like at all, but sometimes let him when they were high and listing to Metal.
The more he got to know her the more he realized there was softness and vulnerability underneath all the purple & heavy metal adornments. When she didn't show up till the next week with her butt still showing signs of bruising from being spanked he realized that he was becoming more than just being sexually attracted to her. Maybe it was the same with her he thought when she wrapped her legs around him and let him fuck her young curvy body while sucking his neck till he had purple bruises the next day. A couple of days later she messaged him saying she had met a guy on fetlife that wanted her to move in and be his sub and just like that it was over.
Smiling he opened his lap top and as he typed in his password he thought perhaps she was the wiser of the two.
Leaves By TB
Posted:Jan 26, 2021 7:25 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2021 6:12 am

"Two yellow leafs 
let go and leap 
in reckless abandon from shaky branches 
one shows off 
his floating somersaults delights other one who pirouettes 
and claps her hands. 
They swirl around fandango dancing as Cupid's breeze directs their fall 
into a heap on fallow ground. 
She lands on top 
a gentle plop they roll and kiss entwined and locked. 
in tumbling bliss 
they cling together until they rest. 
She smiles and sighs and whispers softly I knew it might 
feel like this. "

True or False
Posted:Jan 23, 2021 5:55 am
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2021 5:19 am
"Altruistic People Have More Sexual Partners"?


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