That Was Incredible!  

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12/8/2021 8:05 pm
That Was Incredible!

I'm not unlike many of you; I've been trying desperately reconnect with old buddies since I received my second vaccine shot. It's been hard trying make things work, but yesterday, yesterday was a day!

I woke up horny as usual and checked my . a new one : "Today?" I clicked on see that an old bud available meet me for "lunch." Could I make , he asked. Well shit, of course I could make it, but could I extract myself from home without suspicion in the middle of the day. (Still working from home, as is my girlfriend.) I studied the many lies I could offer up but none of them sounded believable. Then, the most natural option presented itself--I needed a haircut, which I did. So that's what I cooked up. And before you knew it, I in the shower shaving my ass.

We were meeting in a motel we'd used before. It seedy and suited our purposes perfectly. He before me and answered the door stripped down his underwear. My cock began swell. We greeted each other, and then I removed my shirt, which miserably dampened by sweat. I pulled down my shorts and underwear and prepared jump in the shower again, just cool off and freshen up my hole. As I did this, a huge gob of pre-cum dripped from my swollen coc Mario's eyes grew wide. He walked over and ran his hand all over my cock and balls, and then moved the pre-cum across my stomach until his hand reached my mouth. He slipped his fingers inside my mouth and I sucked the salty stickiness off of them. My cock sprung up with excitement. As I walked into the bathroom, Mario slapped my ass.

When I came out of the shower, Mario naked on the bed and motioned me to join him. His pale flesh sharply contrasted by the fierce black bush surrounding his uncut coc As I made it to the bed, it wasn't long before my lips were brushing up against that dark hair. I took his cock all the way down. I wasn't greedy; I took my time and sucked him like an ice cream cone. Up and down I went, releasing my attention on his cock to move lower and swallow his balls one by one. Mario's hands had been pawing at my ass as I sucked him, so I turned around to give him a close up of my hole. He became feral. Before I could put my mouth on his cock again, his face was buried in my ass. From the muffled sounds he was making, I could tell that he was loving it.

He ate my ass, and then he licked the plate clean! I'd ever had my ass eaten once before, and was nice, but this was something else. I felt the pleasure rise up into my stomach. As you might imagine, my cock was rock hard by now and continuing to ooze pre-cum. I sucked his cock and he ate my ass. I t went on like that for ten or fifteen minutes. Then the magic words: "Get on your bac" I had been expecting some doggy style action, so this came as a surprise. I lay back and Mario moved closer, sniffing the nape of my neck, my chest and moving his way down to my coc Before I knew , the head of my cock in his mouth and two of his fingers were knuckle deep in my hole. Oh god, amazing having a man's mouth on my cock again! But the best yet come!

After Mario had gotten his fill, he finally pushed my legs up and bac My knees were almost touching my ears. Then I felt his cock inside me. as good as I had remembered . A nice thick six-inch uncut coc has always fit perfectly and felt amazing. Mario's strokes were focused and full of heat. I could tell he meant each one. Eventually, the intensity reached another level. Mario pushed my legs back even further and began nailing me the bed! A fantastic , indeed! He wouldn't let me touch my cock, and I desperate to feel more. I reached back with both arms and pinched the mattress top. It all I could do to keep from screaming. It clear to me now that Mario intended to literally the cum out of me. His cock relentless. I could feel a<b> weird </font></b>sensation in my groin, as if I about pee, but more intense. I'd never felt anything like . both good and alarming. What the hell is happening, I thought as I spread my legs as far as they would go. The cock just kept fucking me, and I continued moan and writhe in ecstasy.

Finally, Mario withdrew his cock and put his mouth on me, gently sucking and stroking my cock with his hands. But before I knew it, Mario fucking me like an animal again! My legs pulled all the way back, his cock filing me with a pleasure I'd never experienced before. And then, without knowing exactly what going happen, I felt a sensation originating below my balls and moving the base of my coc I going pee myself, I thought as I squeezed the mattress. "Oh ""Oh shit, I'm cumming!" And then I came. A huge gob of cum shot onto my stomach. Although, I didn't know that it for at least a few minutes because as I cumming so Mario. My hole so sensitive after I came that every stroke Mario delivered after that like a knife my guts. like I cumming non-stop! wasn't long before Mario thrust his cock in me for the last time. He growled like a beast, and I felt his body pulsate as each spurt of cum shot from his coc At last, the greatest of my life had come an end.

As I drove home, I came a red light and wrote these words into an : "That incredible, thanks!" *Send.

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