single Hot girls on AFF  

Culinarymassage 41M
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9/26/2021 3:26 am
single Hot girls on AFF

If you have been a mber of Senior Sizzle for any extensive period of ti then you already know what im talking about when i say. Single Hot girls. When i say hot, i an on a scale of 0 10, and we are talking about 11 and 12s. i dont an beautiful, because i think most people are beautiful unless they are an, rude and litter. These Hot girls are hungry for that paper. I thought that hay, maybe most of the single females that are gold mbers are actuy looking for a connection.

Boy how wrong it was for assu that shit. So as my research is still ongoing and this is what i have discovered thus far. ANY hot females that post a picture of her face on it, is most likely a CAM girl. So of them are even wise enough post a partial picture of her face which is the bait. Yes, i do an the bait like on a fishing lure. Here is the cast of the fishing line.

. Hay hows it going, how you doing how yah been. ive been away for a while now im back, and it looks like we are still friends.
Hot girl.. Hay baby, im super excited your back lets hook up

At this point im thinking myself, mmm, i only wished this wasnt a scam of so sort, but i decided play along just see where this conversation was going.

.... oh rey, i was going ask you sa thing
Hot girl. where do you live
.. Denver
Hot girl.. do you like the Broncos, if your not a fan, then i cant talk you
.. of course i am, i live here
Hot girl.. Ill do just about anything go a ga, im broke and spent the night buying drinks.
.. well i need employees at my spot, it pays alot and is easy work
Hot girl... blah blah blah, more blah blah a

And now here it cos...

Hot girl, can you go my site....

i fucking knew it.of course you want go your site and sign up for so shit. should have known.

lindoboy100 59M  
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9/26/2021 10:04 am

Lonely Fans is what it's called I believe!!

seems6666 51F
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9/26/2021 12:22 pm

If they seem to good to be true.. it probably is!

jobella37 55F  
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5/2/2022 5:51 pm

Would u consider me one of the HOTTIES?



jobella37 55F  
125 posts
5/2/2022 5:53 pm

Another pic 4 u



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