Tim and Abbie 66: Les and Phoebe as neighbors  

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7/22/2021 10:00 am
Tim and Abbie 66: Les and Phoebe as neighbors

As September comes to a close, Les’s house is finished. All the special-order tiles and cabinets have arrived and are installed. Thursday night, after a day of moving in, Les and Phoebe just walk across the drive to join the group for dinner.
Afterward, they all troop back to Les’s to have a tour. Sam is embarrassed at all the praise Les is bestowing on him as they enter each room. She is pointing out all the details of the work Sam and his crew have done.
At the end of the tour, she promises Sam that things will be in place by Monday to take final pictures of the remodeling for his webpage as he has asked. Sam has photos of the rooms before the work was done and pictures of the finished empty rooms but wants to add the final, furnished rooms to show his team’s accomplishments fully.
He did the same thing with Tim’s house, and the notice the pictures have gotten has brought in more and more business. Sam has taken on a few more workers, but the requests for his services are coming in faster than he can schedule them. He has work for months out and hates to make people wait.
But many of them are more than happy to wait, even for months, to get the quality of service that Sam’s company offers rather than going with someone else. Tim and Les’s houses side by side at the King’s Lane Estate entrance, even from the outside, is a positive advertisement to all the homes there to beg for his services.
It is a problem he often talks about with Tim, and now that Brian has joined their Thursday dinners with Mark, he often joins in on the conversations and offers Sam advice from a financial side.
Sam’s biggest concern is that his team, feeling rushed with all the waiting jobs, will start to scrimp on the quality in trying to meet the demand. And it doesn’t help that Sam has bought a couple of houses in King’s Lane development which were selling dirt cheap, thinking he would have time to flip them for a hefty profit.
Right now, it is just in the discussion stage with friends, but Sam knows that at some point, he needs to expand his crews and grow his company. But then the money involved with that comes into play also.
After the tour, as the group is breaking up, all complement not just Sam on his work, but Les and Phoebe on how lovely their house is now. Brian and Mark, then Sam and Grace pull out of the drive. As Tim and Abbie, and Les and Phoebe, go into their homes next to each other, they wave goodnight pleasantly. All thinking it is nice to be neighbors now.
Getting undressed, Les sits on their bed, watching Phoebe as she gets naked. It still amazes her that she has found someone so wonderful who loves her at this point in her life. Seeing Les watching her, Phoebe comes over naked and bends down to undress Les to join her in the same state.
They come together for a deep, soft kiss, showing the love they feel for each other. Climbing into bed, holding each other, they talk about these last few months and how much has happened. Cupid seems to be doing double duty or more around them, ticking off the couple finding each other since the beginning of the year.
Mark and Brian, surprisingly since winter, coming together. Tim and Abbie making their way to each other. Themselves, with some help from Abbie, finding each other. And Grace and Sam, such a lovely couple, have actually stumbled upon each other here at their house when being renovated.
Added to it all, how close friends they have become with them all in this short time. But it is not just pillow talk between them. Both Les and Phoebe’s hands have been exploring under the covers, finding the wonder spot to rub for each other to make them glow. Talking peacefully while their fingers, wet with each’s juices, stroking the other’s clit brings a calm over both women.
Les and Phoebe are coming to understand that hot and wild sex is still fantastic, but it does not have to always be on that level. Like tonight, gently stroking each other brings a calm tingle over their bodies which is just as good.
Reading and researching the topic on the internet and elsewhere, Les and Phoebe are moving towards a relationship that can be pleasing on every level. Just the togetherness at times is enough. Knowing with certainty that the other cares and loves them is more than enough.
This calming life is helping Phoebe let go of the total<b> control </font></b>she feels she has to keep at the Wilde Peacoc Les is helping her to acknowledge she has excellent staff who can run things to her standards without her hovering over them constantly. Even this move now to the house away from being just upstairs all the time is a needed step.
This afternoon, after the moving truck brought back Les’s things from storage and items from Phoebe’s apartment she wanted, Les had surprised her. Sitting down at the dining room table, each with an afternoon sherry to sip on, Les brought out some legal papers.
“Phoebe, this is our house now, not mine. I have had the title to the house altered to be in both our names. I want you from the start to think of it as your home as much as mine. All that is needed is your signature on the title,” Les told her.
Tears came to Phoebe’s eyes as this is the first time she had ever been with someone who wanted to share her life so fully with her. Overjoyed with Les’s gesture, Phoebe took the pen from Les, and with eyes blurred with tears, she signed the title. Now not only does she have a business of her own, but a house with the woman she loves.
So tonight, as she holds Les in her arms as they caress each other in their special places, Phoebe feels at home for the first time in what seems like forever.
Across the drive, in Abbie and Tim’s bedroom, things are happening too. Laughing as they ready for bed, Tim comments, “Thank goodness Les’s bedroom is on the opposite side of her house than on this side looking out on our drives and backyards. If it was, we might all end up sounding like a sexual chorus when the windows are open. Not to mention that it might be embarrassing to face each other after eventful nights.”
Abbie throws a pillow at his head, telling Tim not to put ideas like that in her head. Grabbing Abbie and pulling her down on the bed with him, Tim says, “Is that how you want to play, eh?” He begins tickling her stomach and sides, where he has found she is most sensitive to such play.
Abbie wiggles as she giggles, trying to tickle under his arms in return. Soon they are rolling and laughing on the bed, making a mess of the sheets. When they come up for air Abbie tells Tim, “Now you are going to be the one to straighten these sheets tomorrow. Grace just made the bed so nicely with clean sheets this afternoon.”
This sets off another round of play until Tim has Abbie pinned under him. Looking into each other’s eyes, Abbie lifts her legs over Tim's shoulders. Moments like this, Abbie needs no lube. Just Tim’s prick up in her deep.
Tim complies and rubs his cock up and down her crack getting it harder and harder, then pressing the glans into her lovely, special vagina. Once all in, Tim uses his arm to keep him propped up. The fingers of his other hand play with Abbie’s clit as he thrusts in and out of her.
Both begin to moan louder and louder. Tonight, the windows are closed, so their cries just bounce off the walls of their bedroom. Tim plays with Abbie’s clit, and feeling him so deep in her takes Abbie quickly to the cliff edge. She clenches against Tim’s dick with each thrust, her body is shaking and her clit trembling.
Tim knows she will soon be at that point of no return, but he is reaching that same apex. Together they reach the peak, and shuddering together, juices flow from them both in wave following wave.
They collapse together on the bed catching their breaths. Finally, Abbie can stand and goes to the bathroom. While she is gone, Tim cleans himself and makes up the bed again, hiding all traces of their recent activities.
When Abbie comes back, she sees the covers turned down, welcoming her to join Tim under them to cuddle and fall to sleep. Sighing deeply as she drops off, Abbie does appreciate that they now have neighbors they care for and a growing circle of friends they feel the same way about.

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