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Tim and Abbie 59: Finishing off the weekends for the rest in attendance Friday night  

Clairew1959 63F  
96 posts
5/17/2021 12:46 pm
Tim and Abbie 59: Finishing off the weekends for the rest in attendance Friday night

Luke and Mary have been together the longest of the four couples, first meeting when six years old when their families moved next door to each other. All through school, they were inseparable, walking to school together, playing in the afternoon, and in and out of each other’s houses all the time.
By secondary school and now sixteen, they were exploring more and more of each other. It did not take long after they blew out the candles on their sweet sixteen cakes that Mary was blowing some bigger candles—okay, sucking some bigger candles.
From finger play to oral play, to out and out fucking did not take long for them. It was not that surprising that, in addition to Luke and Mary’s graduation parties, a baby shower was not far behind. Finding out Mary was pregnant the summer after graduating was a sobering event.
Luke had worked for a commercial construction company on weekends and summer when going to school. They had offered him a full-time job right after graduating, but he was hesitating over what he wanted to do with his life when the bomb dropped. So, of course, Luke took the job. Now, fifteen years later, he is content, but the spirit seems to have faded out of him.
Mary worries about him. She did not want that to happen so soon either. But they made the best of it. A small civil ceremony, then settled into a tiny apartment to await the arrival of the next in line of both families. Their parents were kind but could not offer that much financial or other help at the time.
Their was born the spring after graduating. Their mates gathered around cheering the arrival of Luke’s heir. And when a year later, a was born, Mary and Luke were a bit more stable and could move into a house where they have been since. Now, their is entering secondary school already, and their close behind.
Luke never complains about the curve life gave them. He is a good father to both , always there for them, and Mary too. But over the years, the flame seems to have flicked out of him. He is there, but something is missing.
Last night is the first time in a long time that Mary saw a wisp of that lost flame come alive for Luke when he and Sam talked about construction and what Sam is doing. The pride in Luke’s voice as he explained the steps in the construction he did, what he did, and how it all fits together is something Luke has never shared with her or the family.
Mary hopes that Sam - and is it Grace? - joins them often in the future if that gives a spark to Luke. She loves her husband passionately, but the craving seems to have disappeared over the years. They each know the other so well, starting so young together. Mary does not fear Luke would ever be unfaithful to her, but she so wants that flame to glow in him again. Like it did all the time when they were young.
Maybe it is a lot to ask when now in their thirties, but Mary is sure they have many good years ahead of them too. And it is not like she ever accomplished any of her dreams either.
Don’t get Mary wrong; she loves her and would not want her life to be any other way. But she had goals when finishing school too, which had to be set aside also.
Mary has a wonderful flair for matching and choosing things to make warm and welcoming rooms. Her counselor at school encouraged her to pursue interior design, but well, that flew out the window. Instead, she spends her spare time poring over magazines about home décor. With the start of the home makeover channels, Mary now watches them regularly, critiquing their choices.
Luke enjoys hearing Mary’s running commentary on these shows and is constantly amazed at her talent to determine what is right and wrong with the selections made. But he is not sure how to let her develop this talent. They have young at home, and he works long hours often. But one day.
Saturday finds Mary and Luke home alone for a change, something that rarely happens. Both have games to which their grandparents are taking them, then following, a sleepover at their house.
Mary wakes up giddy and a bit frightened. She and Luke seldom have sex anymore between one or the other being so tired. Mary wants to make the most of this day. And after last night’s prelude for Luke, she hopes he is up to some mischief.
After seeing the off after breakfast, the two linger at the table over another cup of tea. They are just talking about things. That in itself is wonderful. They don’t often have the time to do so. Mary asks Luke about what he and Sam had been discussing last night, and his face lights up again, remembering bits of the conversation.
Mary tries to listen but gazing at her husband’s happy face as he talks fills her with such joy she misses bits of it. The dishes are cleaned up, with Luke actually helping. It is like he did not want to part with her either.
Luke is the one to suggest they take a drive down to Portsmouth to get some fresh mussels. Mary laughs and agrees. Back during her pregnancies, Mary had cravings for mussels. And while at the time they only had a beat-up car, Luke drove them to the coast to get fresh mussels for Mary to get her fill. It was just how Luke was and still is—wanting to give Mary everything he can.
Giggling, Mary that she isn’t preggers now, hopefully, but with Luke mentioning mussels, she does have a craving for some again.
So their day is planned. Quickly getting cleaned up, they are in their car, much more stable than that first one, and on their way for a couple of hours' drive to Portsmouth. Watching the scenery fly by, Mary remembers back to that day fifteen years ago.
Back then, both were regularly aroused, pregnant or not. About halfway to the coast, sexually stimulated, Luke and Mary found a remote pull-off and consummated their trip before continuing. Today, Mary finds herself on the lookout for that turnoff. As is Luke, remembering the same day.
Mary is his universe. She has been by him all the time throughout his life that he can remember. Mary was the one to push him to join the tutoring group led by Tim during school. And was his biggest cheerleader when he made even minor accomplishments. Luke often feels he does not deserve Mary. That she settled for so much less than she deserved.
But Mary never complains or acts disappointed in her lot. She loves their and him unconditionally. How he ever deserved such a wonderful woman, Luke often ponders.
Today, the rare opportunity with the both gone, remembering this season fifteen years ago, brings a flood of memories back. They had only been married a couple of months. Mary was barely showing but was getting cravings. When she talked about fresh mussels in wine sauce, she never demanded them or acted annoyed. When he had a Saturday off, they had packed up the old car they had and ventured off to the coast so Luke could give her some fresh mussels for which she longed.
Luke also remembers their adventure at the turn-off and is on the lookout for it too.
Turning a bend in the road, both call out in unison. There is the road. And even more overgrown than fifteen years ago. Both suddenly shy, they realize they tipped their hand to each other. Then as Luke slows and pulls to the side of the road, both laugh together at the shared memory.
“So, Mary, shall we venture down this forgotten path to see if it is as we remembered?” Luke asks. In reply, Mary squeezes his hand, relaying yes. Turning off the road, Luke drives up a bit over the dirt road until he finds what he thinks is the place under a low-hanging tree.
Pulling up against the trunk, Luke turns the car off and looks at Mary with longing in his eyes. A hunger that has not been there for a good while. There are tears in Mary’s eyes seeing this.
The man she loves, always has loved, and the only one she will ever love, is looking at her with such longing in his eyes, which hasn’t been there for so long. Yes, she has put on some weight over the years and is not as stylish as many women. Mary has wondered, well worried, that Luke is no longer attracted to her anymore. But this look right now takes all doubts away.
Luke is that young man of seventeen. So in love with her and wanting to plan a life with her. Yes, things got screwed up from their original plan, but they are still together, and at this moment, Mary knows they will be together until the end.
Luke pulls her to him and kisses her with such passion she has not felt in years. She readily returns the hidden desire in her. Kissing repeatedly is fine for a start, but the center console of their car is a true cockblocker. And not being nimble enough, or small enough, to fuck on Luke’s lap behind the steering wheel, this in the front seat of the car is not going to work.
Looking at each other they nod and quickly scamper to the back seat, which is wide enough and with leg room to fulfill their goal. Luke reaches up under Mary’s dress and takes her panties down and off. She fumbles with Luke’s pants to get them open and down around his knees for now.
Luke is already hard, which is a delightful sight for Mary to see. Of late, the occasional times they have had intercourse, Luke never is really up and ready for the event entirely.
Kissing and groping, Luke gets Mary to straddle him, her knees on the seat on each side of him. Lifting her enough, Luke is amazed at how wet Mary is as he slides her down on his awaiting cock.
The passion of both makes this a quick endeavor. They want it to last longer, but Luke and Mary’s yearning for each other takes the upper hand. Bouncing on Luke’s cock, Mary feels a long-forgotten stirring in her. Luke is pressing each of her erotic buttons simultaneously, she feels. Fireworks are shooting throughout her body, and she clenches Luke’s cock up in her. Multiple orgasms overtake her. It is like an awakening after a long hibernation.
Luke is feeling the long-lost lust also. With each stroke, he feels younger and younger with Mary, moving back to the passion he felt for her so long ago. He feels his semen stirring and bubbling to the surface. All his wants and<b> desires </font></b>are granted at this moment.
As Luke cums, and Mary shudders with another orgasm, Luke wonders why he let things slip away, diminishing their importance over these years? He loves Mary so much. Why has he let this side of things languish? It doesn’t matter now. Regardless of what is ahead for them, he vows that they will never minimize this part of their lives ever again.
Sitting and hugging each other for a good while after such a rush for them both, they pull themselves together enough to climb back into the front seat—this time, Mary without her panties. Luke holds them over his head and says they are his souvenir for today. Mary laughs and lets him tuck them into his pant pocket.
The rest of the drive is spent with them holding hands and catching glances at each other as they go along. They wander around at the fish market along the shore, but it is later in the day now; the offerings are not that great.
Luke, hugging Mary to him, tells her that they will go to a restaurant for some tonight. Then spend the night here, and get some fresh off the boat mussels tomorrow morning to take back with them.
Mary is enraptured by the idea. Never since the night they were married have Mary and Luke spent a night alone in a hotel. Sure, they have had holidays with their , first in the same room and later in an adjoining room. The option of Mary and Luke enjoying such nights just wasn’t there.
She enjoys the twinkle she sees in Luke’s eyes as he makes this suggestion and agrees with this plan. At the moment, Mary does not care what brings this change over Luke. She is just grateful.
She knows this happiness Luke feels will probably melt away come next week after days on the job. But she is going to do everything she can to keep him feeling this way inside. Getting her Luke back is a gift, and she is going to do all she can to keep it.
Over a dinner of excellent mussels, Luke talks more than he has in years. And Mary is surprised at the topic of his conversation. It is about her and her lost opportunity to pursue a career in interior design. It breaks her heart hearing Luke talk about how he denied this for her all these years.
Near crying but trying to stay composed, Mary clenches Luke’s hand and assures him she does not regret one minute of her life with him. Raising the , making a home for them all. Tears are in Luke’s eyes too. He tells her it was unfair for her and wants to do what he can to make that dream of hers come true now.
Composing themselves, they talk about classes and programs Mary could take. So many now online, it could be done. Mary feels a stirring deep inside her, imagining that it might be possible.
“But what about the ’s educations, Luke? We can’t take away from that,” Mary argues.
Luke laughs through his lingering tears and says, “Woman, I expect by the time they are ready for uni, you will have finished your courses and be making money to help pay for them.” Mary joins with his laughter, contemplating that maybe this could happen. It is too late for the fall semester, but come the new year, who knows what would be possible.
Later that night, in bed at the hotel, Luke and Mary take their time caressing and pleasuring each other slowly and completely. By morning, while not having much sleep, both are more relaxed and happier than they have been in a long time.
Stopping at the fish market, they get mussels and other seafood. On the way home, Mary texts her parents, inviting them to stay for dinner when they drop off the . The invitation is accepted. Over a feast of seafood delicacies, her parents notice how happy Luke and Mary are, something that has been missing for a while.
Driving home, Mary’s mother tells her husband, “I think we need to take the for the weekend more often. It seems to do everyone a world of good.” Her husband, understanding what she means, just nods in agreement.
John and Debbie are the couple most removed from all that is happening but are curious about Mark’s outburst last night and Tim’s new life.
Tim did a lot for John, like the rest, when in school. From the tutorial sessions, John learned to focus and analyze issues to plot the alternative outcomes. He would be the first to admit that Tim was the catalyst that led him to his career.
Back in school, besides sports, John’s only interest was in video games. He and Debbie hooked up due to her interest and skills in them too. The couple spent most of their time playing games against each other, or as a team fighting against other players in the virtual world.
Then their focus turned some as sexual awaking arrived. As they became closer, they first found this retro computer game, Leisure Suit Larry, to play together. Moving this lounge lizard through his sexual attempts and failures was a hoot for them. By then, new series were being introduced annually, which kept them interested in the game each year for the couple of weeks it took them to master that edition.
But what really got them hooked on the virtual world was the introduction of Second Life in the early 2000s, creating avatars to interact with others from all over the world but living in this cyber city. For fun, John and Debbie began generating new avatars with different backgrounds, characteristics, and agendas. Half of their fun was developing the look of each new character they created.
Sometimes they played together with the same avatar, sometimes being companions, and others as adversaries. What started as a pastime over the last fifteen years has become a source of income for both.
Debbie and John took programing and gaming classes, followed by jobs with a couple of startups to begin. Now, game designers come calling to recruit them. They work from home, coffee houses, the beach in summer, or huddled during the winter. Rarely do they go into the office as it just is not required. Plus, getting older now, the silliness of the juvenile playthings at the site for the newer gamers does not allow them to focus on the project.
John and Debbie have the good life. They have a decent income, work in a profession they love, and have plenty of time to play how they like to. They have etched out a perfect environment for themselves.
The two, for the most part, live in this virtual universe. They pull themselves from it to join their mates for football games and other events, family occasions, shopping, and appointments. The majority of their time is just lounging at home in sweats and tee-shirts.
Debbie and John do have an active sex life. Yes, it usually starts in the virtual world. They both can play each other like a fine violin to the point the passion erupts into real-life needing to be dealt with. Then it often results in hours filling the physical cravings they have.
Relaxing after a long week of tweaking a new app about to be launched, Debbie and John spend Saturday playing one of their favorite avatar adventures. While playing, their conversation turns to the night before.
“Well, Mark, as usual, made an ass of himself last night,” Debbie comments.
“That’s just standard Mark, but it was a bit shocking how fast he pinned on Abbie being transgender. She looked great to me when she walked in. I wonder if I would have even realized she was if Mark hadn’t blurted that out,” John replies.
This starts a conversation between them. Knowing that Abbie is a transgender woman, it is a bit surprising that Tim is in that type of relationship. Tim rarely dated all these years. It is interesting to John and Debbie that when Tim finally finds someone he likes, it is a transgender woman. It just seems a bit out of character for him.
Both are glad Tim has found someone, and Abbie is lovely and friendly from the start. Well, after she recovered from the initial onslaught. Debbie mentions, “You are right, if it hadn’t been pointed out to us, would we have caught on? Though what does it matter? Abbie is nice, Tim obviously loves her, and Abbie him. It does, on the other hand, leave interesting speculations.”
John elbows Debbie, thinking the same thing. How did it work between Tim and Abbie, sexually? Which leads to another prolonged conversation. And ideas for them.
Trying to work out the logistics involved, Debbie says, “John, I am willing to try this to understand the physical positions for doing this, but I am not sure about you ass-fucking me. We never have yet, though sure, we have played with plugs a lot. It might be I’ll need you to stop before fully engaging.”
John understands Debbie’s limitations. He appreciates her willingness to try today, even if just up to a limit. All this is being done in part to understand how avatars would move and interact in such play. But it is also for the sexual fun they will have.
Debbie leaves John to clean up some and change from his sweats. She goes and prepares. Debbie puts make-up on, something she rarely uses, going a bit heavy to try to create the image Abbie gave off yesterday. Debbie curses when the eyeliner smears, and she needs to redo it. ‘How does Abbie do it so flawless? I need her here to make me up,’ Debbie thinks, laughing at herself.
When done, Debbie has a smoky, alluring look about her. She puts on one of her strap-ons, then lacy panties and bra, thinking, if doing this, she should go all the way. Debbie adds a garter belt and silk stockings. Her ‘cock’ is now just peeking out of the top of her panties. She wiggles it some, so it is more hidden to start. Debbie throws on a low-cut dress and high heels.
Back in the bedroom, she calls John to join her. When he comes into the room he is astonished at how good his wife looks. Debbie takes his hand and leads John to their big bed. He sits on the side of the bed as he watches Debbie’s performance to warm things up.
She scurries to the kitchen to get a bottle of vodka they keep in the freezer and two chilled glasses. Swinging her hips more than she usually does, Debbie comes into the room, walks over to John, and hands him the glasses as she opens the bottle.
Debbie pours three fingers of vodka into each glass, puts the bottle down, and takes one of the glasses. Clinking it with John’s, they both take a sip.
“So, what brings you here tonight?” Debbie asks in a husky voice. John is being turned on by the minute from the different look and appeal of Debbie. She always has been beautiful to him, but wow, right now, she is a knockout.
“To get to know you better,” John replies, pulling her to sit next to him on the bed, and puts his arms around her. They kiss with passion. Pulling away some, John takes their glasses and puts them on the side table before returning to kiss this vision more and more.
He breaks from character for a moment and ponders, “I wonder how Tim found out Abbie is a transgender woman? Did he discover it? Which I have heard happens sometimes. Or did she tell him before anything began? And for that matter, where did he meet Abbie?”
Debbie knows none of those questions are immediate concerns, but is John working his way through how it would be. Replying, she says, “Abbie seems like the type that would have explained all about it before they did anything, so Tim could come to terms with whether he could accept this about Abbie or not.”
“That’s true. So I know what is ahead, just have not seen everything yet?” John agrees, turning back to the activity at hand. Kissing Debbie more and more, he moves around to lick and nibble her neck and ears, which he knows she likes.
His hands reach around and unzip Debbie’s dress and he starts moving his lips over her now exposed shoulders. Debbie stands facing him for a moment and lets her dress drop to the floor as she steps out of her shoes.
Suddenly, John sees Debbie as a transgender person before him. There is a mixture of feelings running through him, both so good. First, seeing Debbie in the lingerie, with makeup, her hair piled on her head in a sexy bun, is a vision to him. Debbie only dresses this way for very important events, like a wedding or other similar occasions. John doesn’t mind Debbie’s everyday look, but it is mind-blowing to John in such times like this.
Second, John can see the bulge in Debbie’s panties, and John is surprised at how aroused that makes him. The idea of someone so lovely and feminine, with such nice breasts and figure, could also have additional equipment.
This, for a moment, is concerning to John, but enlightenment from the games they play sweeps through him. Yes, people can be fluid, and maybe that is really how most people are if they would open up and accept it. So what that you are attracted to someone of the same sex? Often, it starts from familiarity with the person and a natural feeling evolving—the desire to express your appreciation in a sexual manner.
Debbie is experiencing some internal feelings herself. Yes, she is well aware that it is only a strap-on. But she visualizes being transgender, thinking about what it would mean. The first time with someone she cares about. Exposing herself fully to them. Will they accept or reject her? Debbie submits herself to the role, and suddenly she feels in such companionship with transgender women knowing they are a woman but captured in a male’s body.
Oh, Debbie knows she could never experience it as profoundly as Abbie would, and does. But her curiosity, and now compassion, is egging Debbie to learn more. And not just to create a new game, but to understand fully.
She climbs up on John’s lap, straddling him, kissing him again and again, moving her lips now to move over his neck and ears. Debbie clings to John as their passion grows. John feels Debbie’s hidden cock against his mons and lower stomach. She feels his now hard cock against her ass crack as she wiggles on John’s thighs, getting closer and closer.
Both are amazed as the feelings rush through them, hoping to remember the details later to document what had started as an experiment in a different lifestyle. By now, Debbie has taken off John’s shirt, and somewhere in all the wiggling and adjusting, his pants and shorts have vanished.
Reaching down on Debbie as they kiss, John unhooks her stockings and removes her garter belt. Soon after, her bra is discarded so John can spend time worshiping her boobs. Sucking on both nipples, making them hard, sends Debbie over the threshold the first time.
Both now are in high gear but trying to pace themselves. For John, feeling Debbie’s pseudo-cock against him seems to make him want her more. Debbie’s arms are wrapped around his neck tightly, John able to suck her lushest breasts while feeling something different soon to explore. John finds himself on such a different plane than he is accustomed to.
He bends Debbie back on the bed and takes charge. Lowering her panties, John sees her penis starting to materialize in front of him. He leans and takes the glans into his mouth, treating this cock like Debbie’s new clit. John knows that the sucking and exploring he is doing is not servicing Debbie much, but they are now immersed in the game.
Debbie, in the role totally. She begins feeling her vag clenching over and over. From John licking her cock, with no other stimulation, Debbie is thinking about what is happening in the spirit of the game. Playing the part of having male genitalia has Debbie so on the edge as they play this out.
John has bypassed Debbie’s pussy, but instead is rimming her, whispering comments about how luscious her special vag is. This unique finger action with John probing in further and further pushes her over the top again.
John is all in now; staring Debbie in her eyes, he lifts her legs over his shoulders. “Are you sure, Debbie? I will stop here if you need me to,” John says, though he is not sure as aroused as he is now if he can stop.
“Get some lube and go for it, honey,” Debbie, again in a husky voice, tells him.
Reaching for the bedside drawer, John quickly has Debbie’s special hole fully lubricated. Then rolling a condom over his stiff prick, he also lubes it up. Debbie is waiting, legs stretched apart. Again John is tempted to ask her if she is sure, but seeing and feeling her heavy breathing and cunt throbbing, he understands she is ready to go all the way.
Slowly, he presses his cock into her back hole, stopping like he did the first time they had sex at her hymen before he progressed through. This time, doing the same with her sphincter. Waiting for her to accept this tapping at her door before coming fully into the room. When John feels Debbie relax enough to accept his cock entering this gateway, he pushes in more. And more, and more.
Soon John is banging Debbie like there is no tomorrow, feeling how tight she is and hearing all her moans. Not in anguish, but heavy breathing acknowledging how much she is enjoying this between them.
At this state of perfection, John and Debbie do not take long to jump the line together, crying loudly in harmony as they culminate this moment between them.
Totally spent, John and Debbie fall together on the bed. Yes, a nap would be nice. But they're hoping all they have discovered about this alternate choice of a relationship will be remembered when they wake.
Just before they drift off, John says, “Try to remember everything. This could evolve into a great new game and demographics to invite in.”
In response, Debbie just wiggles closer to him and purrs, “Of course, it is obvious that we need to understand, and include, all such deviations from the norm. Which, in fact, is probably becoming more the norm than being deviant.”
Then she adds with a bit of a wicked laugh, “I think we are going to need much more research in these differences as we go along.”
John pulls her close to him and replies, “And I take it you are volunteering us both for the job?” They wiggle some to get comfortable against each other. John finds as they nod off his hand is clasped around Debbie’s cock, still strapped on.
And one more couple finds this Saturday so welcoming for an afternoon nap.
All of the couples have questions about Friday night. Things for them to ponder. But at the same time, things closer to home are taking precedence. So, for one reason or another, nothing more is speculated about Mark or Tim or Abbie for the rest of the weekend.
All the couples' personal<b> desires </font></b>seem to roll over into Sunday, and they are what is addressed by the partners.

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