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Tim and Abbie 68: Abbie and Grace playing dress up  

Clairew1959 63F  
96 posts
7/27/2021 2:49 pm
Tim and Abbie 68: Abbie and Grace playing dress up

Earlier in the week, Brian called Tim, inviting him and the rest of the ‘gang,’ including Sam, to a football game on Saturday. Not just any football game but a match between ‘their team’ and the one that Brian roots for. They are terrific seats as they are comps from the bank. Brian also is hiring a van and driver to take them to the stadium about fifty kilometers away.
Matt, Luke, John, Peter, Mark, Tim, Sam, and Brian will make a day of it. The van is picking everyone up in the morning and getting them home safely in the evening. There will be much drinking and merriment. It will be good for the guys to all be together for a day.
After last night between Abbie and Tim, he drives her to work again today, and they talked a little more. Abbie tells him that since he and Sam will be gone all day on Saturday, she will invite Grace to go through the clothes she is discarding. Grace can choose anything she likes first before Abbie sent the items to the charity shops.
Tim thinks that would be an excellent idea, though he does Abbie, “So, you are going to make your mini-me look even more like you, eh? How are Sam and I going to tell you two apart?” It got the laugh he is trying for from Abbie.
But in response, she warns Tim he better not confuse the two of them, or he would find something missing, and Sam could have a real surprise on his hand.
They laugh and are in good spirits when Tim drops her off. As Abbie kisses him goodbye, Tim tells her, “Honey, I think we should go back to driving to work together most of the time again. I have missed this time together.” Kissing him again, Abbie agrees.
When Grace arrives on Thursday to do the cleaning, she sees that Abigail’s room is unlocked, a sign for her to clean in there. At least once a month, Grace does unlock the room to dust and such. But when it is left unlocked, she knows it has been used and needs the sheets changed and more. It is on these occasions especially that feeling churn in Grace so much.
Entering the room, Grace sees, though straightened some, that the bed is rumbled and should have its sheets changed. And the hairbrush and paddle are on the side table. Grace can’t help herself but starts to drip, imagining what went on in the room. And recently from the lustful scent still heavy in the room.
She gives into temptation, lowers her pants, bends over the desk this time, and notices the smell even more potent. Grace knows spanking herself with first the hairbrush for about twenty-five strokes and then the paddle the same is not anywhere as good as it could be if someone else did it to her.
Since this last year of uni began in September, Grace has been getting more and more stressed out. Her work and grades are exemplary, but that is never good enough for Grace. She feels guilty slacking off some this summer.
Spending time with Sam and playing, rather than mastering the three additional languages she had planned to. Oh, she knows them well enough to pass any interpreter’s exam but to just get by is not of the standards she sets for herself.
Grace has been accepted in the master’s program at University College London next year already, with more or less a guarantee to move on to their doctorate program. Everyone is impressed with Grace’s abilities except Grace, who expects so much more from herself.
She keeps this self-deprecation to herself for the most part. Abbie sees it some, as she does the same to herself too often. Sam knows there are things bothering Grace, but when he tries to ask and talk about it, Grace fluffs it off.
Grace still wants to approach Sam about helping her with this. And spanking her regularly when she falls short of her standards, Grace thinks, would really help her. But just how to bring it up? Sam and Grace had talked some about Abigail’s room and the rules she has, more as it being something different. Nothing more.
So, for now, until Grace builds up her courage to approach Sam about it, she settles for self-spanking every few weeks. The sting that lingers as she cleans helps Grace prioritize her work and outline assignments to complete.
While the sting, and any coloring, is gone by the time Abbie and Tim get home Thursday evenings, Abbie’s astuteness can usually tell when Grace has taken advantage of Abigail’s room. She never says anything, as she knows Grace will work out her need for herself when she is ready.
Thursday’s dinner was as lovely as always, even with an extended crowd now. From the start of Abbie, Tim, and Grace; to adding Sam; then Les and Phoebe; now Mark and Brian, the conversation, joking, festivities, and good food, just gets better and better.
Tim had always shopped at Mark’s grocery store for the best items, but now, Mark will set aside Tim for Thursday dinners or bring something extra for all to enjoy.
And Phoebe will bring new creations she wants to try on them before introducing the dishes at the Peacock to get their reaction.
Tonight, the men were all wrapped up in the game Saturday. They rarely got to see their team play live, and now with such front and center seats to enjoy. They with Brian that he will be drowned out cheering for that ‘other team,’ which Brian takes in good spirits.
At one point, Abbie gets Grace aside to invite her over on Saturday if she would like to look through some of Abbie’s cast-off clothes. Abbie realizes she does not want to make Grace think she sees her as a charity case, but it is an open offer.
Grace is surprised and grateful for such an offer. Abbie’s clothes are at a level she could never afford (at least not now in her life), and to have things to look more professional and stylish as her life is now progressing is a welcome offer.
Both are pleased with the possibility. It is planned for Grace to spend Saturday with Abbie.
The guys pumped for the game are off in the van. Equipped with ale for the journey to the match, but Brian is careful that too much isn’t offered, and plenty of snacks accompany the drinks.
All the women seeing them off are sure there will be very happy fellows returning to them tonight, regardless of how the match turns out. Shortly after Tim and Sam join the sojourn Grace arrives at Abbie’s house.
After a cup of tea chatting about the men’s adventure, Abbie opens a bottle of wine, grabs a couple of glasses, and leads Grace upstairs to her large walk-in closet.
It is like the backroom of a fashion show. Both Grace and Abbie are down to their bras and panties as Abbie hands outfit after outfit to Grace to try on. While she does, Abbie is putting her new dresses on to see if she really likes them or not.
Looking at themselves in the three-sided mirror at the back of the closet is fun. They find themselves adjusting the outfits of each other to lie perfectly. Grace loves every garment she tries on. Looking so much more sophisticated in these clothes than her usual slapped-together look.
The two are having fun, laughing, and enjoying the time together. Sipping on their glasses of wine, they are getting giddier as the afternoon goes on. Grace looks so good in the ensembles Abbie is casting off. Abbie tries on her new items to accept, cuts the tags, and hangs them in her wardrobe. After most of the outfits have been decided on, the lingerie is still to be considered.
In her current undies, Abbie runs to the kitchen for a new bottle of wine. Filling their glasses again, the two are giggling like teenagers picking out dresses for the prom.
Abbie and Grace have already had many twin moments in front of the mirror. Seeing each other looking so alike causes a strange stir in them both. Now, in just underwear, they stare at their images in the mirror. Abbie in an alluring bra and panties she just purchased, and Grace in lace panties and shelve bra of Abbie’s. Seeing two almost identical images three times in the mirror brings a strange yearning over each of them.
For months, they have cared about each other. They have been drawn to each other in a friendship. This strange connection of looking so alike but being so different has played a part since the start.
Catching each other’s eyes in the mirror, each sees something different, just for a moment.
For Abbie, to see the perfect, younger image of herself in Grace. An image that will always remain as such more or less; yes, will age, but as a female ages, and still, be beautiful. It is this fleeting sorrow that she tried to explain to Tim that worries her as she ages. A worry Grace will never have.
But it is more than that as they stand gazing at themselves in the mirror. Looking down, seeing the smoothness of the folds of Grace’s panties sends shivers through Abbie.
For Grace, this exact image of herself, just a bit older and so different in major ways. It makes her wonder what such an existence would be like. Looking down, seeing that bulge in Abbie’s panties, not that large, but much more than in hers sets Grace to trembling and wondering.
In just bras and panties, Grace and Abbie turn to each other as something overtakes them.
Grace is the first to speak, and in a way, covering what both are so wondering about fuller, “Abbie, could I feel your breasts? They are so perfect looking. I just wonder what they feel like.”
Abbie smiles at her and replies, “Only if I can touch what the perfect real-deal feels like too. Yours are perfect and natural.”
Smiling at each other, staring first into each other’s eyes, then looking down, they each squeeze the other’s breasts gently. Then in unison, reach around their backs and unhook and let their bras drop to the floor before returning to squeeze and play with each other’s nipples and caress their breasts.
Neither is the responsible party or rather both are equally.
The two lean in and let their lips touch softly against each other. The heat pouring out from the simple act confirms what each is feeling. Momentary passion takes over. Abbie and Grace’s arms wrap around each other as they kiss deeply.
There is more. Their bodies press and crush against each other, and Grace feels Abbie’s bit of extra, hard against her. Stimulating Grace to rub and please it as she can this way.
Abbie feels the rubbing and is so aroused as her appendage finds its way to rub against Grace’s slit as they continue to kiss.
They kiss, hold, and rub each other as they fall to their knees in front of the mirror. Both glance over at the mirror to see such a hot image before them in triplicate. From kneeling, they fall on the floor. First, Abbie on top of Grace, kissing and pressing against her. Their breasts are against each other, so their nibbles are also rubbing.
Rolling so Grace is now on top, the rubbing continues as they deeply take in each other’s perfume as they lick and nuzzle against each other’s necks. It seems like they are like this for hours, but in reality, no longer than about fifteen minutes. And nothing more than what sixteen-year-olds might do in an initial make-out session.
They pull apart laughing together, help each other straighten themselves and their hair. “Well, that was interesting. I think we have needed to get that out of our systems,” Abbie comments as she finger combs Grace’s hair.
“Yes, I think it was. And rather fascinating, almost narcissistic in the sense of making out with yourself,” Grace replies, pushing the hair from Abbie’s face. “I doubt we will need to do that again, but I am so glad we did.”
Each putting on one of their new outfits. They pack things up for Grace to take with her and bag the rest for charity. In the bathroom, Abbie offers Grace the make-up she is discarding that she barely used. Grace is excited about this also, and side by side, they fixed their make-up looking even more alike now.
Smiling at each other, in total friendship, they lean and kiss each other on the lips.
This will become how they meet and say goodbye from now on. Just an innocent brush of their lips against each other. Signifying nothing more than how glad they are to see each other. In time, as they get to know the other ladies in the gang better, they will come to greet them in a similar fashion, kisses on the lips, not on the cheeks—a sign of how close they feel to each other.
After loading Grace’s car with her things, they go back into the sitting room to watch a movie until the guys return. Abbie had texted Tim to have the van drop him off before Sam so Grace can have a ride home in the van as they have been drinking some this afternoon too.
Over movie watching and ordering a pizza, Grace and Abbie chat and giggle like the moments of the afternoon never happened. As it should be. Both will remember it from time to time over the years, but it is just something that needed to be gotten out of the way for them to be the close friends that they are.
Around nine that evening, the van arrives, and Tim comes into the house in high spirits. Grace heads out to the van after greetings and goodbyes. She and Sam will be over sometime tomorrow to pick up her car.
After seeing Grace out, Abbie returns to a jubilant Tim in the sitting room eating the last couple of pieces of pizza. Abbie can tell he is feeling no pain from his day of fun with the guys. She helps him upstairs, undresses him, and gets him into bed. He is out like a light before she has the covers over him.
Abbie goes downstairs to clean up and then joins her snoring fan, sure that he had a great day that she will hear about tomorrow.
The following day, Tim is up, feeling fine. He fixes a big Sunday breakfast for Abbie and him to enjoy. Abbie, not quiet as chipper first thing in the morning, is delighted to see the spread before her and digs in.
Over breakfast, Tim does tell her all about the guys' day and the game. Relaying the events, he is as excited as when they actually were happening. Winding down, Tim asks how Abbie and Grace’s day was.
“It was fine and fun. Grace really appreciates the clothes she has chosen. With her readying for graduate studies, the suits and such will come in handy,” Abbie starts. “There was one thing, which means nothing in the whole scheme of things, really. But from last week, I do feel I should tell you rather than trying to hide it.
“At one point, something strange came over both of us. Seeing identical images of ourselves in underwear in the mirror, a craving, I guess you could call it, happened. We kissed and caressed each other for a few minutes before we broke apart, laughing about what came over us.
“As I said, it is meaningless and probably just something that had to happen between us. I think, in part, it was somewhat from what I told you about my concern for getting older, seeing Grace so lovely, and not ever having such worries. It was nothing, and we are still great friends. Though, please, say nothing to Sam, as I do not know if Grace wants to tell him or not,” Abbie finishes.
Tim sits there, mouth a little ajar hearing this. What is Abbie telling him? She and Grace? But it is nothing she swears. And he understands in part what drew her to do so. But Grace? Why was she? Does it matter?
Tim pulls Abbie to him and hugs and caresses her. He had told her that nothing would ever make him turn away from her. And even hearing this, he realizes this is true. Even if Abbie said she and Grace wanted something ongoing, it would not change his feelings. So what a moment of lust or whatever flashed over them. It happened, and that was that.
What worries him more is Abbie’s concern about her aging. He needs to find a way to help her accept and realize options are available to her.
His caresses lead to Abbie on his lap, to their kissing deeper and deeper, to Tim lifting Abbie and carrying her upstairs to their bedroom. Undressing her slowly, running his fingers all over her body gently. Then undressing himself and laying down next to her. As mid-day approaches, the two begin an exotic sexual dance to intercourse.
Abbie on her stomach as Tim runs his hard cock up and down her spine. Then dripping lube along it for his glans to slide through again, getting nice and covered. Teasing her special vag with his fingers and prick head, Abbie moans and begs Tim to enter her.
Finally, turning Abbie on her side, Tim’s cock up against her entrance. He presses in as she swings her leg over his thigh and bends forward a little so that he can press in even deeper.
Feeling him so inside her, Abbie leans back against Tim’s<b> chest </font></b>as they start to hump over and over. Feeling Tom’s cock slide in and out of her as her side clench around him. Moaning as Abbie feels small drips coming from her.
Tim paces himself so they can enjoy this semi-high for a good while. So intense on what they are doing, they never hear the doorbell ring when Grace and Sam come for her car. Figuring they are out or busy, they get the car and leave. All the while, Tim and Abbie are doing this lingering dance together.
With each stroke, both want to move to the final note but then again want the song to repeat over and over. Tim’s hard cock up in Abbie and her clit quivers and quivers, feeling each intense thrust in her. Finally, both know that they can’t hold back any longer, and with a final dip in the dance, both shoot out all that has been building in them.
Abbie feels wave after wave of Tim’s cum filling her full. Abbie’s stomach is the recipient of all the juices coming out of her. Deeply satisfied, they sigh together, Tim hugging and holding Abbie close to him. He does not pull out from her. Rather, he lets his cock subsides until on its own slide out of her. Feeling Abbie continue to clench against him over and over as she begins to relax.
Though only one o’clock now, they fall back to sleep for about an hour. It is Sunday, and there is nothing pressing for them to do.

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