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Clive_63 58M
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12/31/2021 1:27 pm
G Spot

I never really saw the fascination in<b> anal </font></b>sex, okay i really enjoy rimming and tactile touches of the anus and cheeks, but for actual penetration nope. That was until I was home alone and I had time to play with my Christmas present.

Over the last few days I have been teasing my tight ass with the various<b> anal </font></b>dildos. Obviously starting with the small one and today I managed the big 9" cock. However, the Butt vibrator really hit the spot. I quickly found out as the dildo's enter and initially push up is the most sensitive. Draw it back and my sensitivity grows rapidly and after a few in and outs I am climaxing. With the vibrator and its little finger and found if I curve this just below my prostrate and bam my g spot!

I also didn't know the ass produces its own juices, which taste sweet.

I love pushing the 9" dildo all the way up. I can feel the ribbing on the side of it and the head. I then finish off with the smaller one in and out alternating with the vibrator and I am climaxing multiple times.

So where to next, although I without a doubt enjoy playing with myself and I have discovered parts of my body that I didn't know were so sensually erotic. I would certainly enjoy the company of others to experience such pleasure. I would love a sexy lady to use a strap on dildo on me, that is such a turn on. Taking me up the ass while jerking me off mmm. Or perhaps the real thing I just don't know....

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