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Tim and Abbie 58: Some of the others in attendance Friday night  

Clairew1959 63F  
96 posts
5/16/2021 4:31 pm
Tim and Abbie 58: Some of the others in attendance Friday night

Let us not forget the others the pub last night. For the most part, new friends for Abbie, Grace, and Sam. For Tim, good friends. All of the four couples have stood by him. Both in difficult times as support and celebrating each of Tim’s achievements. Graduating from the university, getting his job, the<b> death </font></b>of his . Each time they all were there. And now, with Abbie, does Tim begin to realize how great of friends they have been and are. And yes, even Mark, as annoying as he can be at times.
Matt and Martha spend the weekend with Matt assembling the crib as Martha reads the directions. Martha is days away from her due date, so while agreeing to wait for this part until absolutely, completely, and totally sure, it is time to be positive and anticipate the coming event.
Graduating years ago, Matt began working at different jobs, nothing offering opportunities towards the future. Martha, meanwhile, went on to uni and graduated with a teaching degree. The two were together throughout this time. They knew they loved each other and no one else compared since they were .
After finishing college, Martha got a teaching position, and Matt looked for a more stable job. Not that long after Tim got the job at Microga, he told Matt about an opening in the assembly area. Not giving him a heads up but recommend him for the position. Getting the job, things began to fall into place for Matt. He and Martha married and moved forward to starting a family.
Since marrying years ago, one part of their lives has been hard to take. It seemed to not be in the cards for them.
During the next years of their marriage, Martha had five mischarges. Two going to the end of the second trimester. That was not counting two short pregnancies before they were married, never known to anyone other than them. They rejoiced each time Martha got pregnant, but they were wary each time about the outcome by the sixth time.
This time, things seem to have finally clicked. Now just days from Martha’s due date, they are both getting ecstatic about ‘this time’ but holding back until it does truly happen. They have been so careful.
Both know deep down if it does not happen this time, they need to give up their attempts and take action so the disappointment does not happen again. They just couldn’t take it if it did.
But this weekend, they both are happy and anticipating a positive outcome. Since the six months into the pregnancy, Matt has held back from any sexual activity with Martha. Needless to say, both are rather horny by now and would like relief.
There is the prospect of something more being offered to Matt at Microga. Again through Tim. Underneath both are giddy with the possibilities. When the crib is finished, standing together admiring the -to-be’s room now finished, Martha turns to Matt and kisses him long and hard.
Matt is surprised at first as Martha has not kissed him that way for years. Both have fought their own demons over the past years, sometimes dipping to depression, anger, or desperation. Now it seems like the dark plague is being lifted. He returns Martha’s kiss with enthusiasm.
Martha takes his hand and leads Matt to their bedroom. Unbuttoning his shirt and then pants, she pushes Matt’s hands away as he tried to stop her. She has him undressed and leaning back on the bed, his legs over the side touching the floor.
Martha bends down, making a small moan from the heaviness of her bump. She takes Matt’s cock in her hand first, and then slips her lips over it and begins to suck him the way Matt loves the most. He always appreciates Martha’s enjoyment of going down on him. Over the years, he’s heard other guys complain about their wives never doing the oral. In response, Matt smiles and stays silent about Martha’s skill and willingness.
Matt moans with pleasure as Martha sucks more and more. She lifts back now and then, catches her breath, and presses her back now and then. “, don’t do this if it is hurting you. I love you for doing this, but not if it is harmful to you,” Matt tells her.
“Matt, please let , you need to relax and be in a good state of mind for your meeting Monday morning with Tim,” Martha says with tears forming in her eyes.
“Sweetie, I love this too, but here, sit on the bed, and I will stand in front of you, so you do not have to lean over so much,” Matt says as he shifts their positions. And as soon as seated, Martha is back sucking Matt’s prick, which now fully responds to her attention.
Matt is getting closer and closer now to cumming. Martha’s tongue is running up and down over his bottom corpus. Pressing against the vein sending his semen to his cock and . Precum drips from Matt as Martha starts this dance around his glans. She is caressing his balls, squeezing and pulling on them gently to stir and cook his juices. Martha takes more and more of his cock in. Matt can’t imagine being with anyone other than Martha.
Their long history together since . The hopes that this time there will be a positive outcome to Martha’s pregnancy. And now, the alluded possibilities that his position at Microga could improve giving them more to raise this impending . Thinking about all these things in snatches as Martha is raising his temperature more and more. Matt’s body begins to tremble visibly. His cock is bouncing in Martha’s mouth as she sucks him.
And then the explosion. The three months of buildup lets loose. Matt’s gasps and sighs from this marvelous release warms Martha’s heart. Now satisfied himself, Matt cleans his sperm away and lifts Martha’s dress off her. He unhooks the larger bra to cover her swelling tits and pulls her panties off her. She is now naked too.
Matt bends her back on the bed and takes time to take in the extraordinary beauty of his very pregnant wife. It is overwhelming how lovely she looks with a huge Buddha belly holding their . He asks Martha if she would let him take a picture of her. Just for them, but to remember this time.
Martha, now shy, takes a minute to agree. Thinking positively, if this makes it and is theirs, it would be a lovely memory of its impending arrival. If God forbid, it is taken from them, the picture could be destroyed or hidden away until she might be able to this magic moment again.
The bedroom light is perfect, as is Martha’s pose. The resulting pictures, seen both in black and white and in color, are beautiful depictions of this moment. Martha’s hands strategically placed make the pictures erotic and suggesting, rather than pornographic.
But this is about that afternoon, not what becomes apparent later.
Matt looks with lust at his wife. She just satisfied him to such a degree. He wants to make her feel wonderful also. But Matt is worried about hurting the in her. Looking Martha’s swelling breast, so full of milk now, Matt begins kissing her, then down her neck to the points she so enjoys.
When he kisses and nibbles at the back of her neck, Martha almost has an orgasm from just that. Then as she lies on her side, one of the few positions she is comfortable in now, Matt runs his fingers up and down her spine, sending electric shocks through Martha’s body.
Adding to it, Matt begins to lick, kiss, and suck around Martha’s enlarged boobs. He circles her areolas with his tongue. The temptation is too much. Matt takes one of her nipples between his lips and sucks on it some to make it hard. Suddenly a tiny of milk spills . Being so eager for this to arrive, Martha is already full and ready for release.
Matt pulls back from her to allow her to calm and to think about what just happened. That tiny taste is surprising but spectacular. The slight taste of Martha’s milk, which is still on his tongue, is delicious. He smiles, thinking how lucky his will be to suckle at his ’s tits.
He hugs Martha to him, her head on his shoulder. Matt softly and slowly fingers her clit. Allowing Martha to build to the ultimate climax gradually, in a gentle way. Not disturbing their awaiting . Letting her release the inner tensions of the last several months.
After Martha’s gasp, acknowledging her cumming, the two snuggle together for a leisurely nap to end the afternoon.
Not everyone is taking naps this weekend afternoon. Peter and Sarah finish fall yard work the grey of the after the prolonged rain last night. Their yard and flower beds are all ready for their long winter nap. Well, perhaps some things are beginning to nap here also.
Afterward, a late snack instead of lunch, dinner is set to cooking, and they flop on the oversized sectional couch they have and turn on a movie. Luckily, it is a recorded movie, so it can be stopped or rewound if other things absorb their attention.
Which does happen. Sitting close to each other, feet up on the large footrest part of the sectional, Peter and Sarah’s hands soon find each other’s thighs. Like youths in a dark movie theater, the two rub each other’s thighs, teasing running closer and closer to each other’s crotch.
As they play with each other and do not really watch the movie, Sarah brings up last night, not all that happened, just the part that concerns them. “Peter, what do you think Tim has in mind meeting with you and Matt on Monday?”
Peter is trying not to think about Monday as he is unsure what will happen. In reply, he says, “Sarah, I know you wish for me to be moved up, but the truth is, I like working in the shop. It is where I feel comfortable and know what I am doing. I see things that could be improved and will tell Tim, just as Matt and I talk about it. I do not want to be strapped with doing something more office-like. The hands-on is important and rewarding to me.”
Sarah cuddles closer to him and replies, “Oh, Peter, I would not want you to be unhappy with your work. Or feel you have to accept something you don’t want to. Be open with Tim, and I am sure he will understand.”
Sarah and Peter have been together off and on since before secondary . The trouble was, when Sarah went on to A-levels and then university, Peter just shifted to full-time in the job he had during . Since then, for years, he switched jobs regularly, trying to find what he was comfortable doing. That was, until like Matt, Tim came to both their rescue.
But, Peter’s work situation was not the problem with his and Sarah’s relationship. His trolling and hound dogging, not just with Mark when he got obnoxious, but on his own, was the issue.
Peter had a hard time staying faithful to Sarah. So their relationship has been on again off again for many years. Sarah had also hooked up with others during college a few times, so between them both, it took until last year for them to get back together more seriously.
And this time, now grown up and in their thirties, they know that they want to be together and make it work. Peter now has a steady and good-paying job at Microga, thanks to Tim. Sarah graduated with a degree in literature and began her career as a editor for a London publishing company. With more and more computer and internet functionality, she now works primarily home, requiring a once or twice a month trip to London.
When they got back together eighteen months ago, Peter showed his devotion by asking Sarah to marry him. She agreed, and while taking their time, the nuptials are planned to take place in the new year.
So isn’t a problem for them. But Peter’s happiness is important to Sarah. Over the years, she learned that if he is discontent, Peter strays. So after coming together again, Sarah is trying to keep Peter satisfied with his life. And now this, at Microga, Sarah needs to help Peter understand that Tim would never ask more of Peter than he is comfortable with.
But in the same vein, Sarah saw how animated and enthusiastic Peter was Friday night. When Matt and he talked about improvements in the factory with Tim, Peter was so vibrant and energetic. This afternoon, Sarah just wants Peter to relax, not worry, and feel confident enough whatever is suggested.
So her hand moves up higher as they turn their attention back to the movie for a bit. Sarah can feel Peter’s cock getting hard under his jeans. She is starting to feel a bit aroused from Peter’s wandering hands. She leans and unzips Peter’s pants, letting his hard cock bounce out to see the light of day. How a flower will suddenly pop and bloom in the spring.
She smiles as she takes Peter’s released cock and balls in her hand. As she wanks Peter, he lifts himself enough to push down his pants and off him. As he breaths deeper and deeper from the magic of Sarah’s fingers, he opens her pants and is soon fingering her wet and wild cunt.
Oh, this is a good Saturday. Forget the movie. They will watch it another time. This is more important and immediate for them. They turn and kiss each other with passion which has re-entered their lives this level the last few months. Their love for each other is now fully understood and appreciated.
Kissing and fingering soon lead to all their clothes discarded on the floor. The wide seats on the sectional couch allow them almost more room than their king-sized bed. They are on each other like two in heat. It has been a while since, just together, they have felt such rushes running through them.
Peter is eating Sarah’s pussy, as she maneuvers him around to be able to suck on his cock. Together they are taking each other to such heights. Stopping their own contributions when the edge is too close, then picking up for the other again when the peak has been achieved.
Peter, licking Sarah’s slit up and down, collecting all her juices in his mouth to savor and enjoy. Circling and then sucking on her clit to get it hard and throbbing. Fingers up in her vag, searching and finding her g-spot to press against as she let out cries of contentment.
Sarah is sucking and licking Peter’s cock, helping it get harder and harder. Lapping on his full ball sacks to get the juices churning. Then up and down along his vein, pushing his fluids forward. Over his cap to lick and tease his slit to release precum. Sarah is rewarded and laps up the sticky goodness.
She continues, as does Peter, each more concerned about making the other cum than themselves. It has been a while since they have been so in tune with each other. It feels so good. Sure, each feels a little bit is missing, but their mutual enjoyment with each other cancels that out.
Peter’s fingers and tongue have Sarah give in and cum three times before he reaches the moment of no return. Swinging around, Sarah on her knees, Peter takes her from behind. Banging his hard cock in over and over. Sarah is crying out in excitement with each thrust. Yes, after the big build-up, this part is short but so rewarding. Together they cum. Sarah, with total abandonment as Peter, dumps his accumulated load deep within her.
It is wonderful.
After each licks the other clean, they just throw on their tops as they watch the movie's conclusion. They can smell the aromas of dinner cooking and know it will be ready soon.
At about five o’clock, they hear the side door open and a shout-out from Tracy. They slither back into their pants and to her they are in the den. Tracy comes in and hugs and kisses them both, telling them dinner smells terrific. Together they set the table and put the final touches on the meal.
Over dinner, Peter and Sarah tell Tracy about the possible opportunity ahead for Peter Microga. Though Sarah, proud that she is of Peter, plays it down knowing his concerns.
Tracy is a good friend to them, though a bit . Over the last few months, she has become closer to them both. So it is not surprising that she is having dinner with them or wanting to share the news, such as it is, with her.
After dinner and a final drink together, Tracy tells them she needs to get going as she has to leave tomorrow on a short jaunt but will be back Monday evening. She looks forward to hearing the outcome about Peter then.
Leaving, she again hugs and kisses each, but adds a pinch to Peter’s ass cheek, telling him it for good luck on Monday.

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