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I tease Anon after she messages me while riding the bus to work
Posted:Feb 11, 2022 12:19 pm
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2022 8:08 am

Disclaimer: So, I have never written much of anything in my life ever, much less erotic fiction. I had an interaction online recently that was similar to this, and I guess I may have a talent for it. Who knows? Maybe your comments will be the judge.

If you aren't a fan of depicted sex acts between a straight male and a trans woman, maybe skip this post. Also, this is probably the most unrealistic interaction between an actual straight man and a real transwoman. If anything, she is more of a literary device than a believable human being. I'm already well aware that this person just probably shouldn't, or doesn't, exist.. there is no need to inform me of this basic reality we share. Consider this story as you would any other baseless, fictitious porn...

This story is an instant message chatlog between myself, and a trans-feminine woman by the name of "Anon" maybe she contacted me on this very site? Wouldn't that be convenient? It takes place in the late 1900s, a time some of us may remember, or not remember at all. I guess I wanted to remember the good ol' days of talking to other horny people online as i sit here on Senior Sizzle in the year 2022.

It is fraught with grammatical errors, excessive and inappropriate use of hyphens and commas, and probably a bunch of other basic syntax and narration errors so...reader beware. Also, please recognize my fetish for ASCII based banners and notification bars, thank you. There is just something about them I find delightful. I also put minimal effort into these but, I figured i'd just let you know that. Now you know that. Just try to forget it, I'll wait.

So be nice to me because it's my first contribution! I'm a free user so whatever, i dont even know if this thing will post. If you *really really liked it* maybe consider sponsoring my membership, eh? ehhh? Mehh... (NO DONT, I don't know. don't ban me for asking for fucks sake ;P )

Ok, with that being said... I hope you enjoy " I Am to Please" Bonus points if you can spot the one stage show reference i put in there. There will be no prize awarded, sorry. :\

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.>> .>> Link established you are now chatting with Anon (22f)!
.>> .>> You have 1(one) active conversation!

.>> .>> You can switch between active conversations by pressing #(POUND_KEY)

Honestly, I didn't think that would work. How ya doin'?

.>> lmao good hbu?

Just got done a shift at the hospital, it's good to be home
Whatcha doing?

.>> im masturbatin lol

Ayy, woa we just met. How old are you?

.>>im 22! it says it right there in my profile
.>>im trans but whatever

Ha. Nice. Do you need a hand?

.>>sure! tehe
.>> how big r u

Bigger than average but I mean who doesn't want a giant dong?

.>>I like mine being smol. :.>

Ah ha. My mistake. Of course you do.

.>>guess how smol mine is

Is it...smaller than a peanut?

.>>nop! almost tho

Maybe an acorn
A cute girly clit.

.>>bigger sadly ;(

So like 3 acorns ina trench coat
A sexy trench coat, of course

.>> i meant inches not acorns mr.

Ok. 3 inches, hard

.>>a little more than that lol...sadly :.>

This is a lot of acorns.

10 inches.

.>>NO!! LOL xD
.>>3.5 ! :.>


I love it.

.>> ty!!

Fits in your panties so easily, no fuss. No need to wrangle it every morning, saves time and money on duct tape and other asscessories. I say you've got it made.

.>>yop! nvr needed the stuff hehe the panties are all I need sometimes mebe I dont need them :.>

And how are we dressed today?

.>>o well I am heading to work so I have on a skirt and a blouse
.>>I cant get away with somethin hot u kno but
.>> so i dont wer any panties when i go to work heehe

Good girl. Still finding a way to express your inner-slut desires whenever, wherever you can?

.>>ya of course all the time
.>> my butt is right on the bus seat lol
.>> is chilly but its my fav part of the ride sooo

Im still in my scrubs. Well, i got rid of the top as soon as i got through the door. Scrub pants and a black tank top. My ass is currently located on the couch.

.>>ur the most interesting i've met on here so far
.>>i like u

Really? Well, thank you. I too am enjoying the enthusiasm you are bringing to the conversation.

.>>you know what id rly enjoy?

What's that, Anon?

.>>you fucking my tight sissy ass. :.>

And skip the foreplay first? I am more than my above average and incredibly straight cock, you know.

.>>;hmmmm. yes i can take it
.>>make my tiny dick flop all around

How about I eat your ass first? Are you that kind of girl, Anon?

.>>;hmm. maybe..i dunnoo

Ladies choice it is, then
How do you want it, or would you rather I surprise you..

.>> surprise

Come over here, bend over the couch.

.>> yes mr

*rubs your shoulders with strong hands, working my way down to your hips

So much tension, you know what's good for that?

*slides cock between your ass cheeks

*slaps..grabs a handful of your ass

.>> jesus

I am still the most interesting so far, I hope?

.>> yes
.>> sorry i am riding the bus 2 work but i am listening
.>> this is so hot plz continue
.>> fukk

That's fine. I can set the scene for us, jump in whenever you'd like.

.>> im already so hard sitting on this city bus noone has ever chatted with me like this b4
.>> ;o

Good. I want you to be hard and wet during your ride to work.
Are you?

.>> yes. aaahh

Good girl.


*gently pulls one of your hands behind your back, grinding my cock on your hot asshole

.>> ah

*nibbles the small if your neck, as soon as you gasp from that...I start to slowly push my cock inside of you

.>> moans

*covering your mouth gently to catch the first moan, hot and heavy. this one is mine to keep.

*my cock, only partially inside of you, stretching you more as it squeezes into feel that familiar pull and ache inside you

*thrusting slowly, carefully... feeling for your ass to start to submit and open to me, my hands brushing your shoulders and back, carefully

*you feel yourself taking on more than you ever have before, excited to finally find a cock that can touch the deepest part inside of you

*you wonder how much more you can take...can your body handle much more..? Fuck it, you are about to find out

*at that moment, I'm all the way inside of you, my hips start to thrust faster. You can feel me losing control over this slow tease...

Fuck Anon, your ass is so hot..

*another firm slap on your ass, it satisfies the both of us and the sting lingers for a moment as it slowly fades into a low, pink warmth

*I start pounding hard.. all the way out...all the way back in. Your pussy wet from our sweat and juices, each thrust pulling more wet, slippery heat from inside of you

*Your cock slaps your stomach, flipping your girly thin precum up the front side of your tits...a small bit just landed on your lucky can you be? It tastes familiar and sweet.


.>> ur good at this who are you <3 <3
.>> sry i had to catch up

I am to please.
Sometimes I get uh, carried away, mhm.
Shall I continue?
Anon...are you still there?

Tell me Anon, after you have read where we have gone so far, and rolled me around your mind for a moment. Answer me this: how wet is your 3.5 inch girl cock now? Are we still on the bus?

.>> omg. sry. yes yes
.>> itsssss pretty wet
.>> my panties are soaked im almost to work please more

I can do this all day, into the night. I will wake you after we are done for more, you are insatiable

.>> jesus.

*my thrusts become heavier, my breathing slow, and deep. Growling, squeezing... You feel my cock begin to pulse with quickening frequency.

*you are crying tears of ecstasy while you hear your own voice demanding, pleading that I never stop. It seems as if your own voice is coming from...somewhere else. Your mind clouds with lust, excitement, anxious antici....pation

.>> i don t know what to say i love this pls continue

*seeing the room swelling and swaying through your blurred, mascara-stung eyes.. you bury your face into the couch, biting into it. You pick your face up in a gasp, look down and realize you have left your mark on the couch...two heavy blotches of dark mascara surrounded by a warm wet spot remain

.>> ur so good, i want this omg
.>> moans
.>> im not rlly good at this idk what i got myself into but i like it :.>

You don't have to be good at this just permitting willing, and attentive to my words, my sweet pet. I am enjoying teasing you while you are on that bus. Do you like being teased?

.>> yis mr

*I gasp, slowly and deliberately grasp a fist full of long, soft hair

*I Yelp, every muscle from my toes to the base of my cock surges as I bury my cock recklessly into your body, filling every last bit of your swollen hole with hot, thick cum... Wave after wave swelling inside of you.

*just as you feel the hot warmth of my cum begin to slip out of your ass and run down over your tight balls... I collapse down on top of you - panting and gasping, laughing quietly. With every breath in I take in the sweet smell of your sweat as it has mixed with your makeup...

*still inside of you I reach under and around your hips, my hands finding your swollen, wet cock

.>> O.O ah ah yess daddy
.>> u didnt forget about me :.>
.>> !!
.>> i want to cum to pls yess

*with my other arm, I hold myself up, bicep twitching against your warm, blushed cheek. Your saliva is damp and cool on my skin. I stroke two fingers along the underside of your shaft, playing with the wet tip of your clit ..before returning to the base.... Feeling it swell, throb and leak with each stroke.

*you twitch with each and every touch, anymore of this and you think you surely lose your mind. The only thoughts in your mind are primitive, carnal embers of lust, rising to a roaring crescendo with no end in sight

..wait, are you familiar with what a crescendo is?

.>> wat
.>> no :\
.>> i want one tho
.>> rightfuckinnow .>.<.
.>> fuckhhh cresndo me daddy xD

*the entire tip of your clit is saturated in your juices, as sweet precum is squeezed out of you from deep within. I know you are more than close..I have brought you right to the place you needed to be, and not a moment too late or early.

*I whisper a panted, labored demand in your ear ...

"/Cum for me/"

*you let a single, whimpered *yesss...* Shuddering..gasping, a squeal slips from your throat as a thick stream of girl cum oozes from your clit, pooling in the palm of my waiting hand...

.>> oh fukh omg yessssss
.>> im leaking all over the seat daddy
.>> omgg

"Good girl. Cum for me."

*another thicker load is shot with more force than the first..followed by another. Each load is followed by your balls squeezing up towards your pussy. Your feminine cum starts to leak through my fingers..small ropes of you drip onto the mascara stain, pooling, mixing.

Do you want to taste it or is this for me?

...Maybe...we share this time.

*with a deliberate tongue I take some to my lips. For a moment you are lost, focus again on my my lips... You realize your mouth is already open, tongue pushed out, desperate and begging.

*my hand rises gently to your mouth, pouring the remainder of your still warm, sticky cum onto your eager tongue and lips.. brushing the final bit down your cheek.

Good girl.

*it's taste familiar, yet the presentation has it sending shivers running down your back - *just like* the first time you ever tasted yourself. You are changed - again - you aren't quite sure how yet...but every moment from here is different.

*you swallow your warm, salty cum. It tastes reminiscent of seawater and sand - nostalgic and distinctly yours.

*We kiss deeply, moaning into each other's mouths, grabbing at each other's faces, as the world we once knew drops from below our feet, replaced by one where we shared this night.

Annnnnd.... /scene.

I hope that was to your satisfaction, Anon. Enjoy your day at work....

.>> fuck! ok ok i just got to work
.>> im still so hard omg
.>> i have to go inside now
.>> where did u learn to do that omg
.>> who ARE you????

Take all the time you need, or don't. The choice is yours. I don't think anyone will notice your bulge under your skirt... if that is what you are worried about.

.>> nop. but they MIGHT notice the wet spot i made tho > . <
.>> or that u made
.>> what a fuckin mess omg its EVERYWHERE??

Ha! My apologies. Maybe you could tie a sweater or something around your hips until the problem resolves itself? Maybe you have a bag you could hold...

.>> yuppppp thats what im doin omg
.>> ur really somethin else u kno that

I am to please. I enjoyed our time playing together this afternoon.
You were wonderful.

If you would ever like to play again, please - just ask.

-- hours later --

.>> .>> Link established you are now chatting with Anon (22f)!
.>> .>> You have 1(one) active conversation!
.>> .>> You have 1(one) unread message!

.>> .>> You can switch between active conversations by pressing #(POUND_KEY)

.>> omg ok
.>> i brought my lunch into the bathroom
.>> so i could eat rq
.>> so i could finally rub my sissy cock and cum
.>> played with my pussy / ass what ever
.>> i came so much bc of u
.>> pls... i ride the bus evry day at that time
.>> i want this evry time
.>> pls ok ?

/?/ To be contiued? /?/

Authors commentary: I just realized even the couch got some action. What does THAT mean? I am going to have to bring this up with my therapist now. *adds this too the list*

I'm a clinical professional, I write blunt notes about mundane events for a living and do other shit like deal with a global pandemic. I'm not bitter. I wrote some smut. Give me my interNet dopamine points immediately!

Also I feel compelled to relay the fact that uh, I do like women. trans or not. I'm not into guys. If you are a guy, just...please, don't get the wrong idea, and we are cool.

Ok last one. This text editor is total garbage but i guess i wanted to write this like it was the late 1990s so will find it suitable for this specific purpose. If you see any crazy ascii characters flying around, i take no responsibility for their effect on your day.

To link to this blog (DaazVolkova) use [blog DaazVolkova] in your messages.

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