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Tim and Abbie 72: Brian’s matchmaking: Patti  

Clairew1959 63F  
96 posts
8/18/2021 1:41 pm
Tim and Abbie 72: Brian’s matchmaking: Patti

Meanwhile, next in line is Patti and this interesting George at the church. Patti has poo-pooed all of George’s attempts over the past few years. It appears that he thinks Patti is a desirable woman and that her husband was not worthy of her. Since he finally died, George has patiently waited his time, but Pattie has not shown any interest.
George has known the family for years since the were little. George and his wife would sit a few rows behind them most Sundays, and George envied first their having the two girls, and then later in life, Mark. George and his wife never had .
George knew the husband and father was a hard man and heard the rumors about him. Many from his wife’s catty tongue. Seeing Patti always standing tall like nothing is being spread about her increased his admiration for her.
Now, both without their luggage, George had hoped that they could perhaps open to each other, but still, Patti seems to keep her armor around her.
But George is determined and not ready to give up.
Now, seeing Mark back in church with this mother, Patti, along with this other man, George thinks he might have a chance. It is clear that the other man is with Mark, which is interesting.
Each week, George makes sure he is the one to hand Patti her bulletin and lead her to her favorite pew, which he always saves for her. Walking her to her seat, George tries to start small talk with her but still never seems to get anywhere.
That is until Brian introduces himself to George during the coffee hour following the service. Chatting away with George, getting to know about the man, Brian is cheerful and mentions Patti often, bringing a grin to George’s face.
The following Sunday, Brian greets George like his long-lost friend and even invites George to join them for brunch after the service. George accepts without hesitation. The table is getting fuller now, Jessica and Roger, George next to Patti, and Jennifer between Brian and Mark.
Brian keeps the focus of the conversation on George, bringing out all his good points and stunning qualities. At the end of the meal, Brian states, “Jessica, I know you and Roger have plans now, and Mark and I want to take Jennifer to this exhibit I think she will like. Would it be an imposition, George to ask you to take Patti home?”
George eagerly agrees, and Patti blushes at the suggestion but goes along with it.
Jennifer is a bit surprised at this ‘exhibit’ they are taking her to. And that it appears that Brian is matchmaking again, but for her mother? ‘What am I? Chopped liver? When is going to be my turn?’ Jennifer thinks.
Brian sees the look on her face in the restaurant. Later, as they walk around the art exhibit, which Jennifer does enjoy, he has a private chat with her. Mark is off looking at other displays, and Brian consoles Jennifer and promises her something is ahead for her. He asks her to please be patient. Good things come to those who wait.
Jennifer, Brian realized early on, is the most sexual of the three women. He knows she is like a bud waiting to burst open and feels she is being held back. Brian tries to get her to understand that the wait will be well work it in the end.
But in the same way, she is a bud that has been pollinated many times by many bees already.
Meanwhile, there is Patti. Patti who has endured such a crappy life with her husband. Not knowing the joys of sex at all and finding it easier just to toss such things aside rather than experience any actual pleasure.
George fell into their laps for Patti. But for Jennifer, it will take some time to find the right match. There are many aspects needed to find a lasting mate for her. Luckily, Jennifer calms some, knowing she is not forgotten. This Fairy Godmother in Brian is ensuring that all three of the damsels who have been more or less locked in the tower will be saved.
Back to Patti and George. When they are in the car at the church parking lot, George suggests that they stop for a visit at the nearby botanical gardens to see the fall foliage on the way home. Patti surprises herself when she agrees with enthusiasm.
At the park, they stroll through, enjoying the colors and chatting amicably. When they come to a tree branch in the path, George takes Patti’s arm to help her step over it. After, George keeps her arm as they continue. Before long, they are holding hands instead.
For George, it brings back old memories of when he and his wife walked together in the same way long ago. When they had first fallen in love and had a sense of companionship with each other. For Patti, it is a far-off memory, so long ago, of the tingle running through her with a young man she fancied holding her hand as they walked.
‘Why did I end it with that young man? And all for Mark’s father? Boy, did I make a big mistake? But that is in the past now. And while yes, older and probably past most things, George does seem like a genuinely nice man. If he is interested, I should give him a chance,’ Patti ponders.
And so it begins, some movies, then plays, walks in parks, dinners out, Patti and George spending more and more time together. And not just together, but with the family. George joins them for dinner during the week, Sunday brunch, and soon the ultimate - George is included in Wednesday full family dinners. But that isn’t really the ultimate. That happens a couple of days later.
Patti and George are becoming closer and closer, now seeing each other almost every day. To the point that yes, they kiss when meeting and saying goodbye and hold hands most of the time. This leads to a couple of afternoons of pretty heavy petting sessions in the parlor as they watch television while the girls are at work. Patti and George know it is time to move further.
Patti knowing this day is coming, buys new sheets and a comforter for her bed. If she had more time, she would have bought a new bedroom set to completely remove reminders of her dead husband. But the sheets change things a lot. As does the negligee, she gets in sheer pink and is cut low.
She has never worn anything so daring, but she wants to look alluring for George. Both Jessica and Jennifer will be at work all day, and Jessica will probably be with Roger in the evening. Jennifer hopefully will be out with friends after work for drinks, so George and her will have plenty of time.
But she is torn. Should she greet George in such an outfit or have him wait while she changes? After going back and forth several times, she welcomes him in her usual attire when the day arrives. He has a bottle of wine with him and some top-end tequila with a couple of silver shot glasses. George suggests putting the tequila and glasses in the freezer for later.
Patti kisses him warmly, and they sit in the parlor having a glass of wine first. It is not quite noon, and Pattie is a bit nervous. Then Patti excuses herself and tells George to give her about fifteen minutes and then come up to the bedroom.
He smiles at her as she leaves. He is getting excited about what is ahead but is a bit worried. Truth be told, he has never been with a woman besides his wife all these years. George is very attracted to Patti and has been aroused several times with her, but will he be up to par for the actual opening night? He has thought of Viagra as an enhancement but does not want to go there.
As he climbs the stairs, he is eager though somewhat hesitant that Patti might be displeased with what she sees. He can’t believe that they have come this far, this soon, actually. Thanks all to Brian. So what will be, will be.
He enters the bedroom with the glasses and wine in his hands and sees a vision before him. Patti in her negligee is beautiful. There is a glow about her. George sets down the wine and glasses on the side table and steps to kiss her deeply.
Running his hands up and down her back and squeezing her ass cheeks, realizing she has no underwear on at all. Coming apart some, George starts to fumble with his buttons to take his shirt off. Pattie joins him, and soon his shirt is discarded, and his undershirt quickly following.
Patti runs her hands over his chest. Yes, the hair is grey now, and he is a bit flabby, but that adds to the softness she feels. Patti squeezes George’s nipples, and they do respond and get hard quickly.
George has opened the top buttons of her nightgown so he, too, can play with her breasts and nipples. Caressing them and then squeezing them sends ripples through Patti’s body as they become firm and hard.
Next, George’s pants are undone and off. He is completely nude in front of Patti. She pushes him back from her just a foot or so and looks him up and down. Yes, he is an older model, but a vintage one, she thinks. Well preserved and from the look of things right now, in full operating order.
George, not knowing what is going through Patti’s mind, but from her smile, he takes she is approving. He says to her, “Well now, you have had your look-see, now I think it is my turn, my girl.” With that, he unbuttons the rest of Patti’s gown, which drops to the floor.
“Baby, you are beautiful,” George exclaims. He reaches out to caress her breasts, then down over her hips and thighs, moving to cup her ass cheeks as he pulls Patti to him, his hard cock pressing against her wet mons.
They fall back on the bed, bodies pressing against each other, feeling the burning intensity building between them. This in itself is wonderful. They do not need to do anything more. But, hell, they will.
George surprises Patti. After a prolonged kiss, he moves down, sucking again on her breast. Next, he goes further down, kissing her stomach and then licking through Patti’s mons. Finally, Patti feels him spread her lower lips, and for the first time in her life, Patti experiences a man going down on her.
Like her husband ever would have considered it?
Instinctively, Patti spreads her legs wide for George as he holds her labia wide with his fingers as his tongue licks up and down her wet and wanting cunt. Finding her so welcoming, George moves his fingers to press two up into her vagina, which begins to throb against him immediately.
As his tongue finds her clit to lick, suck, and tease, George feels the heat building in Patti.
Patti has read about oral sex and wondered what it would be like, but her imagination never compared to the reality and fantastic technique George is showing right now.
Patti has never shown any emotion during sex in the past. But that is based on what she had experienced. Now, feeling what she has only read and imagined about, she begins to moan and cry out as George repeatedly takes her to the peak.
‘Is this what they meant by multiple orgasms?’ At sixty-five, Patti is experiencing her sexual revolution for the first time.
And it doesn’t stop there. George, getting her wetter than she ever has been, moves up to kiss her, allowing her to taste herself for the first time. Then raising himself some, staring in her eyes, he rubs his now huge cock up and down her wet, sticky slit and then slides it in her vag.
He waits before fully pressing in. Patti, wanting so to feel a real cock up in her, now can’t wait. George feels Patti, eager for his prick to enter her, pushing up to welcome him. Together, looking intensely at each other, George fulling fills Patti for the first of many times to follow. Patti is amazed to feel a cock of substantial size in her, unlike the tiny thing her husband had offered.
At this time of life, when she thought she was passed every knowing what it would be like, Patti is experiencing for the first time what she has missed out for over forty-five years. She will do anything to keep feeling this for as long as she can.
The actual intercourse between the two does not last too long. George is overstimulated to be with Patti this way the first time. And he does erupt relatively soon. But Patti, feeling something so spectacular than ever before, does not find fault.
After George cums, and slides out of her, Patti does something she had never done before. Moving down on George, she licks and nibbles at his cock. Cleaning all of her juices and the mixture of his cum and her remains from him. It seems natural to her to do so, and the taste and smell so intoxicating to her.
George is amazed that she is doing this and just lays back and enjoys her attention for a few minutes before he pulls her up to him and kisses her to experience their mingled juices.
Hugging each other and laughing, George brushes hair from Patti’s face, and they tenderly cuddle, not needing words to express how great it was for each of them. While only a bit after one, the two fall asleep for a while holding each other tightly.
Waking about an hour later, George, naked, runs downstairs and gets the cold vodka and some ham, cheese, and bread he finds in the refrigerator. Spreading their feast before them on the bed, Patti giggles like a young girl seeing George’s cock and balls swing as he scurries about.
No, he does not have the body of a young man, nor does she of a young woman. But both have a glow about them and suddenly feel comfortable with each other seeing their wrinkles and extra layers. The lines are like stories to be shared. The lives they have lived to get them to this point of them to be together.
It is good. Today is good. And now, tomorrow will be good also.
Leaning back against the headboard, the two take the first sip for the Adictivo Anejo tequila. It is addictive. The first sip burns some, but then the smoothness follows.
Nibbling at the food and each other, they talk about things they have longed to share with someone. George explains he was content with his wife, but it was just that. They grew used to each other, nothing to get excited about. (Down the road, George would tell Patti more about it that, in reality, it had been an unhappy marriage for him trying to meet her desires for unattainable levels of contentment).
As they talk, Patti shyly tells George that she had never ‘gone down’ on a man before or had a man do so to her. Her husband just wasn’t interested in anything like that.
George hugs Patti and tells her that he is not much more experienced than she is. His wife shied away from giving him blow jobs. And only very rarely early on in their marriage ever did so. And when he tried to pleasure her orally, she would always stop him.
Both laugh and admit they liked it. George and Patti agree, somewhat meekly, they would like to practice on each other whenever possible. To show that Patti means it, and perhaps with the courage from a couple more sips of the tequila, she lowers herself and takes Georges glans in her mouth to start to get a rise out of him again,
George offers few suggestions, but overall, Patti is doing a fantastic job for a beginner. George feels his cock growing like never before. Heaven helps what would have happened if he had taken Viagra.
George strokes Patti’s hair as she takes more of his cock in her mouth as she cups and squeezes his balls. All the romance reading, okay, erotica, Patti indulged in over the years is paying off, giving her ideas of what to do and expect. Though this, finally happening, is much more than she could ever have anticipated.
When George is hard and banging against the back of her throat, he takes Patti by her underarms and pulls her up to him. But then Patti surprises him again. She comes up but straddles his legs and lowers herself over his cock to ride him as she leans down to kiss him.
Pressing down on him to fill her cunt, squashing up deep in her. It feels so good. Patti’s vag is compressing against George’s cock. Patti doesn’t want to move. Just hold him there forever. George seems to understand her feelings and is of the same frame of mind. He holds Patti to his chest, stroking her back as she hugs him. His cock trembles in her at each contraction.
Quietly George says to her, “Patti, I know this is way too soon probably, and somewhat due to the emotions of this moment, but I love you. I think I have for years. Seeing you at church and around. Watching your kindness to others, your cheerful manner, and your positive outlook.
“Knowing how hard it has been on you. Shh, shh, it was hard, knowing what an ass your husband was. But never did you complain or give off any clue to the darkness you were under. I admired you so much. And so wanted to reach out to help you.
‘Now, these last weeks, finally, being with you and doing things, leading to today and this moment. I am getting old; I don’t want to waste time. Patti, I know, I’m sure. I love you and will care for your always. Please, marry me.”
Patti is speechless. This man is a rare gem that is offering himself to her. Who foolishly she would have cast aside except for Brian’s encouragement. So different from her husband. Who she knows cares deeply for her. And yes, who she loves more than anything.
She laughs gleefully. What a way to be proposed to! With his cock deep up in her! George, this wonderful man, asking her to marry him? Patti leans, and between laughs and kisses, tells him, “Yes, yes, yes,” and that she loves him too.
With that, they speed up the sex dance now. Bouncing up and down faster and faster, Patti squeezing tighter and tighter with each thrust. Both getting red in the face and breathing hard, Patti laughs, and between breaths, tells George, “Don't you dare get a stroke now. You have to hang around to make an honest woman of me."
George laughs with her, and as they cum together for the second time, it is in a joyous manner commemorating their engagement commitment.
For the rest of the afternoon, evening, and night, George and Patti talk, plan, play, practice, and explore each other, along with eating more and drinking wine and shots of the tequila. They are in an incredibly happy state. After small naps now and then, they fall to sleep around three in the morning in a position they find most comfortable for each. Patti is snuggled up to George with his arms around her.
A position that seems like they are molded perfectly to be in together.
The following week at the family's Wednesday night dinner, they make their announcement. After grace is said, George stands, turns first to look at Mark, Jessica, and Jennifer as he begins. Then looking only at Patti, George, in a clear voice, says, "This has already been discussed and agreed to between Patti and me, but I want to make it public to her family."
Taking a box from his pocket and opening it in front of Patti, displaying a beautiful diamond ring, George continues, "Patti, will you make me a very happy man and marry me? You are the love of my life, and I want to spend the rest of it in union with you."
He takes the ring from the box and slides it on her finger. Patti stands and kisses him, "You silly fool. Of course, I will marry you. You are the love of my life. How could I not want to spend the rest of it with someone who does finally bring joy and happiness to me."
The whole table is speechless for a minute as Patti's three look on, seeing their mother finally genuinely happy and filled with love, something that has been missing for so long in her life. The spell broken, they all jump up, hugging and kissing their mother. Then George, followed by each other, and all gathered at the table.
Dinner is forgotten for a bit, and when finally served, a bit cold. But no one notices. All are just overjoyed with the news. Though Jennifer does look to Brian with a look of 'when is it going to be my turn?'

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